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– [Long] I have to fart. – Don’t be shy. – I’m not doing it. – [Diane] Do it! Long. Show the world what you got in there! – [Director] She said you
farted on your first date. – Oh. – It was like the funniest thing ever. – It was the funniest. Did she tell you what she did? I don’t know if she shared this. – We’re hearing the real side
of how this really went down. – I don’t know if she shared this. I think we were just exiting a restaurant. – So as you’re talking you
want me to hold you like this? – And I let one rip, and she caught it. I don’t know why. And she threw it in her face and she goes ah, that smells so good. – A great fart has an
excellent sound to it. – Why would anyone do that? The cupping of the fart, that
right there stole my heart. – You gave me the butterflies. – Yeah? You still get butterflies? – [Diane] I love you. – I love you. – [Diane] My name is Diane Nguyen, but everybody calls me turtle. I’m 26, I have terminal leukemia, and eight months ago, I was told I had six to eight months to live. But you know what? Cowabunga, dudes! I cannot believe I’m
saying cowabunga on camera. Awesome! It was just like five million things that just popped up in my head. Hearts and farts, ninja turtles. How many butts have sat here? You know, like. – [Dad] She was a bit wild, you know, and I’m chasing her and stop
doing this, stop doing that. – [Diane] I think my
ninja turtle obsession probably stemmed from my brother. Everything that my brother did I thought was like the
coolest thing in the world and I was like I wanna
be just like my brother. I think I kinda grew up tomboyish too. – She’s different. – He’s just melting my heart. – Sometimes.
– Like a pile of cheese. I love you with all my heart. – I love you with all my liver. Your liver is more
important than your heart. You know that, right? You can’t live without a liver. – [Diane] Honey, can I
have my morning dance now? Please? Come on! – [Long] Why you laughing? Because it’s so, it’s so good. – The very first moment
that I can remember when I first saw Diane. I was driving to this outing. – At a bar. I just remember this really
tall, handsome looking man. – Gorgeous girl with the
biggest beehive style, where her hair just adds
like 10 inches to her height. And I looked at my friend and I was like. – By the end of the night,
I gotta talk to that guy. – Yeah, I was like I’m
gonna talk to this girl, I’m gonna talk to this
girl, find the energy. But she made it easy. She was the one that
came and approached me. – [Diane] I just felt like
huge sense of happiness. It’s just like giddy feeling all night. Like I had butterflies in my stomach. – She’s laughing at my jokes. So anyone who laughs at
my jokes, I’m like yes! – He’s talking to me, and
like we’re laughing, and like. – I noticed that she had
some bandages on her chest. I said hey, did you just get a tattoo? She goes yeah, yeah. I was like is it a butterfly? And then she goes yeah, how’d you know? Drinks come out and then she goes I have something to tell you. I actually have leukemia. – I got diagnosed with
leukemia in January 2012, and I think that was, like, when my life just truly changed. I think I remember just asking my doctor like when do we start chemo? I just kinda took it like that, and you know, fast forward
a few months later, like, I’m blurting all of this
out to a complete stranger. Within a matter of meeting him I think for like one or two hours, I’m here, like, spilling
out my heart to him, and like he’s still here
hanging around with me. You know, it’s just like. – You know, my vision of cancer was like, oh, okay, that’s final straw. You just gotta wait to go. But for me to see her out, with a smile, living her life, having a great time, made me want to know more about her. – [Diane] Just hung out, we danced, and we just, it was beautiful. – And we got out of the
club around like 2:30, and I walked her to her car. – Then I followed up with
it and then it was like, I’m really adamant, you know, on dating guys that know
God and go to church. – And I’m, possibly, maybe
because I went to church, she continued the conversation. I would say for the first like mid two,
three years of our relationship, I focused on like just
trying to live my life, like just normally. Just to be happy with Long and just take like
whatever is coming at us. And then, you know, as
