Meet Pubble | Milwaukee PBS KIDS Young Writers Contest 2019

meet pebble by Mia Rose aka Amelia argh there is a green bunny named pebble she lives in an enchanted forest where animals wear clothes and have many colors one day pebble was bored because she had nothing to do and no one to play with she went into the kitchen where her mom was doing dishes pebble said I want to go to the park her mom said okay let's go when pebble was at the park she made a new friend a fox named Erica she was the color of her red poppy they played on the tire swings together made flower crowns and pretended to be flower princesses soon it was the afternoon and puddle was hungry so was her new friend pebble invited Jerrica and her mom to join their picnic pebbles mom packed a picnic basket with lettuce carrots and spinach smoothies spinach smoothies my favorite bubble my favorite tune said Jerrica they looked at each other and started to giggle after they ate the girls played for a long time until it was time to go home bubble was happy that she made a new friend she was very glad she hoped they would play together again soon funding provided by ed vest special thanks to the betty Brinn Children's Museum and the Kiwanis Club of Greater Milwaukee

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