Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

– In a world where cat videos
and memes rule the feeds, one media company will
rise above the noise, this is Great Big Story. – [Director] Okay, Redd, that was great. Thank you.
– You got it. – Yeah, that was great.
– Cool. – [Director] You can stop
speaking like that now though. – What do you mean? This is how I always speak. – [Director] Okay, cut! (humming) – My name is Redd Pepper,
I’m a voiceover artist. In the UK, I voice
hundreds of movie trailers, “Men in Black,” saving the Earth from the scum of the universe. “Blair Witch Project,” “Armageddon,” “Space Jam,” “Mr. Bean’s Holiday,” so many, I forget half of
them, to be honest with you. I started doing television adverts, animations, audio books, I do
a lot of video games as well and a lot of them are sound effects, a goose in the background. (donkey braying) (roaring) Mr. Bean. When I first started doing movie trailers, that was fun: one man, coming soon to a cinema near you. Sometimes I do romantic
movies . . . in a sleepy town; sometimes I’m doing horror
. . . don’t answer the door! You’ve got to use your voice; you’ve got to raise it sometimes; and you’ve gotta take it to the depths. Very occasionally I get recognized, but generally no, but the
time I do get recognized, the phone goes off on
the train, guaranteed. Hello, and people look up
from behind the newspapers. The way I got into being a voice
artist was kind of strange, I used to drive trains on
the London Underground; one morning I was making my announcements, all stations to Harrow, mind the doors. A television executive was
a passenger on my train; he got off at the next stop, ran up to my cab, we exchanged details; and the rest is history. I’ve had some strange
experiences as a voice artist, I was doing a trailer for
“Jurassic Park, The Lost World,” Steven Spielberg movie and, kindly, they chose me to do the voice in the UK. Something is coming, something big! And as I said that, a voice
in my headphones said, “Wow, that’s a great voice!” And I didn’t recognize
it was Steven Spielberg, he was listening in from
the States into London. Well I swore, I said, who
the (expletive) is that? Everybody went crazy in the studio, “Shh, shh, no, it’s Spielberg on the set!” I appreciate what I do; I’m still meticulous about what I do; I’m still proud of what I do. I really don’t look at it as a job. I’m having fun. It really is a cool job; it’s gotta be up there with one of the coolest
jobs on the planet. Right, you got it? Cool, I’m out of here. Oh, that’s a wrap.

100 thoughts on “Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

  1. I still think he is playin is all and he actually has a voice that sounds less….weird?!?

  2. His voice cracks are probably still deeper than most people’s voices lmao

  3. Isn't the guy behind the movies Joy Bailey from Honest Trailers

  4. Always thought his voice was fake. It's so incredibly deep, omg, it's unreal.

  5. his voice is awesome, but the most awesome epic voice will always be Steve Blum!

  6. i wonder if this guy ever fucks around with his talent and starts narrating his own life. Like when he's taking a shit and runs out of toilet paper.

  7. When the fortnite caracter finish chuggin the whole chug jug 1:03

  8. You had done some good karma in past life that's why you got the Coolest voice Skill lol "I really don't look at this as a Job"

  9. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if this man did honest trailers

  10. Guys, I recommend you guys search for Joe Flizzow. He is one of the pioneer of Malaysian hip hop cultural. And this guy face is almost totally same with Joe Flizzow. 😂😂😂

  11. Man, he's perfect for Unicrons voice. He's like a bald Barry White & Black Orson Welles all in one.

  12. 0:16 London, England. In case you got it mixed up with London, Lebanon

  13. Youtube has brought us to another legendary video again. I hope this gets reccomended to me month

  14. When you realize thats his actual voice and he's not even altering it….

  15. Teacher: Ok class, who can make the best pig sound?
    The autistic kid: 1:03
    Teachers reaction: 1:40

  16. 1:40 when i heard the japanese striked pearl harbor causing the us to enter the war

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  18. Nobody:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Donkeys in Minecraft when you hit them: 1:03

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