I guess I got more sick, and you know I started
losing all this weight, and that was when our relationship really started to transform. – [Long] I thought I was gonna
be the magician, you know? It’s like we’re gonna ex
out all this bad stuff that’s in your body,
we’re gonna cleanse you, and positive energy, it’s
all about positive energy. Because like when you think positively, you’re gonna feel positive. – Tony Robbins. That man is like Long’s idol. – Big T Rob talks about the
ability to put stuff to action. Feeling confident, started juicing her stuff, you know. Stuff I watched in documentaries. And it was bad, because. – All the chemo therapy that I’ve done in the last few years, it
literally just slowed down the digestion of my stomach, which in turn somehow
turned into gastroparesis. That means a paralyzed stomach. My surgeon at the time implanted a gastric pace maker in my stomach to help with the nausea and like to help stimulate the muscle
movement in my stomach, which has been a great help, but we were running into issues. – [Diane] So this is my nutrition. It’s called TPN, which is IV nutrition, and it just pumps right into your blood. – [Long] She’s basically like a doctor. – [Diane] You know, I started
losing all this weight, and became like TPN dependent. – I didn’t know how sick she was. Look at this ninja turtle. – Cowabunga. – [Long] Cowabunga, she says. – Gotta do it, just gotta keep going. – [Long] Just gotta keep going. – Just gotta keep going. I had to get a second
stomach surgery done, because like a bowel
obstruction had occurred. I could tell my doctor was trying so hard. Then we hit this like roadblock. – She didn’t allow me in the room. She doesn’t ever want me to be in there while the doctor is giving her news. – And, you know, when
my surgeon had told me like I had six to eight
months left to live, it was like. And here my doctors are handing me this. It’s like information like hey, you might die like in six to eight months. And all I could think about was like I wanted to marry this dude so badly. The doctor just telling me like I have six to eight months, like. That’s what I was really
sad about, you know? It’s just like. I’d always prayed and like
just imagined, you know, having that hope for myself, like, I’m gonna be cancer
free one of these days, and I’m gonna wake up, and
I’m not gonna feel pain, and Long and I can move on with our lives. Next thing you know, the person that you thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life with is not the person that you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with. – [Long] They told her that
they can’t do anything for her. If I propose to her, and then she passes away, then I don’t
know how that would feel. Everything about her, I, her personality, her, her kind heart, her smile. When she’s in agonizing pain, I wanted to do something big, and I knew that if I didn’t do that, like I would have missed
something in my heart. I wouldn’t have felt that way. – I got home from hospice, like, I created, like, on my notepad, I wrote down things that
I wanted to like do. – She had a bucket list. The first thing was to have
a father daughter dance. – Like paint on a canvass,
cook a meal, see a sea turtle. Meet Jack Johnson. – [Long] Looked at the list and I was like alright, how can I make this happen? – [Diane] Long, I mean, he just, when he took that list, like, he was the one that like came up with like the celebration of life. – [Long] If the doctor is correct, why not let’s celebrate
while you’re alive? I knew it was gonna be
a beautiful evening. I wanted to show how much
love people have for her. – [Diane] Long had this huge surprise. Just, I think over like 200
people just standing up. Like man, just like, we’re
living the moment right now. Long put together this video, this really ridiculous,
embarrassing video of me just like dancing. – [Long] Everyone watches the video. They’re gonna come out,
your dad’s gonna dance. – [Diane] I had a little
dance with my father first, and then Long steps in. – The energy’s high. I’m gonna go up there and ask Danny. – Can I dance with your daughter? And towards the end of the song, I mean, like, he gets down
on one knee, and like, he just said this thing
that still melts my heart. This version of you I
think is the prettiest. – [Long] And then the song ended, and I said will you marry me? – That’s love right there, dude, that’s passion and just. Just so much love, dude. That’s, dude, this moment
