Me and My Friends | Poetry Megabundle 10 | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

trousers down my best friend mult said that we could take rucksacks and drinks and sandwiches and raisins and chocolate and go and climb the Sugarloaf I said that it was miles and we might get lost but he said he knew how to read maps and we had walked 15 miles in a day before when we went with our parents so we did we climbed the Sugarloaf all on our own with our rucksacks sugar loaves a mountain with one bit in Wales and one bit in England and he was so pleased when we got to the top we said we ought to celebrate we discussed this as we sat at the top eating our sandwiches and raisins and chocolate I know said Mart I've got it you see that path down there that's the way we go to get home somewhere along the path is the border between Wales and England we leave Wales and we go into England what we do is it is we celebrate but I walking in to England without trousers down but how will we know where the border is I said well is it I don't know exactly where it is but by looking at the map I've got a pretty good idea so when I say we're getting near to the border we take our trousers down then for the next few minutes we walk along with our trousers down until I reckon from the map that we're in England what do you think I said I thought it was a brilliant plan so we packed up our stuff and headed down the mountain Mart was studying the map and then he suddenly said we're getting their trousers down so we took our trousers down and our Underpants and we started walking on down the path it wasn't very easy because you can't take very big strides with trousers and round your ankles but we kept on I said what if we see someone not will have to pull out trousers up and wait till they're gone e says then we take our trousers down again and carry on and we can't give up just because some people turn up now that's true I said so we walked on and marx started singing we're walking into England with their trousers down with their trousers down with their trousers down we're walking into England where their trousers down oh yeah nobody did turn up and after quite some time I said uh are we in England yet Mart and he studied the map and said yeah we must be by now so we pulled our pants and trousers up and headed back to the campsite when we got back our mums and dads asked us how we got on did you climb right to the top of the Sugarloaf oh yeah so mom yeah no problem but you must have walked something like 15 miles my dad said that's it said mop yeah well done boys said Mart's dad and I was feeling really proud so I said and we walked into England with our trousers down there was silence you what is it my dad we walked into England without trousers down why in heaven's name did you do that is it to celebrate we had climbed the Sugarloaf do you understand that Connie my dad said to my mum do you he turned to Mart's parents what are we done hmm we've brought up two completely crazy children they go out they can't a mountain they walk 50 miles they read maps they carry their own food and drink they show themselves to be really capable responsible boys and then what are they do they walk all over the countryside with their trousers down how come we've produced two complete idiots where did we go wrong I thought wrong wrong you ever gone wrong Myanmar did something really brilliant today I mean I bet there's not many people in the world who can say that they walked into England with their trousers down arrows me and my friend harrybo we were playing arrows you take the grass that's got pointed tops you pull one off and you throw it it can glide through the air if it lands on something soft it can stick in it's something like a jumper or your hair we love playing arrows we found this open window on the wall of the alley by my house we stood back from the window to see who could get an arrow through the window first it was his turn then mine mostly they missed then one went in yeah arrow we shouted then we carried on missing a kenan again all of a sudden a man appeared in the alley it was the man we called Baldy he came marching up and stood there in front of us he holds out his hand he looked down at it what do you think this is Hey he shouted we looked down there stuck between his fingers was an arrow he told us to clear off and we did later when we sat down round at harrybo's place we talked about how the arrow must have gone whizzing through the window and landed on his hand and we imagined him sitting there and an arrow coming from nowhere just happening to land on his hand wow what a shot have we laughed and laughed then what later Haribo said i wonder whose arrow it was yours or mine and neither of us knew and neither of us will ever know gymnastics when my mum and dad went out we moved the chair to the end of the city and then we used to take it in turns to do dive bombs off the chair onto the city standby wake of lump great jump down onto the floor back onto the chair stand by for the dive bomb we cuff lump wow