Meet The Author Who Finished Vince Flynn's New Novel

a highly anticipated book is coming out tomorrow it is the latest in a series that was started by Twin Cities author Vince Flynn Flint grew up in st. Paul he died in 2013 after a battle with prostate cancer at the so very young age of 47 when the author died he had already started working on his 15th novel titled the survivor the book follows the story of Flynn's popular Mitch Rapp character joining us now is Kyle Mills the author who was selected to finish Flynn's final novel Kyle this had to be a pretty emotional thing to be selected to to finish this book it was I was a huge fan of Vince's we started at the same time and this is actually my 15th novel – oh really I was surprised actually I assumed that that would be kind of the end of the character which was really disappointing to me as a fan and to millions and millions of other fans a lot of us here of course know Vince Flynn I've done stories with Vince while he is here just a great great generous here's how generous Vince Flynn is we are over doing a story at his house my photographer Joburg love looked at he had a bunch of shoes lined up in Vince's like Joe take my shoes and he gave Joe a pair of his shoes he's an amazing guy but these novels are beloved he only though had three pages done right before you took over yeah which it was kind of funny because I assumed there was a lot more I signed on thinking he wrote like I did which would be huge outline and tons of research and I said I said send me the box they said didn't we send you that and that was it it was the three pages he liked to just start and write him through you want a little bit of an interesting story about your father that sort of ties in with the Mitch rap character yeah he was an FBI agent for 25 years and the director of Interpol and the legal a shady of the United Kingdom Wow so and you know this world then it's what I grew up in the FBI CIA mi6 kind of world and my father was actually one of the characters in Tom Clancy's not really that strange tell us a little bit this is the new book it's called the survivor what can people this is a very much a continuation of Vince's last book the last man okay so he tended dark his stories over multiple books and the the end of the last man was clearly there are a lot of loose ends and this sword was gonna continue and then the first three pages did start to continue it so I had a pretty good blueprint of where it was gonna go you want the fans to feel like they're reading a Vince Flynn novel how did you study his kind of word phrasing and his story structure to be able to make that happen at great length it was six thousand five hundred and twelve page I can tell you you start at the beginning and then went through yeah not the chronological beginning cuz he had written two prequels so I read American assassin first and kind of moved through Mitch's life took 150 pages of notes on everything from the histories of characters to what weapons they used to how he set up scenes and word choice and things like that and tried to make it as seamless as possible that you wouldn't be able to tell where I started and there is a big event tomorrow night to celebrate the books release that's right you'll be out there so up so it's tomorrow at 7:00 doors open at 6 o'clock so that's the st. Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights what can what will you be doing are you doing a reading or talking to people no we're gonna do a couple of panels so we'll have panels with me and his publisher and some of his family and friends talking about him and then it's a it's a charity event for the school st. Thomas Academy it is October 6 tomorrow night and that you know Vince was a huge supporter of st. Thomas Academy I think the arena you're in is named after him right yeah and Frank Vascellaro is can be moderating at Frank and Amelia were very close friends with Vince Flynn so that's gonna be a special night yeah it should yeah I think it's gonna be wonderful and a great remembrance events absolutely well congratulations on the novel there's gonna be two more Vince Flynn novels after this right two more absolutely for me I've about halfway finished the next don't mess it up I can't wait to read it I'm trying not to mess it up that's the main goal

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  1. The final Mitch Rapp novel? Don't forget "Order to Kill", "Enemy of the State" and the most recent "Red War".

  2. I have read every Mitch Rapp book but The Survivor, looking forward to it. I'm a big fan of Vince Flynn. ( RIP )

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