Meeting Writing Deadlines by Writer Denise Turney

meeting the mighty deadlines this is what the freelance assignments or novels hello I'm author these company and I'm the love poem in Portia amongst others you can visit me online at just och is te ll calm so this chills that I'll calm you to show again is about how to meet deadlines whether there are freelance assignments or novels now if you are an independent publisher or self funders you probably don't have writing deadlines and SSF impose and you're trying to practice discipline so to me so you want to have a book out once a year you say I'm going to have my first drive maybe you you say how much I mean how many chapters you want to do a week so maybe you say I'm gonna do two chapters a week depending on how long your chapters are or you might say I'm gonna write a thousand words a day even if you're working full time maybe 500 words a day if you are working full time but if you're just writing full time baby you say one or two thousand or more words a day or however many chapters you want to do ten how many chapters in a book but you say I'm gonna finish a novel within a segment then I'm gonna self edit it you can get it out to a professional editor you get it ready to be published even if you're self-published you can do that if not if you work with a traditional or midstream start or startup publisher they're probably gonna set some deadlines for you so they'll tell you when they want the first maybe not the first exam their first installment would might be after you've done five drafts of it so you've stopped edited you get it over to down they do the professional editing for you they tell you you know this one we're gonna get the cover this is what we're gonna start our marketing is from weekly and it all started before the book is published this is when a book of publishes when you're gonna do like your book signing party we set up time for you to meet with book clubs etc etc so that's that those deadlines for you or again you can practice discipline and set some self-imposed deadlines if you are right working on a novel freelance assignment or whether you if you writing for a cover the communications team they will tell you when things are due they'll tell you when either search engine workers do when you need to get press releases done when you need to give website copy down when I interviewed with maybe a senior leader has to be done when that that least those deadlines are as a freelance run are freelance for several years now probably one a decade I would say some of those are self-imposed because sometimes they sort of leave it up to you when you're going to get there working but most freelancers writing that I have done has had a deadline so they'll say it needs to be done by Friday or you have two weeks to get it done this is how much research work most for most freelance assignment they want you to have that clean so they don't want to have to do a lot of editing on there and even though they may have in-house editors or contract with editors they want you to have that clean but how do you meet those deadlines as a freelance writer don't take no more assignments than you know you can do this over you on a full-time job consider that so if you don't want to take on a full-time writing load and then also work a full-time job that can be stressful you don't want to stress yourself out if you're doing your fitness writing and you're trying to grow your savings that's why that's running and you want to keep your writing skills short maybe you take on a smaller load maybe you take on enough to be able to write on Fridays and Saturdays so you think your Sunday's open so you have a data relax if that's what you choose to do or just enough to be able to freelance right maybe two three hours a day and work a full-time job I mean you would be home you would have the commuting half of them or go to a second job even if it was a part-time job be in the comfort of your own home but you still have to meet those deadlines and also don't take on so much that you wouldn't have time to go back and do revisions because as good as you are sometimes you're gonna be working with different clients some I want more journalistic type products less writing is becoming very popular as well some I want you to writing for some slideshows like some videos so the the style of writing that you would do would be different website you might be doing some interviews all of these are different styles of writing some involving more research like medical writing technology technical technical writing than other forms of writing leave time to do a rewrite because if you don't do the rewrites and you don't do the work and get your best ability you could maybe lose a client it don't get so bogged down that you're not really giving your best work as a writer so when it comes to deadlines again don't bite off more than you can chew and then just give yourself a deadline for when you're going to complete an article then you you see as you go along as a freelancer which clients are easier for you to write for what they start asking you for revisions four five times maybe they're not really clear on what they want and there might be a client that would be better off to let go but those are those something don't take on too much and as you become more experienced as a freelance writer you'll know what you can do when again if you're working a full-time job I really really encourage you not to take on more than something that would you would take you more than two hours a day to do don't miss those deadlines don't miss them get the work get the work completed at least I would say a date before it's due so you can relax you don't know what could happen in that if not two days sooner set a schedule set a schedule for when you're gonna write could be in the mornings and at night if you're working a full-time job if you're not working a full-time job prioritize your projects which ones have the tightest deadlines which ones are the worst most urgent to do factor in research time that you will have to do on your writing and and then set your schedule out you can use a spreadsheet to set out your schedule you can use a spreadsheet to keep you honest so you're not staring at the window or watching TV in a social media and track how long it takes you to come complete assignment because your pay rate you might find five hundred dollars for something but if it takes you 30 hours to do that you really didn't make that much money you didn't make as much as you thought you did so set out this schedule factor of research factor and editing factor in the writing if something is too difficult and you're missing deadlines maybe that is a project you either have to get sharpened on or let go so these again are some tips if I'm offered in Eastern II when how to meet deadlines whether you do doing freelance or novel Friday please hit the subscribe button and keep up with what we're doing here at 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