did you see that one then we put another chair on the other end of the city and RAM the table out close to that chair then you could dive bomb off the chair onto the city we can flump climb onto the chair at the other end of the city then up onto the table leap off the table like a red devil Yahoo BAM onto the floor then we piled up all the cushions in the corner so you could go tunneling along the wall around the corner back to the chair next to the city Joker ticka ticka ticka jigger and banging your feet on the floorboards thud earth earth earth earth earth earth earth utter great I asked harrybo tony saunders lizzie gray and Hendy over and all seven of us went round great next day we all met up and it was Lizzie who said hey after we've dive-bombed the city we could trampoline for a bit bouncy bouncy bouncy and then if we pulled the flaps out of the table we could do marching on the table chrome chrome chrome chrome grade I said come over yeah we'll come over for gymnastics Oh Rosie's place so that night we dashed out of school into our front room move the furniture around and away we went stand by for dive-bomb wake up lump onto the city trampoline bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy I want chair number two up onto the table March Klunk Klunk Klunk on red devil Yahoo BAM onto the floor job good job good job good juggler under the cushions thud thud thud and back to chair number 107 of us great screaming our heads off round and round how gymnastics course then the doorbell rang right in the middle of our session the doorbell I went and answered the door it was the man from downstairs he looked at me for a long time and then he started to speak is your father in no I said tell him I want a word with him when he comes in will you he said yeah I said he went on looking at me I could hear him breathing and his eyes were getting big and his mouth was tightening up and then he shouted my light fitting has just fallen out of my ceiling what's going on I've never heard anything like it what have you got in there hmm a herd of elephants my light fitting has just fallen out of my ceiling then all quiet he said I shall tell your mother and father about this don't you worry Sonny you'll see he went indoors I dashed back to the front room they were lying about all over the floor panting and giggling yeah that was the man from downstairs he says we've passed his light or something blimey one of them says you're in trouble yeah Rose is in trouble they said and they got up off the floor and dashed out the house you can bet they didn't hang about or anything the go kart me and my mate harrybo we once made a go-kart everyone was making go-karts so we had to make one big Tony's was terrific big Tony was terrific because big Tony told us he was what he said was I am terrific and because big Tony was very big no one said big Tony you're not terrific so big Tony was terrific and big Tony's go-kart was terrific and that was that when big Tony sat on his go-kart he looked like a real driver he had control when he came down a road round our way called moss lane he could make the wind blow in his hair sure he could make the wheels of his go-kart go and he went as he went past I was jealous of big Tony I was afraid that I thought he might be terrific so me and harrybo we made a go-kart out of his old pram and some boxes and crates we got from the off-license we nailed it up with bent nails but harrybo's dad said no no no you should use big metal staples and he gave us some he said they were heavy duty heavy duty wow that sounded terrific so then we tied cord round the front cross piece but harrybo's dad said no you should use the pram handle and he helped us fix the pram handle to the crosspiece he said that'll give you control control wow that sounded terrific harrybo sat on the beer crate and steered i kneeled behind but harrybo's dad said no hernán and you should kneel on foam pads and he cut these two foam pads for me to kneel on harrybo's dad said that or help you last the course last the course wow that sounded terrific how go car was ready so he took it up to the top of Moss Lane and Harry Bo said I'll steer and he did it was fantastic it felt just like big Tony looked the hair in the wind the wheels so we both went now so we took it up the top of Moss Lane again and harrybo said I'll steer and he did it was amazing the road went blurry the hair in the wind the wheels went so we both went so we took it up the top of Moss Lane again and harrybo said I'll steer so I said can I ever go harrybo said no oh go on I said no he said you've never done it before oh go on Harry Bo let me ever go gone I mean blimey come on Harry Bo go on no right now look out weren't you yeah yeah yeah oh I know I said I thought I am gonna be terrific my hair my wheels Oh me the way we went hey yeah the wheels yes me yeah yeah but halfway down more slain there's moss closed and that's where the road curves and that's where big Tony steers big Tony leans big Tony controls yeah I saw mas clothes coming up really fast steer