Me and Spirituality [CC]

Hi! I’m South Poem and welcome to this
channel, the topics will be everything about spirituality and Tarot and healing
and anything in between. If you have any questions and any topics that you would
like to know more, just comment them and I am sure I’m going to do any type of
video that you’re curious about. So today I first like to start to talk about me
because that is why here (giggles) and I’m South Poem. I am a healer, I am clairvoyant and clairsentient and a bunch of things that I can tell about more another day. I made
this channel just for the topic of helping others through their spiritual
journey and any questions that they would have that would come up, and I made
this meditation that I hope that you have heard and hopefully liked and if
not let me know any topic that you would like to have in meditation currently I’m
just doing these out of fun so don’t need to take it all too seriously
and take it with a grain of salt if you want to but if not I know like you’re
here for a reason because of synchronicity that I truly believe in
that we’re all in the right time in the right spot, the right place with the
right people and that this is just part of that, so my hopes are that you’re
going to enjoy everything that I have to offer, so let’s start! So first of all and
spirituality is very personal it’s a very personal topic for everyone.
Everyone has their version of spirituality and most people have it
connected to religion and sometimes it is cultural
with what type of family you grew up in and aunts and uncles and everything in
between and for others it’s a way of being, a way of life and being spiritual
is being present, being there and just living your best life the best way you
can. A lot of people have this awakening process where they one day wake up and
realize that this is… this world that we live in has a lot of problems and a lot
of it is based on fear which leads to hate which leads to conflict and a lot
of things that I’m sure most of you know by now that it never ends well. And we
start to realize that to be in a world where there’s so much hate we need to be
the ones that show love and we need to be the ones they’re there for other people
and we try to work on ourselves and for me that is the type of spirituality that
I’ve come to love the most. I think I’ve had all types. I’ve had a cultural
spirituality from my culture and I’ve also had the upbringing of religious
upbringing, so Catholicism and I had a lot of aunts and uncles they all have
different religions so it’s a big mix and eventually I had my big awekening I
think like a lot of people in 2011 and I will go deeper in the about that in
another video. Ehm, as you can notice English is not my main language but I try, I do my best. Anyhow I really want to talk about just spirituality in a bigger
sense and a bigger broader spectrum and for me spirituality is just going with
spirit, so it’s not about how we look it’s about how we feel
it’s about our essence everything that is deep deep down inside, that little
voice or that feeling, that sensation that you have and in the pit of the stomach
when you know and maybe this is not the right path for me or maybe I shouldn’t
do this because my gut is telling me not to. That would be some typical, ehm things
that would come up, so for me really I’ve had this long process of
spirituality and when I was a child I didn’t know how to cope because I had
all these different cultures and I had all these different ideas and thoughts
planted by my parents, by my schoolteachers, by my peers. Basically
everyone. But I always felt different and I always felt that I had a bigger
purpose in life and I know that a lot of the kids my age when I was I don’t know
seven, eight they all were thinking about were they are gonna be when they grow up
and they always thought about their job their job title I’m going to be a doctor
or I’m going to be an astronaut or.. but no one really talked about how they
wanted to feel, that you thought that as long as they had this job everything
would be what they dreamt of basically and for me I always had this feeling
that I’m going to somehow, someday, help people. That was my main feeling and I
knew that I was going to do something bigger than I was at the time bigger
than me and that I would help people and In a bigger way and a lot of people. I was
convinced and that wasn’t anything that you could say to me like: “No that’s not
true you don’t have a bigger purpose in life” “No, you that is untrue”, it was this
it wasn’t an idea it was this feeling it was this knowing that “Yes! one day I’m
going to help a lot of people, one day and I will be that person that people
will go to for help and for guidance and for anything that they need”, basically
and the problem with that is our society because in our society we like to take
advantage of people that we see as weaker so I’m pretty sure that people
thought that my generosity or kindness would be something to exploit and take
advantage of and it is just heartbreaking in a way because I I’ve always had this
amount… I mean I can’t even explain. I have so much love inside me
and I have so much love that I just want to send to everyone basically and it’s
just a way that I feel that I don’t want anything back I just want to give. That is my main purpose. I want to give and I want to give it to a lot of people
and I want to be there for a lot of people, and the thing is that it’s hard
to be there for a lot of people if you meet them one by one, so I was hoping that this would be a new way for me to help others, but
in a broader spectrum and for more people and maybe only two people will
see this and maybe one of them will be happy, that I talked about this and that
would be, really, it’s enough because I know that everything comes in the right
time and if I’m.. I’ve tried to do this type of videos before but I’ve had a lot
of limiting belives because of the had a lot of fears like, basically, everyone
else and my fears were of being… ehm…because I have this other job and in that
job your clinical and professional and you also have a degree and you have this,
how can I say it… it’s more science-based and the society where I live in is
science-based and we don’t have that much spiritual
belief. We’re mostly atheists here so and somehow atheism usually equals that you
don’t believe, not even in your soul, not even in your deepest inside. You only
believe in yourself which usually ends up being believing in your mind, believing
in your thoughts and thoughts are manufactured by our brain. A lot of
times because it’s bored and it wants some kind of stimulation. The society
that we live in, have phones and computers and video games and everything
to to keep busy to do something that it’s fun and it also fires
a lot of things in the brain so the brain gets happy and the brain wants to
constanply.. constentply.. constantly be… constantly be entertained so there is a
lot of things that are not working because it creates an imbalance. So my
society is very imbalanced. My country is very imbalanced and I noticed that more
and more hate is coming up to the surface and I don’t need to go far..
before it was.. you could hear someone did this remark of “This is untrue” or “No, I
don’t believe this”. But now every opinion that they have, they present it as a fact
and it’s a fact that you can’t change so if you would try to have an, like
constructive argument with them, that will not work… they would just start being
hateful and I don’t know if you have noticed that. But you don’t need go far, you
can just look at any social media comment, any, basically and it’s sad
because I believe that, that energy we could use for so much more, and so much
better things, we could use it for uplift each other and pat each other on the
back and say “Hey hey good job” or “Interesting, I never saw it that way.
Thank you for telling me. I see it this way” but it’s. I think the energy has gone
to expand too much and that is a part of that is a part of me, a part of the
the gifts I’ve had and that I received and I can just see the world more
objectively and I can observe it in a way that I, that I don’t know how to… but
I know and it is just taking a step back and observing what’s going on in front of me
without giving it my energy without me investing any energy and what’s going on
basically. So that is just a little about spirituality and like I said I want to
talk more about these subjects I just don’t know where to start so any.. I
know, I know a lot and I don’t know. I don’t know what others don’t know, so
it’s hard to know where to start and I am by no no means an expert. I like to
teach others but I believe that as a teacher you’re never really fully
learned about everything, you just do like everyone else you keep learning in
life. We learn and you learn and you learn every day something new and you take
that to heart basically. So, yeah. Thank you for sticking
around and tell me more. And tell me more about you and tell me more about your
spiritual journey and where you’re at and I will be there as much as I can. So
thank you and have a great day and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

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  1. Tell me more about your spiritual journey, where are you currently? In the beginning stages or years in?
    Also, any topics you would like to know more about?

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