Mechuka Series Finale ¦ Poetic end ¦ #ArunachalPradesh Diaries ¦ Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

What will happen tomorrow What was there Which left behind Capture this moment into your eyes Far from the crowd In this secluded area This land covered with the Gold These snow-clad peaks of Himalayas These dense black clouds prevent the sunlight This flowing river Nobody argues with Request printed in these colorful prayer flags The Gentle breeze which nobody cares This less-traveled path This point of view, a few people understand It seems I listen to myself Sometimes I even talk to myself What will happen tomorrow What was there Which left behind Capture this moment into your eyes Far from the crowd In this secluded area So guys Journey of Mechuka ends here I wanted to explore more of Western Arunachal but the weather forecast is not good Continuous rain is showing So I decided to go to Tawang which lies into the Eastern part of Arunachal Which is around 980 Km from here So, first I have to go to Bhalukpong then Bomdila And then finally I will rach to Tawang So let’s begin I am trying to find some money What, you trying to find the money? What is this in your chin? This is a camera ok Camera What is that? Nothing, bye bye Give us some chewing gum I don’t have chewing gum kid Oh! Shit The landslide could have happened over here? Leave fast from this place I have stopped at the wrong place Come on, start Was it happened due to last night’s rain? Yes… Last night it heavily rained over here in Aalo and because of that this landslide happened Stones could fall over here again oh! okay! Thank you As soon he said that stoned could fall, I left immediately without a second thought The landslide happened here as well I am just thinking what would happen in peak rainy season Anytime could happen here as well OMG! Another landslide So, friends, I have reached to the Bhalukpong Tomorrow I will leave for Bomdila And then for Tawang from there Hello Friends, I am Manish Yadav, Yours Heart2Rock I hope you would have enjoyed this final episode and if you have not watched the earlier episode yet then do watch it I would like to give some tips, who wants to visit the Mechuka Tip1: RIde with full-ride gear Jacket Helmet Knee guard Gloves As you have seen in my videos There was off-roading, landslide zone and muddy ride as well So, in this type of roads It’s really good to have full-ride gear for your own safety But, if you don’t have riding gear Then Helmet is mandatory for rider and pillion rider both Be safe Tip2 Leave early morning Because in NorthEast, It gets dark by 4:30 evening in winter time Tip3: Pack for cold weather Because it was cold even in the month of March Aalo and Mechuka both places Tip4: Carry BSNL Sim card Because after Aalo, there will be no other mobile network other than BSNL Tip5: Do not roam or ride after dark Because in NorthEast there is a drinking culture after evening And after drinking there is a chance of nuisance In case if you will get late while riding You can definitely ask for to the locales They are very helpful If you would like to want more information about Mechuka or NorthEast So either you could comment below or personal message me on my Insta account I will be happy to help you From the next video onwards Tawang series will be started I had a wonderful Journey to Tawang I hope you guys will also like So if you have not subscribed yet then do subscribe by clicking the below link Do like, share and comment Do not forget to hit the bell icon Yours truly Heart2Rock

8 thoughts on “Mechuka Series Finale ¦ Poetic end ¦ #ArunachalPradesh Diaries ¦ Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

  1. What an elegant , deep and insightful poem. Very expressive. Very innovative way of giving travel tips. Looking forward to the Tawang series.

  2. Baba tum to kavi ho gaye….. Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat
    Please don't make a generic comment about drink n drive about people living in North East. Chop that part of your video.

  3. khoobsoorat kavita aur khoobsoorat nazare! Aur kya chahiye? Shayad ek cup adrak ki chai. 😎 Bahut khub Manish bhau. A series worth watching!! Looking forward to Tawang series. 😍😍😍😍

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