shouts harrybo steer your big Wally and I yanked the pram handle oh and the whole world went round once and twice and three times in my head went rolling down the road pulling me after it and then the go-cart came for the ride over and over and over and to my nose and my chin and my two front teeth landed up in the grit of the gutter harrybo was crying I breathed in and it kind of whistled there it was again I stuck my finger up to my tooth and it was chipped harrybo said and I said yeah your Chin's bleeding and all we walked home he pulled the card got to his place he didn't say anything nothing at all not a word and he went in I walked on to my place it was still whistling when I got in I told mum everything and she said well she said all kinds of things like well your teeth would probably fall out you know one of those nice things that mom sometimes say next day at school they were all asking about the crash they all looked at my tooth and then they wanted to see the go-kart harrybo said you can't because my dad's chopped you up chopped ah wow that sounded terrible Hey when harrybo got his racer he's brand new racing bike for Christmas I didn't ask him for a go on it no I didn't know I didn't I wonder why Mart was my best friend mark was my best friend I thought he was great but one day he tried to do for me I had a hat a woolly one and I loved that hat it was warm and tight my mum admitted it and I wore it everywhere one day Mia Mart we were out and we were standing at a bus stop and suddenly he goes and grabs my head and chucked it over the wall he thought I was gonna go in there and get it out he thought he had make me do that because he knew I liked that hat so much I wouldn't be able to stand being without it he was right I could hardly bear it I was really scared I'd never get it back but I never let on I never showed it on my face I just waited aren't you gonna get your hat he says your hats gone he says your hats over the wall I look the other way but I could still feel on my head how he had pulled it off your hats over the wall he says I didn't say a thing then the bus came around the corner at the end of the road if I go home without my hat I've got to walk through the door and mums gonna say where's your hat and if I say it's over a wall she's gonna say well what's he doing there and I'm gonna say Mar chucked it over and she's gonna say well why didn't you go for it and what am I gonna say then what am I gonna say then the bus was coming up aren't you going over for your hat there won't be another bus for aegs Mart says the bus stopped I got on Marc got on the bus moved off you've lost your hat Mart says you've lost your hat Mart says two stops ahead was our stop are you going indoors without it Mart says I didn't say a thing the bus stopped Mart got up and – downstairs he had got off one stop early I got off when we got to our stop I went home walked through the door where's your hat mum says over a wall I said what's he doing there she says March up to over there I said but you haven't left it there have you she says yeah I said well don't you ever come asking me to make you anything like that again you make me tired you do she says later I was drinking some orange juice the front doorbell rang it was Mart he had the hat in his hand he handed it to me and went I shut the front door put on the Hat walked into the kitchen mum looked up you don't need to wear your hat indoors do you she said I will for a bit I said and I did Keith's cupboard have you ever looked in Keith's cupboard you ought to you've never seen anything like Keith's cupboard let's go over to Keith's place and look in Keith's cupboard so when you get to Keith's place you say can we play with your garage and he says no so we say can we play in your tent and he says no so you say can we play with your crane and he says no so you go up to Keith's mum and you say can we play in Keith's tent and she says Keith Keith why don't he get the tent out okay this is Keith and he starts going over to the cupboard Keith's cupboard he opens it and whew you've never seen anything like Keith's cupboard in it this trucks and garages and tents and cranes and forts and bikes and puppets and games and models and superhero suits and hats and he never plays with any of it they keep buying him all this stuff and he never plays with it day after day after day it all sits in Keith's cupboard you ought to go over to his place sometime and have a look Keith's cupboard whew Oh be great if you subscribed that is become a subscriber that way you get to see when I post up new vids yo yo Mart's mum was looking after me but not wasn't there Matt's mom said I could play with Mart's yo-yo Matt's mom said it was Mart's best yo-yo ma rom said you can go outside and play with Mart's best yoyo outside I went outside with Mart's best yoyo I tried to do around the world I tried to do walk the dog then I did my own thing with Mart's best yoyo i whirled it round and round above my head I am a helicopter I said my world Mart's best yoyo go round and round above