Meatball | SONG | Sonsense Nongs | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

I got a terrible cold I don’t think I can go on with this one I’m going to sneeze aaaaaaatchooo On top of spaghetti All covered with cheese I lost my poor meatball When somebody sneezed
Aaaaatchooo It rolled off the table And onto the floor And then my poor meatball Rolled out of the door It rolled out in the garden And under a bush And then my poor meatball Got covered in slush So if you have spaghetti All covered in cheese Hold on to your meatball Because somebody might sneeze Aaaaaa Aaaaaa aaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaatchooooooooooo

70 thoughts on “Meatball | SONG | Sonsense Nongs | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. England is my city and if it weren't for team ten then the US would be traumatised for life

  2. The Pastafarian anthem… we used to sing this in primary school – but it always got out of hand at the final, "achoo!" Great video – greetings from Australia!

  3. Poor Watermelon with a cold… I hope he finds his Meatball.

  4. A Micheal Rosen video you can COMMENT ON? Oh boy! This was great, micheal! My sister loves this song, and I even know it on piano! Good job!

  5. interesting video, michael. quite differrent from the old ones. keep up the good work

  6. Down behind the dustbin, I met a watermelon called Roald. I couldn't tell what he was saying because he clearly had a cold.

  7. Awww… I was expecting there to be a meatball tree next summer in the song.

  8. Keep on inspiring children everywhere, Michael! Your fans respect you as well, no matter what may be seen from our videos! 🙂

  9. I love the melon's 4 Different face expressions, great to see Michael test out animating. x3

  10. I really hate it that people make fun of this guy. He is trying to entertain kids.

  11. The fact that the song is preformed by a watermelon is slightly disturbing…

    Still, better than it bring preformed by a scorched pig or a grilled piece of meat! Nice job Micheal! 😀

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