Measles Explained — Vaccinate or Not?

Recently there has been
a lot of talk about measles. What does measles actually do,
and should you vaccinate against it? Or is this just hysteria? Measles is a virus: a hull of proteins, RNA, plus some more proteins for reproduction. It cannot reproduce by itself;
it needs a host cell to do so. To understand measles, we have to
understand the immune system. You might already have seen the visual system we developed
to help here. Now, let’s focus on the parts of
the immune system relevant to measles. The measles virus enters humans
through the nose, mouth, or eyes. The measles infection starts in the lungs. Measles is especially good at infecting
the body’s first line of defence: macrophages, powerful guard cells
that protect the lungs from intruders. They enter a cell and take it over. The virus reprograms the cell and transforms it into a dangerous
virus production center. Once a cell is filled with viruses, they leave the crippled cell
and begin the cycle over again. But the immune system has
powerful weapons against virus infections: natural killer cells. These cells basically patrol the body
and check other cells for infections. If they find an infected cell,
they order it to commit suicide. This is so effective that for
the first 10 days or so, you will not even notice that
you’re infected with measles. And now, the reason why measles
is so powerful. After a period of fighting and dying, macrophages alert the brain of the
immune system: the dendritic cells. The job of the dendritic cells is
to collect samples of intruders, travel to the lymph nodes, and then activate the heavy weapons that eradicate the infection very fast
in a team effort. But the measles virus uses
a dreadful tactic. It infects the dendritic cells and uses them as a Trojan horse
to enter deeper into the body. The infected cells travel to the next
lymph node to alert other immune cells. Once it arrives, the measles virus spreads around the
virgin T and B cells and infects them. It attacks the very system that
evolved to fight it. Now, things happen very fast. The lymph system spreads the virus
everywhere and it enters the bloodstream, infecting cells while traveling. Measles infects organs like the spleen, the liver, the intestines,
and, most importantly, the lungs. The symptoms range from a very high fever, headache, sickness,
bronchitis, and, of course, a rash. In the lungs, the immune system was
doing pretty okay. But now, millions of viruses
attack a second time and kill countless cells, wiping out
the defense systems. In this phase, you start coughing out
millions of measles viruses. Measles is so contagious at this stage, that if you meet someone
who isn’t vaccinated, there’s about a 90% chance
you’ll infect them. Without the protective army in the lungs,
other bacteria or viruses that would usually not stand a chance can
now enter the lungs and develop into harmful parallel infections that
can cause pneumonia, the most common way to
die from measles. Your body’s immune system is now
seriously wounded. Various protective systems are hurt
and disrupted. The virus spreads everywhere, infecting
the skin all over the body. The typical measles rash now
becomes visible. And in some cases, the measles virus reaches the brain and causes
a brain infection. If it does so, the chances of dying
are between 20 to 40 percent, and there may be long-term damage. But your body is far from giving
up at this stage, and it fights back agressively. Some dendritic cells survive
long enough to activate the anti-virus forces of the body. Plasma cells in the lymph nodes
start producing billions of antibodies, tiny proteins that mark infected cells
for destruction or clump the virus together. Killer T cells flood the body
and kill infected cells left and right. After 2 to 3 weeks, the body usually gets the upper hand and overwhelms
the infection. But the immune system is now
seriously weakened, and may take weeks or months to recover, leaving the body vulnerable
to other diseases. But, if you make it, you are now immune: the immune system remembers
the virus forever. Measles is no joke. Although 84% of all humans are
vaccinated against measles, 122,000 people died because
of the infection in 2014. Some people cannot get vaccinations, either because they’re too young,
because of chemotherapy or HIV, or because they’re allergic
to the vaccine. They need the rest of us to
stop the disease for them. The measles vaccination is
safe, cheap, and available. There are no benifits from having
measles at all. You don’t strengthen your immune
system and it’s not more natural. Most people who don’t vaccinate
only want the best for their children, which is honorable. But if you ask yourself, “Am I putting the life of my child
and other children at risk by not vaccinating against measles?” The sad answer is yes. Yes, you are. Let’s not play the blame game, though. Let’s work together and
eradicate this virus. Together, we can get rid of these
dreadful monsters and consign them to their rightful place:
the history books. Subtitles by the community

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  2. Guys dont breath air almost all living beings die for breathing air so stop breathing air

    Cave Johnson

  3. Bro you literally said the body beats it on its own. Vaccines have so many neuro toxins that stay in your brain forever and make your immune system weaker. Most people with autoimmune disorders have them because of vaccines side effects, that's millions of people suffering so that a select few spend millions to convince everyone you NEED vaccines so that they can make BILLIONS of dollars. You'll never comprehend what people will do for that kind of money. Check out the Vaxxed documentary.