my head round and round and round then I let go I didn't mean to let go of Mart's best yo-yo actually I don't think it was me who let go of Mart's best yoyo I think marts best yoyo let go of me Mart's best yoyo went flying through the air over a fence and then over another fence I don't know where Mart's best yoyo went it just went I went indoors Mart's mum was looking at me I pretended I had Mart's best yoyo in my hand and I stretched out my arm and pretended to put marts best yoyo next to the biscuit jar Mart's mom watched Mart's mom went over to the biscuit jar where's the yo-yo she said it's gone I said gone she said it just went I said it just went it just went where she said I don't know I said that was smarts best yoyo marks mum said I know I said this poem comes from jelly boots smelly boots with wonderful pictures by David Tasman published by Bloomsbury the raft Martin me made a raft for the river thick branches criss crossed and tied with rope empty cans on top to help it float Martin me would row about on the water we'd cross to the other side we'd rode downstream upstream under the trees between the fields we'd be river Rovers the river would be ours we made the raft at the water's edge we pushed it out into the shallows Mart got on are you getting on he said not yet I said and then it flipped it flipped right over mart was under the raft the raft was on top of him he was underwater I couldn't lift it off him the crisscross branches were like a cage holding him down in the river water his face came up into a space between the branches he called out he went under again into the river I tried to lift the after but he was clinging on to it underneath I couldn't lift the raft his face came up into the space again I could see his hands gripping the branches he was trying to get air but he couldn't get his mouth up high enough into the space so his mouth was filling up with river water then he went under again and the space where his face had been was river brown Mart's brother Tony stepped into the shallows grabbed the raft and hoisted it up with Mark still clinging to it mark choked coughed and spat he sat on the riverbank shuddering his clothes stuck to him like another skin Mark's mum and dad and my mum and dad had a conference they decided that there would be no rafting plastic my friend's dad says that plastic is fantastic he says you can make anything out of plastic when I go round to his house we eat our dinner off plastic plates we chop up our food with plastic knives and we eat with plastic forks and plastic spoons and we drink our drinks out of plastic cups he said that one day in the future everything would be made out of plastic my friends mum said it was time to eat now it was egg on toast I picked up my plastic knife and plastic fork and cut into my egg but the plastic fork wouldn't stick into the egg and the plastic knife wouldn't cut the egg for a moment I thought it was because my plastic knife and plastic fork weren't good enough to cut my egg then I noticed the my friends mum and dad were looking at me and smiling I looked a bit more closely at the egg it was a plastic egg my friends mum and dad said that it was a joke it was a joke egg I said to my friends dad maybe one day in the future eggs would be made out of plastic – that was a plastic joke harrybo once my friend harrybo came to school crying we said what's the matter what's the matter and he said his granddad had died so he didn't know what to say then I said how did he die and he said he was standing on some Pancras station waiting for the train and he just fell over and died and then he started crying again he was a nice man harrybo's granddad he had a shed with tins full of screws in it mind you my gran was nice too she gave me and my brother a red shoehorn each Obi harrybo's granddad gave harrybo red shoehorn Dave said my hamster died as well so everyone said Shh they've said I was only saying and I said my grand give me a red shoehorn Raj said I got a pair of trainers for Christmas and harrybo said you can get ones without laces and we all said yeah that's right Harry bow you can any other day we'd have said of course you can we know that you fool but that day we said yeah that's right Harry bow yeah I know you can yeah cool guy and full guy cool guy met full guy going down the street said cool guy to full guy who you gonna meet said full guy to cool guy I don't want no meet said cool guy to full guy I mean meet not meet Daren's car now children today we're going to use our imaginations I want you to think if you could turn into an animal what animal would you choose to be yes Donna a cat that's nice and why would you like to be a cat because you like to be all cuddly and sit by the radiator in winter and stay warm lovely Darren no Darren a car isn't an animal I'll come back to you in a minute Zoe I can't yes that's nice but let's think of some other animal shall we yes Zoe I understand you want to be a cat too but Donna's the cat yes I know there could be two cats here but Donna used up all that magic that