Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj’s “Hot Girl Summer” Explained | Song Stories

[HOST] Megan the Stallion enlists Nicki Minaj
and Ty Dolla $ign along with a slick City Girls sample for her hashtag come alive, “Hot
Girl Summer.” [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” is produced by
The Bone Collector, Crazy Mike & Juicy J. Juicy also produced Megan’s other lowkey
summer anthem, “Simon Says.” [HOST] Ty Dolla $ign kicks off the chorus
on “Hot Girl Summer,” interpolating JT from the City Girls’ hit, “Act Up.” [HOST] Ty then follows it up with the track’s name and Megan’s trademark phrase–besides
“drive the boat,” of course. [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” has become a
2019 meme, thanks to Megan and her Hottie fan base. [HOST] Megan explained that it’s about quote. [HOST] ….being unapologetically YOU, having
fun, being confident,living YOUR truth , being the life of the party
[HOST] …which lines up with one of her nicknames… MEGAN: ‘Hot girl Meg’ that’s like the
party girl, the college girl, she like to turn up she like to have fun. [HOST] And she exemplifies it perfectly on
the pre chorus, while giving a nod to T.I.’s 2007 track. [HOST] Nicki Minaj breaks out on the second
verse with some bars about Megan’s ongoing college courses – something the two spoke
about in their late July livestream. NICKI: What’s your major? MEGAN: Healthcare administration. Yea, nothing to do with music I just wanted
to open up some facilities in my city. [HOST] Next up Nicki may include a few thinly
veiled shots at Drake after the two unfollowed each other on instagram following Drizzy’s
collaboration with Minaj’s ex, Meek Mill. [HOST] This also appears to line up with some
lines from her remix of Mill’s track “Barbie Going Bad.” [HOST] Megan runs anchor, shouting out her
ongoing effort to eat less meat to save the environment. [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” has the hotties
*excited,* and has jumped into the top 5 of the Genius Top Songs Chart. [HOST] If you’d like to learn more about
“Hot Girl Summer,” check out the song page on [HOST] I’m Delisa with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

100 thoughts on “Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj’s “Hot Girl Summer” Explained | Song Stories

  1. So college girls have to act and dress like strippers in order to be rappers . Wouldn’t happen in country music but okay this your daughters and sons role models smh MLK , ROSA PARKS , Harriet Tubman suffered for this bullshit lol

  2. "who don't follow, Even in your new bitch I can see a lot of me."

    She also could have directed that at Safaree bc Erica Mena said she don't follow Nicki

  3. Y’all don’t know who I am but if you want some new music to listen to I don’t think I’m that bad

  4. This Video Is Sooo Relaxing😴

  5. so what does it mean that they sampled the city girls? i thought they had beef…seems not if they gave permission for this song…

  6. It’s trash asf , don’t get me wrong I love nicki & meg but the song is trash 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. This is all wrong first that t.i thing is just a Coincidence secondly nicki was throw shoots at quavo and saweetie second what tf does the vegan thing has to do with eco friendly?

  8. This video is unnecessary. Basic mainstream trash that Nikki Stans eat up

  9. Is it just me or was hot girl summer not hittin' I mean I like Ty Dolla Sign on here but I feel like Nicki and Meg could of done better.

  10. Here to support Delissa!!!! So proud of you!! Genius, you have a STAR on your hands!!

  11. This song is fire and has so many more references and fun tidbits. The video couldve been 10min longer!

  12. How is it hot girl summer but you got a nigga talking bout “real ass nigga give a fuck about that bitch” I’m kinda upset with the song.

  13. I knew nothing good would come outta this song them girls be talking about bitches, money, d*cks. Expected way more from Megan.

  14. I feel like u either love this song or hate it. Also, I dont understand why Ty Dolla $ign started off with "Real ass nigga give af about a bitch" in a song to empower women, but ig.

  15. Who is this beautiful dread head? I’m a real yard man so she definitely caught my eyes

  16. I don't know who these people are besides Niki. They sure do got my attention with this track tho as it's jammin 💃👌💃👌!!!!!#onrepeat#ThatPART

  17. Is it just me or does anybody else love Megan thee stallions todoroki wig

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