49 thoughts on “McFLY – Danny Jones playing Mr. Writer ( Stereophonics Cover)

  1. that moment when you realise that is the song he would have sing in his audition to mcfly

  2. amazing cover!!! this is music people,just picks up a guitar and starts jamming

  3. Why are people having these debates KELLY IS THE ONE AND ONLY WHO CAN SING THIS SONG!

  4. my favourite is Dougie but Danny has the best voice by far! he is extremely talented (as is all McFly) but i do think Danny has some voice!x 

  5. when i hear james arthur cover a song i aint herd before its so hard to hear others sing them cause hes got such a powerful voice

  6. Most beautiful touching cover of this song, better than the original.

  7. what you mean? that water that fall out of my eyes?? yeahh I think so…

  8. Weird I thought to myself mcfly would do a sick cover of this and I scroll down and see this

  9. what makes this cover so great is his passion. gotta love Danny ♥

  10. My nieces obsession with all things connected to One Direction has turned me onto to McFly. I love everything I see and hear of them, especially Danny. His voice sends chills all over !!!!!

  11. i don't know why they would since the original version is perfect

  12. I am sure that Stereophonics also like this version more than the original one…

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