Melanie Martinez "CryBaby" Album illustrations and mini poems. (Sorry for the background noises)

this is crybaby by Melanie Martinez the album satis girl she has to be saddest girl she has to be salty tears hearts bigger than her body her name is crybaby and in her picture-perfect home mom is drunk loud a demos mother always comes home stoned she watches in her room alone she watches mom sip a drink out of a sippy cup that's pink because if I you never think that you pass out under the sink the carnival is where she fell for the first time on the carousel round and round the same bad one she never gets on she she never gets under his shell she cried until she then could see that she wasn't even worthy of all her love and knaves so she's felt bad word you in 1 2 3 she met a new boy and filled with hope she has too much she said too much and always choked so she washed her mouth out with soap so that he wouldn't pull through they rode their bikes so very slow she wouldn't wore a cyclist unscrewed his training wheels to grow into a two-wheel bicycle her birthday was around the bend she invited him and all her friends none of which she did attend her happiness came to an end a lonely girl so vulnerable spell so vulnerable to her house she walks alone bad wolf ice-cream man had me and took her to his hovel she got locked up and made a plan to kill the bad wolf ice cream man he ordered her to me to make him snacks her cookies and milk made him collapse she escaped and was never the same she swayed a boy who I've been claimed and pacified Oh what's her name Wow just played a game one day if you turned on the TV mrs. Potato Head on the screen she lying off her shirt wreath she stopped that her pain make Beauty cry they'd be sad and disagreed imperfect insane and emotional and emotional with she but she feels safe going to sleep and there's no one else that she Brad to be there was all the phones cry maybe dollhouse sippy cup carousel out with that boy soap training wheels pity party tag you're it milk and cookies pacify her mrs. Potato Head and Mad Hatter and that is a pretty you thank you so much for watching all I decided to do this but you just need cool to me that she made illustrations and poems for each of her songs in the crybaby album so yeah and I really love Lennie Martinez and um dollhouse um just to say real quick she made that song to show that um like Oh Barbies are so cool not no not that it's um it's actually um a little bit I keep saying oh yeah um it's about celebrities about how a lot of celebrities everybody all the fans think they're so not human it's like they're little dolls and that they're so perfect on the outside but blue they're human and when they make mistakes they shame them for that and she wants people to know that they shouldn't oh yeah so anyway thank you so much for watching I don't know why I decided this is completely random but I decided to do it for no reason anyway thank you guys for much watching episode we said that like five million times Oh bye

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