Meet the Authors of Decision Quality | Strategic Decisions Group

people don't naturally make decisions with quality we're not wired for it yet we have the illusion that in fact our decisions are good when we leave an awful lot of value on the table if you think about it how many of us get training and decision making it's just not a part of our traditional curricula it's not something that most people would spend time consciously working on so that creates a real challenge people are put into a position where they're expected to make decisions they don't have good insights about how well they're even doing and they don't have a good framework for how to improve but this book can help with that for starters readers will gain an understanding of the overall decision quality framework and there are six requirements of decision quality they'll learn about each of those requirements in detail what it takes to achieve quality and why that requirement is important they'll also seek tools that they can apply to improve the quality of their decision in each of those requirements and they'll also learn different processes to apply decision quality for different kinds of decisions I really think the endorsements are very meaningful to us as well as to the audience that gets a sense that this is for real that people can really apply this and make a big difference in their companies

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