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  5. natural killer cell taking a vacation to Britain and finds infected cell

    "mate sorry but you gotta die alroight?"

  6. it's nice to know that you can survive it thank you cells! you are a true hero!

  7. oh you fool your video was useless. because its several years later and the people in the anti vaxx community still will not listen to reasoning

  8. No one ever dies from measles if they have a daily spoon of cod liver oil.

    I had measles & so developed a life time immunity from measles.

    The Disneyland measles cases prove that all of the people who developed measles had been vaccinated from the same strain.  
    Yes, 100% of those who developed measles had been vaccinated!!

    The media hysteria is being spun by Big Pharma to trick weak minded people into buying a toxic vaccine that has caused 100,000+ cases of Autism. Vaccines cause autism.
    Measles never injure babies as as often or as badly as the vaccines do.

    Youtube: paul8kangas. Paul Kangas for President 2020.

  9. There is an anime with similar premise as this video.
    And its made by David Production.
    (guys who did JoJo adaptations)

  10. We either eradicate measlee.. or we eradicate un-vaccinated children. (By not allowing schhool attendence)

  11. And now there’s a measles outbreak to mostly kids with anti-vaxx parents

  12. if anti biotics doesn't work then pray to god that vacinees work for bacteria too or the bacteria gone

  13. aaaa i got this when im 8
    its very horible experience.
    thanks god im survive.
    imune system you are awsome!!!

  14. I don't understand why people thinking that every person that didn't got vaccinated and his family are anti vaxers and they are gonna die.
    Like, my family do not think about vaccination as a bad thing, and we are not going to some shop and screaming "fuck every person who vaccinated their children" like it shown in your "very funny jokes".
    Please just stop, this is not funny, our family was never vaccinated and we are still OK, we are not vaccinating because nobody from us died because of not doing that, not because we are "proud anti vaxers".

  15. Can you remake the vids like this but include the complement system

  16. たしかに、ワクチンの副作用で死ぬ奴もいる。

  17. Human: I feel fine!
    Bird: Uhm… you have a giant hole in your chest.

  18. Sneses on 20 non vaxxed kids mom i killed some chilldren mom: how many? Me:20 mom:what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  19. my classmate william wasn,t vaccinated and had measles an i got infected but i only coughed for 2 months then i was fine .

  20. Anti-vaxer logic:
    It’s only a 20% – 40% chance of death if It gets to the brain, can cause permanent damage and weakens the immune system
    But vaccines have over 95% chance of no allergic reaction and a sting a little

  21. I'll try to get the flu and meet anti vaxxers and sneeze on their children.

  22. hi good day, I would like to ask if my son does need a measles boosters vaccines? thou he already injected all vaccines
    before the outbreak start here at our town, I was scared that my kid will have a side effect
    I hope may answer my question thanks

  23. But what's stopping the measles from coming back from the dead you're not stopping what gave them the advantage in the first place

  24. Well thank god i survived that horrible virus:/ For all yu people asking yes i'm just sharing becauae i was freaking lonely for a whole three weeks bcs my doctor said i should not make contact with other people which is torture:/

  25. I just got measles, but i legit just got vaccined for it before my flight. Wtf

  26. Vaccines : i'll save the world so there's no more infection
    Measle : Hold my dna

  27. Measle Vaccines : I can make people immune measle
    Measle : Wait that's illegal

  28. quem traduziu isso para PORTUGUÊS(BR) , merece ser demitido pelo péssimo PORTUGUÊS(BR) perdi as contas de quantas vezes ouve erro

  29. I keep hoping to see salty comments. But, they don't watch informative videos

  30. And yet the anti vaccine bias is spreading like disease, the biggest triumph in the history of science would be a vaccine that protects against stupidity

  31. Yes, Our Immune System is Awesome! but… Other Animals, Even Relatives to our species have vastly Better Immune Systems.

    This is Because of our Evolution. We wash ourselves, We Eat and Drink Cleaner, Wash foods, Cook Foods and so on. We do Some of our immune systems work for it. Over the Ages Our Immune system has become Adapted to it. So Although Our Immune system isn't as Great as Other Animals. We've Been Self Curing and Aiding our Immune system for Hundreds of thousands of years with Selective Food Choices and Immunity Boosters using our Environment to help aid and eradicate infection. So Overall We're Still pretty great 🙂

    But Having said that, There is Multiple Native Tribes that would be Very Dangerous to Contact with Mainland Country Populations. Although we've beaten Viruses and Bacteria, we often carry it with us in some form or another. Picture the Spanish Conquest over the Aztecs. They Unknowingly Infected them with Smallpox.