that I’ve dreamt of like for the last four years of like my relationship with Long. Like, who wouldn’t wanna be Long’s wife? I mean, I thought that was a
big miracle surprise of itself, and then Long asks me, you know, since Pastor Brad is here,
would you like to get married? To ever think that he
could be like a widow. But at the end of all that scaredness, I’m just like dude, I
can’t let that run my life. I wanted to be his wife. – Long, you may kiss your wife. It is my honor to present to
you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Long Nguyen. – [Diane] See you later, Andrew! We were married for a month,
we were married for a month. You know, it’s not
about counting the days. It’s just making the days count. When I listen to Jack Johnson, I can’t help but feel like happiness. I wanna be a little mini Jack Johnson. I wanna learn what he’s
learning, you know. It inspired me to just like, just keep going, his music, you know. I first found out that
Jack Johnson was playing at Kaboo Festival like at
the beginning of the year, right around the time that
I was sent home on hospice, and I look at the date, and I’m like oh, doctor said I had six to
eight months left to live, and like he’s not gonna
be here until September. – [Long] We knew Jack Johnson was only gonna be touring
at the Kaboo tour, and Diane’s been wanting
to see him in person, and Justin Baldoni
reached out and said hey, I love your story. We’re gonna make a goal. We are in San Diego. ♪ And brought me back ♪ ♪ From being so too gone. ♪
– [Diane] It’s okay. – Ah, it touched my feet, it
touched my feet, oh my gosh! I think the last time I did this was like a few years ago. – I wanted to do something
awesome when I first met her. Let’s go to the beach,
let’s touch the water. – We touched feet together. – We wiggled our toes
in the sand together. Big moments happens once in a lifetime. You can’t always relive the big moments. But the small moments? These moments we can always relive. I think that’s why these smaller moments are more important than
the big giant moments. – You’re on a roll today, hot diggety dog. – Hot diggety dog? – [Diane] Long’s already been as positive as he can be, but I feel like the sense of positivity just grew in such a phenomenal way, that I’m sure probably
wouldn’t even be possible if like he didn’t come
across Tony Robbins. If I’m going through a bad day, you know, we’ll talk about Jesus,
we’ll do our devotionals, and then I’ll throw in
some T Robs in there, and I’m like, we’re golden, you know, but. – [Long] You want me to take care of it? – [Diane] I got it, honey. It was the beginning of this year. He went to Tony Robbins’ convention, and it was out in Florida. This was around the time I
was sent home on hospice, and this is like a lifetime
experience for Long. Some reason my body like
freaked out at that moment, like I’d broke out with
like 103 degree fever, it was like when I lost my voice, I was just super sick, like
on top of everything I guess, and Long, the amazing man he is, was just like. Just like that. I wanna be home for you, I wanna be there. Like, you know, I got to
experience what I did. It’s kind of like a hard
emotion for me to go through, because, like, I feel like I just kinda
like gypped Long, you know? It was like, dude, like, I couldn’t have held in my crap for
like a little bit longer or like an extra day, you know? Like, or an extra week, like. – [Director] So when you found out Diane was admitted to hospice,
you were at Tony Robbins. What happened? – I left early. I left early, I came home early, because Diane’s more important
than chasing my dreams. – [Diane] I don’t know it’s because he’s just trying to be
super strong for me, but, you let Long know it’s okay for him to share his real, you
know, raw feelings with me. – I have to be strong for her. So then she can stay strong. – Check it out, dude. – Okay, we just got to our
vacation home in San Diego. Diane got herself situated in the house. – Aaron, this should be
a part of your video. – But what she doesn’t know
is this weekend’s gonna be filled with surprises. – [Diane] Where are we going, Long? – [Long] It’s a surprise.
– [Diane] Okay. – [Long] Alright baby,
we’re here, so don’t look. – [Diane] Do I still listen to music? – As long as you promise. – [Diane] What?