makes cats you're going to be something else a leopard hmm a panther no okay Zoe you're a cat just remember you had your chance to be something else never mind Darren I've told you you can't be a car no not even your dad's car it's just not going to happen for you today okay Oh Zoe now if you do want to be something else what you want to be a jellyfish very interesting yes Mervyn how about you a slug Mervyn is this all getting silly no you want to be a slug so you can lie about in your backyard so that your cousin will tread on you and go hmm nice Mervyn very nice Darren no I mean no not your uncle's car I don't care that your uncle's got a BMW you're not going to be a BMW today and Louise what would you like to be an eagle dolphin anyone thought of being a dolphin leaping through the what a cockroach Louise why in heaven's name do you want to be a cockroach Oh hi-c because you've got cockroaches at home and your mother says there's nothing you can do to get rid of them yes Louise yes I get the point but cockroaches are um well then okay be a cockroach but Darrin you cannot be a car you can't be your dad's car you can't be your uncle's car or any car whatsoever hmm well yes I understand okay you can be a car with your dog in it very clever yes yes your uncle's BMW if you like no you won't be doing a ton on the motorway Darren you've got a dog on board remember well that starts us off we'll do some more of that tomorrow perhaps I'm not going places with them again when we went to chessington zoo with the club were your went in and the leader said right listen everyone listen everyone everyone a listen you can all go off where you like for the next two hours and we'll all meet up here at 4 o clock at 4 o clock ok then we all went off where we liked I saw the Lions and the seals and the parrots and the giraffes and the crocodiles I hid my cheese and pickle sandwiches a packet of crisps and drank some of my fizzy orange and it a chocolate Swiss roll then I asked someone the time and she said 4 o'clock so I went back to where we had to meet when I got there everyone started shouting at me where review be hmm where do you think you've been we've been looking for you for hours we couldn't find you anywhere which guess Lee had a chance to see any of the animals where have you been I looked at them and I said I've been walking around the zoo I'm on time aren't I so then they started shouting at me again if you once supposed to wander off on your own were you you were supposed to be in your group everyone else was in their groups you weren't were you know well we've got to go now just think you've spoiled everyone's afternoon now I listen to all that but I wasn't sorry they said you can all go off now they didn't say anything about groups what groups I'm not going places with them again one day when I was young one day when I was young there was gonna be a fancy dress show for a while I couldn't think who to go as I didn't have any cowboy hats or mustaches or angel's wings I couldn't think what to go as then I suddenly thought I could go as my mum I could get up in an old skirt of hers hat and coat and there I'd be my mum mum thought it was a really good idea and she gave me her old green skirt she didn't wear anymore and a horrible form coat jacket thing with big shoulders and gold buttons I wore shorts under the skirt no socks just sandals I put on a straw hat my mum found me an old black shiny handbag dressed up like that I now had to get to the hall where the show was on I waited till it was dark and then rammed through the streets holding the skirt up round my knees when I got there it had already begun and I couldn't quite understand what was going on because you see all the rest of the children were standing around in the hall very very still and the woman in charge was going round putting her face very close to the children's faces and trying to make them laugh so there was Richard Russell who had a beard a black shirt a pair of his sister's tights on and one of those white frilly things you put round birthday cakes he had round his neck and the woman was right up against his nose and saying in a very high voice hello Willie Willie Willie Shakespeare have you written a play today we leave someone said I had to go and stand out there and I wasn't to laugh and I'd win so I went out and she went on round the hall talking in this very high voice hello big ears where's Noddy beep-beep in his little car or is he and they were hurry sing upping giggles all over the place then she got to me and she said who are you my mum I said in everyone in the whole laughs they laughed and laughed and laughed at first I thought they were laughing because I'd made a good joke and then I saw they were laughing because they thought I was stupid that annoyed me so this woman who had also laughed at me now tried to make me laugh by putting a big puffy red face close to mine and saying you are looking nice today mummy well obviously I didn't think that was very funny in fact I thought it was pathetic but she kept at it mummy can