Meet Scotty, Outback Queensland’s barefoot poet

my proper name is Quentin Scott's but everyone calls him Scotty out here people call me there barefoot powered and just barefoot of scotty's my balance isn't very good I don't like shoes anyway I've never liked you I've always loved poetry so i started doing portraits out of the river for Karen and go at where the hand shapes are a little stronger at where the smiles last a little longer well that's where the west begins there's a free camp out at the river at at apex Park an order to go out there every day and talk to a few people there's a boat ramp out there and take my dogs there for swimming every morning I love this place out here just everything about it a lot of people rave about the sunsets but they miss the Sun rises and the Sun Royce is just too good just as good or better I think they're better a lot of times i'm scotty the favorite poet live australia's story you

1 thought on “Meet Scotty, Outback Queensland’s barefoot poet

  1. An amazing man and an amazing show if you are in Longreach don't miss it!

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