– Promise not to look. – [Diane] I promise I won’t look. – [Long] I knew that she
wanted to see a sea turtle. I knew she wanted to touch a sea turtle. I knew she wanted to
swim with a sea turtle. – [Diane] Oh man. – You nervous? – [Diane] I think I’m like as
nervous as our wedding day. – [Long] Yeah? – [Diane] What is this? – [Long] Take a look around. – [Diane] Shut up! No way! – [Long] Look at them eat! – It’s a sea turtle! – [Long] Look at this one. – Their arms and their faces. Above my head, I just see sea turtles, just swimming, just beautifully, and like for me to be
there at that moment, like, to live and feel this moment. I don’t know any other way to explain Long other than like. He is the person that
like can make you smile, during like the roughest of times. I love you, thank you! I wanna say hi to one. – You wanna say hi to one? – Is this a trick question?
– No. Oh my gosh! – No way! Honey, shh. – [Long] Gonna freak out. – Oh man! – [Helper] So you guys can go ahead and come right over here. – [Diane] Yes! – [Helper] I’ll just go ahead and hand you guys some lettuce. So they’ll eat everything. I like to just peel it and then kind of throw it in like that. They’ll eat the whole entire thing. – [Diane] Wow. – [Helper] And here’s some gloves. – [Diane] This is like–
– [Helper] The really crunchy end of it, he loves that so much. – [Diane] Okay, throw it to them. – [Long] Yep. – I’m just, my mind is so blown right now. I can’t even, like–
– Look at this guy! – [Diane] He’s just flopping
around, he’s trying to get it. – [Long] The turtle is
Diane’s favorite animal. – [Diane] Yeah. When I was like 15 years old, and we were on a boat ride, and I just saw like a big sea turtle kind of jump up, and I was like, I don’t know, it just really calmed
me down for some reason. Maybe it’s because them just
swimming in the water, but. I would like have dreams
of seeing sea turtles, and you just made my
dreams come true, honey. Dude, just turtles, I feel
like they’re magical creatures. The way they just swim in the ocean, and like, you know, they
go through those waves, they flow with it sometimes,
you know, with the current. And then like they have to
swim far out into the ocean. It’s just like when you
think of their journey. It’s just like, just thinking
about like my journey, you know, like the last five years, like. – [Long] You’re in the
battle of your life. But right now, you’re still here, you’re still breathing,
you’re still fighting. It’s all about celebrating, and no matter how big or small the goal, we’ve accomplished another goal. Now we can shoot for the next one, and those small little celebrations are what keeps you going, keep you moving. Watch out for her head. – [Diane] I know, I know. Oh my gosh, I just touched a turtle! – You just touched a turtle! Just wanna lay like this. – [Diane] Hi there, this is Diane, and I wanted to reach out to you so that you could possibly maybe grant my husband the biggest gift of all. – [Long] You ready to dance tonight? You gonna show the world how you dance? You’ve been trying to see
Jack Johnson for how long? – For quite some time now. – The doctor said you
weren’t gonna make it. – Here I am, eight months later. – [Long] Mhm. – Turtling on. – [Long] Hey, dude. – [Diane] Hey, Justin. – [Justin] What’s up, handsome? So I thought it would be really cool, because there’s gonna be so many people at this thing tonight,
if we went there now, and walked around the
festival before it’s open. – You wanna try this one?
– [Diane] That’s you. – [Justin] Alright.
– [Diane] What? – [Long] Oh, did you say that stage? – [Diane] Yes! – [Long] Holy smokes!
– [Diane] It’s humongous! Hello! This is so cool. Oh my gosh! God is amazing. – Soak it in. – [Diane] I’m just standing there like, it’s such a surreal moment. It’s like whoa, this
is what musicians feel, you know, this is where, like, for a split second of my life, like, I thought like I
wasn’t even gonna be here. – [Justin] So, you
know, when we first met, we were talking about what
Jack Johnson means to you. I wanted to just make sure that you guys had like a beautiful experience, you know? And at its core, there’s
nothing that we could ever do for you right now that
will ever change the fact that you’re sick, and so it’s really important, because all this stuff isn’t, like, it’s nothing to do with
the fact that you’re sick. It’s because you’re so happy and you’re teaching us all something. So there’s nothing that I can give you that you don’t already have. But, I can help you meet Jack Johnson. – What? No, I mean, what?