I have some sweeties please so I didn't laugh but the others did but I didn't win though I think him big ears won he got a box of chocolates and a pack of cards then we all went home lest we were walking down the road away from the place a boy called Terence who wasn't allowed to play with me because his mum said I was common he said you're daft you are why did you come dressed up as your mother you wouldn't find your mother in Madame Tussauds waxworks would you when I got in I asked mum what a waxworks was she told me it was a place where they make be life-sized dolls of famous people then I said I didn't win mum because you're not famous enough to be a waxwork oh well never mind she says he can't talk be famous can we she says but no don't you see I didn't laughs I should have won I didn't laugh the Bell there are 48 children in my class we sit in four rows of twelve we sit in twos one next to the other at desks with two lids side by side one each miss Williams works out where we sit we do tests arithmetic and English she adds up the marks and whoever's got the best mark sits at the top of the class in the desk at the end of the first row next to the window whoever gets the worst mark sits at the bottom of the fourth row furthest from the window and she works out everyone else's place from the mark that they get she does this every week every week we do the tests every week we change places we take everything out of our desks and move very quietly to where she tells us to go this way we always know who's better than you and we always know who's worse than you unless you come top when there's no one better than you unless you come bottom when there's no one worse than you the same people are always in the top row the same people are always in the bottom row the same people are always in the two rows in between miss William says that only the top two will pass they're 11 plus she stands next to the last person on the end of the second row she holds up her hands as if she's helping people cross the road this side will pass she says this I'd will fail she says this way we know who are the 11 Plus failures and who are the eleven plus passes and we all know that before we've even taken the eleven plus exam next door there's another class they are all eleven plus failures I want to be 12th this is because the person who is 12th sits nearest to the bell that sits on top of Miss Williams's cupboard when you're 12th you take the bell you go out of the room you go downstairs and you stand in the hallway outside the head teachers office and shake the bell so loudly that the gong inge fills the classrooms and all the spaces in between all the children and teachers hear the sound and come out of their classes and walk very quietly down the stairs and out into the playground all because you rang the bell I never have come 12th the Hypnotizer once a boy called richard came to school and said i can hypnotize people so he said yeah yeah I bet you can so he said ok playtime's her playtime we all went onto the playground he said right who wants to go so Trevor said yeah me so this boy Richard paid Trevor lie down on the ground on his bag and he took this gold ring out of his pocket he put it very carefully between Trevor's eyes on the bridge of his nose then Richard took this conker out of his pocket was he on the end of a string and he starts swinging the conker to and fro in front of Trevor's eyes and he starts up talking in his spooky voice watch the conker watch the conker go to sleep go to sleep watch the conquer watch the conquer go to sleep go to sleep and it went on for ages we were all crowding around dead quiet watching Trevor listening to Richard going go to sleep go to sleep is it working we said is he going to sleep he's hypnotized blimey suddenly the going in bill when buying boy that Trevor goes and stands up it just stands up dusts himself down so we all crowded round going what you asleep yeah you were asleep weren't you Trevor hey will you hypnotized and he looks at us all fed up and he says only thing that happens I've got a rotten headache after that we used to go around telling people you see that bloke over there him Richard he's brilliant he can hypnotize people he's a Hypnotizer you know and Richard he'd hear us saying all this and there you go yeah I'll come off at you like I'm not like no I'm not that good at it the watch my mum and dad gave me a watch not a posh watch good enough to tell the time by them and it went well enough until one day at a camp we were playing smugglers and customs over the sand dunes I was a smuggler and I had to get 20,000 pounds through the customs for us to win the game 20,000 pounds written on a piece of paper there were three ways to get past the customs one by running so fast the customs couldn't catch you two by going creepy-crawly so they couldn't see you and three going through the customs with it hidden somewhere I chose three I chose to hide it on me somewhere but where I know I said I'll stuff it in my watch and I took the bag off my watch folded up