    Hence i say, Always get your shots before going on Holiday, you never know where and when your Immune system is vulnerable. Thanks for reading! ^^

  32. Parent: doesn’t give child vaccine

    Grim reaper: hippity hoppity your child is my property

  33. Woah ok there buddy
    I think a girl in a club I went to had measles 😶

  34. Imagine a soldier going to you, giving you shield, saying:
    "Hold it up, there are archers ahead. And you need it to defend yourself."
    and then some rich-ass-idiot comes along and says:
    "Nah, take that shield back, he should take his shield from the enemy, he might not make it into process, but that is the natural way of getting a shield."

    Exepct that you are the immunity system, the rich-ass-idiot the antivaxxer, the shield the immunity and the soldier who gives it to you the vaccine.
    You would feel pretty much dead.

  35. random citizen: is sick

    Guard: Hey buddy, I’m gonna ask you to commit no heart beat.

  36. [ the week, when I had measles was on of the greatest of my life! For once I did not have to pretend that I was ill unlike the many other times, when I had to stay home from school, cause I didn't have the homework done.]

  37. [ may the sickest, thrive.
    What, it's the vaccine-way of how things are being handled?]

  38. The only way to build the amune system is clean air and water and food with living vitamins and minerals and exercise and herbs is a food.

  39. Health care is a business they will do just about anything for a dallar from blood banks to selling organs.Count Dracula and Dr.Franklinstien are real.

  40. Parents watching this and see this comment if you're one of those parents who don't give their child vaccinations, plz do you will not only help your child, but you will also help to destroy Measles forever. You may not want to put them through the vaccination process, but it will ensure that your child will be safe from Measles. But compared to them getting Measles, and getting an immunity that way, there is always that risk of permanent brain damage, or killing their brain, in turn killing them. Please don't twist my words into me threatening to harm your child, cause I'm saying this to try and convince you to let your child to get the Measles vaccine. Report this comment if you want, but before you do just do some research on Measles and look at the risks of your child getting the disease, cause if you're going to take the risk and not let them have the vaccine, they are most likely going to get Measles, and if that happens, there is that slight chance that they may lose their life to the virus. Please think about what I have said and consider giving them the vaccine it will help not just your child (or children) but it will also help eradicate the virus permanently. Kurgesagt please pin this so the people who read comments see this.

  41. So, England has just been taken off of the measles free-zone list.
    Thanks, antivaxxers. Thanks a fucking lot, you bunch of backwards, mouth-breathing, brainless, fatuous dipshits. Can you all do humanity a favour and find the largest, splinter-laden log you can and shove it into your earhole? Don't worry, it won't encounter any resistance, I can assure you.

  42. the narrator claims that not vaccinating is risking a childs health, even though vaccines can and do kill and injure children – as explained on nhs and cdc websites and on every vaccine insert.

    the narrator is enabling child abuse.

    a vaccine can only cause harm to a persons immune system, it obviously does not provide immunity, and vaccine derived measels has been shown to be transmitted.
    injecting a vaccine is not only putting a chidl at risk – but definitley causing harm to a child.

    the list of ingredients is a vaccine is toxic. injecting an edited "virus", or even "3 in 1" , or "6 in 1" vacines – along with additives and preservatives incluing adjuvants – toxic metals to increase the immune system response.
    most people do what theyre influenced to do without question – which is why they line their children up to get vaccinated, even though so many medics and parenst and children are sharing their stories of vaccine damage – and vaccine damage settlements are paid out on the millions all the time.
    vaccines keep people sick – if anyone cares for their child they should consider providsing a healthy diet and avoidng toxic vaccines.
    just reading a side effects warning is enough to educate someone that vaccines are dangerous.

  43. cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

    pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

  44. My moms anti-vaxx and she’s fucking 40 she’s lived 40 years nothing wrong if I get a cold I fucking get over it tough I’m not white

  45. I had to check if I'd gotten a vaccination back when I was a kid. Turns out they skipped it for a few years in the late seventies because they thought it'd been wiped out. Turn out it hadn't… Yesterday in my forties, I took my last of the two shots to complete my vaccination. Don't be an idiot, get yourself vaccinated!! If not for yourself, for EVERYONE AROUND YOU!

  46. Who agrees that we need to rename the anti-vaxx movement to child killing lunatics

  47. Not a big deal. I had it when I was child, chicken pox and other crap…now I am immune to all of this.

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