– He’s right here. – [Diane] Are you serious? – So no camera crews. – [Diane] No way, no. Jack, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Wow! – Hi! – This is such a profound moment. – You’re gonna make me cry, stop. – Jack, you are beautiful, oh my gosh. – How are you?
– How’s it going? – Jack, I can’t even begin to tell you how phenomenal this
moment is for me, like. My doctor, you know, I found about about the Kaboo festival
I think in February, and I saw your name and I was
like oh my goodness, like, what a dream it would be to come, like, just see you play live. Like, I’ve never been
to any of your concerts, and, you know, at that time, I was getting sent home from hospice, and the doctor said I
had six to eight months. I was kind of like in a little dark spot, and I was like–
– Understandably. – You know, technically
six to eight months, Jack is not gonna be
there until September, I don’t think I’m gonna make it, but, this phenomenal man over
here, he said something just really profound to me. He said just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you can’t make goals. – Yeah. – And here I am, Jack. – That is so cool. See, I knew there was a reason I’m here. – I’m turtling on, dude. – It’s my only show this year, and I was wondering like
why am I doing one show? – Yeah.
– Wow. – Here it is.
– Wow. – I’m glad we could be together. – Thank you so much. – [Long] Knowing that she
wasn’t supposed to be there, and she’s there. How more aligned can you be? Tears of gratitude dropped down her face to have her dream come true. – I’m speechless, I feel. I’m at this stage where I’m like past the, the six to eight month marker, and all I wanna say is
like cowabunga, dudes. There are days sometimes
when I still kind of think of how, like, what my
life would maybe look like if I didn’t have cancer right now, or what I could have possibly
done and like accomplished, but I think that’s where a lot
of my gratitude comes from. Truly like the best days of my life. – [Long] I will remember my wife through the actions that I take, through the standards that I’ve created. The more love you can share in the world, that’s how the world would
remember her, is through me. – [Diane] Tony Robbins has definitely changed both of our lives for the better, and I can’t ever thank you enough for just being right by
my side through it all. I’m only the person I am today because I have a great man by my side. I just want you to take a
little look at this book, open the inside and read
it if you would like. – Dear Long, we are so sorry that you didn’t get a chance to complete the seminar with Tony Robbins. Diane recently sent us a video telling us all about your
incredible love story and the most amazing, selfless
things you have done for her. – Let me tell you, Tony. Your positivity, Long, he just lives and
breathes that, every single day. – [Long] She wanted to make sure that no matter what happens to her, that you have a chance to live
out and fulfill your dreams. Tony was touched by
your love for each other and he wants to offer you
a complimentary ticket to one of his Unleash
the Power Within event. – [Diane] Do you know you’re amazing? I want you to see this as a tool, honey, just to blossom yourself. You’ve changed my life for the better, and I know you can change other people’s lives for the better. – It’s hot up in here. – [Diane] Dude, life is good, you know? Like, I’m okay, I have Long. You know, like, we’re here sharing this beautiful mess together. – [Justin] Beautiful mess? – Yeah, beautiful mess. – Turtle power!
– Turtle power! – Turtle power! And it’d be like– And then all the lights will flare. – We’ll add in the special.
– The sparks, yeah. – You guys do the special effects. – Special of some sort. Go turtles! – Look at his big bright ideas. I’m telling you, the
world needs to hear it. It’s team turtle. It’s you guys, it’s the love
and the support that I have. – [All] Cowabunga! – Yeah! I just wanna share the
love and the happiness and the smiles with
everyone, because like, dude, we could all use it. There’s been a person, a
random stranger that I met, just in the grocery store that
just cracks a smile at me, and I can’t help but smile back. Like, when you think of
that, it’s like you’re just, you just change their life. Like, you made a difference
in someone’s life, and like, what is more profound than that? Peakaboo!
– Peakaboo! – You though this was
gonna be a sad ending, huh? Nah. Merry Turtlemas, I’m plenty
tough, I love you all. Cowabunga, dudes! ♪ Soul pancake ♪ ♪ Subscribe ♪

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