the piece of paper with the 20,000 pounds written on it slipped it into the watch and clipped the back of my watch on so then I when creepy-crawly over the sand dunes they saw me they grabbed me and they searched me they looked in my pockets they looked in my shoes they looked in my socks they looked in my jumper down my jumper down my shirt in my armpits they even looked under my watch but they never thought to look in my watch did they so they let me go and when I got to the other end where the other smugglers were I said hooray I got through and I opened up the back of my watch and there it was 20,000 pounds I took it out handed it over and we had won the game I snapped the back of my watch on looked at the time and my watch it stopped it's broken I broke me that evening I told my brother all about it and I said don't tell mom or dad about it or I'll get into trouble I'll get it mended secretly so there we were tea time and my brother suddenly goes what's the time Mick and I went all red and kind of flustered and I go and look at my watch and I go yeah it's about six o'clock no it's not says my dad it's seven o'clock and he sees me going red is your watch going wrong let's have a look let's have a look let me have a look at it it's stopped it's broken how did it get broken I don't know what do you mean you don't know my brother was still laughing all over his face without making a sound so then I told my dad all about the smugglers and customs and hiding the money in my watch he was furious we gave you the watch so you could tell the time for you to use as part of a secret agent smuggling outfit or don't expect us to buy you presents like that again I was so angry with my brother for getting me into trouble inside I was bubbling so as soon as tea was over I went down to our backyard where there was an old cherry tree and I broke a twig off it and it was all prickly and flaky and covered in a kind of grey slimy muck so then I took this twig back upstairs into our bedroom and I'll tell you what I did with it I shoved it into his bed and as I shoved it into his bed I thought this this this pay him back he's gonna get into bed tonight after I'm asleep and his feet are gonna get all prickled up and covered in gray mucky slimy stuff well later that evening I was doing some homework and I had some really hard somes to do I couldn't do I was stuck and my brother he sees me scribbling out all these numbers and the page is a mess so my brother he says what's up do you want a bit of help with your sums what could I say to that first I go no no no it's all right but you guys they come on I'll lend you a hand so I say okay and he comes over and he helps me he's sitting there right next to me my enemy showing me how to do my sums and then he said now you try and then I could do them so there I was friends with him grateful I'm saying thanks thanks for helping me but in the back of my mind I know something the twig was still in the bed I didn't know what to say all I could see was the twig sitting in his bed just way his feet would get it even if I went and got it out they'd still be a heap of dirty prickly bits left in his bed after he showed me how to get all the sums right so I go look when he goes to bed tonight there'll be a twig in your bed so he goes a twig in my bed a twig in my bed how did he get there dead so I say I put it there and my mum and dad heard that so my dad goes you put a twig in his bed did I hear that right you put a twig in his bed might I ask why did you put a twig in his bed and I just couldn't say I just sat there like a lemon I couldn't say it was to pay him back for telling on me about the watch because they wouldn't think there was anything wrong with him doing that so I just sat there and then I said I don't know what a stupid thing to say my dad goes you don't know why you put a twig in his bed you don't know why the boys going mad first thing he does is smash up his watch and the next thing he's going around stuffing twigs in people's beds he's going stark staring mad I tell you I didn't think I was going mad and I don't think my brother did I bet he knew why I put a twig in his bed after dark outside after dark trains hum and traffic lights wink after dark after dark in here after dark curtains shake cupboards creak after dark after dark under the covers after dark I twiddle my toes and hug my pillow after dark after dark science we were doing science properties of matter solid liquid gas ice water water vapor everything in the universe is solid liquid or gas take something solid warm it up enough a little become liquid warm it up more and it'll become gas cool the gas down enough and it'll become a liquid call it even more and it'll become a solid harrybo whispered to me hey you could freeze a fart yeah I said and you'd have a little farty Ice Cube yeah I said solid fart we were doing science properties of matter oh be great if you subscribed that is become a subscriber that way you get to see when I post up new vids you

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