Men Magnifying Manhood. Dr Ellison and Contributing Writers Tod Rose and Jason McFarlane

are you ready to be edge attained well you're in the right place welcome to vibrant living with your host dr. Epstein let's turn up the Dow under health relationships and personal growth right here on WABC Club 860 Atlantis inspirational talk radio and now without further ado here's dr. Ellison well hello everybody and like she just said there let's turn the dial up on life come on we gotta turn it up life is interesting life was designed to be great there's a lot more in you that I believe is getting ready to come forth like never before and it's simple time it turned it down look hey and as I like to say we gotta turn it up turn it up turn it up you all I am so excited to have two dynamic men in the studio today and they're gonna they're gonna knock home runs all over the place I'm assured of that come on one of them has been with us before brother Jason mcFarland Jason man there's a pleasure to have you back what's up not too much man it's a pleasure to be back all right all right Jason so happy to have you back and Jason we've got a new one but he's getting ready to be an old one we got Todd rose this give Todd a big haircut oh hey Thank You Man what a pleasure to have you on now you all these guys are special because they are a part of the new book that has just come out maybe what about a month ago maybe around a month ago man magnifying manhood they are contributing writers in the book and I've got to tell you all again the brothers threw down the brothers not home runs scored touchdowns or whatever you want to say shot three-pointers well and I'm telling I was man I was just thrilled reading you guys this chapter in that book and so we're gonna get into talking today everybody about the new book that has just come out men magnify manhood Wow brothers man magnifying manhood now we're gonna well let's go ahead and introduce yourselves first Jason tell us a little bit about who you are and then we're gonna go over the top all right so my name is Jason McFarlane I recently been in Georgia for about two years now I was born in DC and my family's Jamaican not a risk in family it's not a good thing to say in Atlanta you know they've been a little bit different but we're still we're still working on some don't leave me some some turn around corner yeah I've been out here for about two years now I'm involved in the insurance industry I'm definitely I'm an insurance broker we did funding as well I'm heavily involved in our church to where you know Ethan asters they're just excited about the opportunity to be able to be here and be involved in this book oh man well thank you well we were I was excited when I read the chapter man I'm like wow I mean just moving the first paragraph to me was a homerun the first paragraph of your chapter was a homerun so Todd tell everybody about who Todd Rose his well my name is Todd rose I'm originally from Eatontown New Jersey I've been in Georgia most of my life while most of my family is from I had the fortunate experience of being in the military brat so military brat yeah everybody who knows what that is oh it's the interesting life but but I thank God for having that experience because I lived overseas for about seven eight years which broadened my horizons to a point where a lot of the things that a lot of people that were that lived in the States at the time it kind of missed me you know some of the things but I gained quite a bit in that process I'm an entrepreneur I'm a writer I have three two businesses one is a budget search Pro where I do internet marketing and help businesses grow and I also have a copywriting business song called copy content articles calm where I do ghost writing and resumes you know biographies and pretty much anything somebody might need written so being a part of this book kind of just kind of flowed with that well I could tell when I read your chapters it now he's done something in writing what I didn't ask him to write the whole book if the chapter was just that dynamic it floored me and literally as a matter of fact I was about to stop while I was reviewing the chapter somewhere about middle way and give him a call but I said no it is so good I'll just wait I'll just temper myself and just read the whole chapter you know but brothers why why the need to magnify manhood let's start there why is there the need why do it well I just you know manhood is is a subject that it is underserved a lot of times in our society and conversation and you know in popular media in all different different ways you know and you know it's it men have to be responsible for making sure that people know what manhood is you know we have to take that risk we have to do it's up to us that's a good as men we we have to take the lead we have to take that responsibility I like that table because you know the the giraffe doesn't speak on behalf of the lion right better not who tried to talk on Bobby right right that's a good point that we as men must take the lead about who we are because you know there's a lot out there nowadays about even that we're toxic hmm you know there's a lot to talk about toxic masculinity but you're not come to realize it anything that is not you it's the way it was design to be utilized will become toxic so I can understand where where a lot of people are coming from about the toxic masculinity but this toxic femininity as well yeah you know anytime something is not used according to the way that the creator purposed it I mean will they be man woman the family the whatever the church of churches that are toxic you know or whatever it is if it's not being used the way it was designed it can be toxic and and threatening and all that kind of stuff yeah a little bit that's a very very good point there Jason any comment on that well I think um as a man hood ends a hole right now I think there's there's a huge attack on it when you look at just the the housing situations as far as what's going on inside of the households I think there's a battle there um when you look at from even business structures they've changed it up now to where women are able to receive a lot more benefits from being CEOs of companies and stuff it's a strong woman or push for women which is great I think that you know that's a good thing but at the same time I think the the structure is being manipulated a little bit and there's a lot of arm I get a femininity if that's the correct well there's a lot of that that's going on and being pushed at this point and when you look in public and and look at some of the things that are going on on people's social media or hip-hop or whatever platforms it's a it's a lot of interesting things going on and I think that if we don't get a good grip of what's going on now mm-hmm it's gonna be a serious problem another 22 told you got a saying was basically saying it's tough to be a man nowadays it is it is and then how much more when you don't have a man to God demand to nurture the train to develop the man that's tough yeah I think that's a where the big problem is right now cuz a lot of us we well I was I can't speak on everybody but I know for me personally growing up in a household without a male figure inside of it mhm it was a situation so where luckily I was blessed to be able to have a lot of male influences around me sure ain't but a lot of people don't have that no no when you kind of see the things that are going on in some of these neighborhoods the people that you're starting to go and look up to may not necessarily be the best people to be looking up come on right so when you when you're learning from it's kinda say kind of children raising children because like the the mindsets and not saying that grown men have the the child mindset but at the same time in in certain ways if you're not mature in those certain scipios certain areas and you're teaching those things off to somebody that's younger it starts becoming dangerous you know you know that reminds me when I was young man it's like I'm looking looking at life getting ready to go through Vietnam and I've never had anybody escort me through Vietnam you see what I'm saying it's like I'm getting ready to go somewhere and I've had nobody to train me for where I was going and I could remember some horrifying thoughts you know in my desire to be who I was designed to be you know and so our Creator designed it to where somebody would walk you through different things so when a male does not have a male of for this his father uncles brothers or whoever that can help him go through that come on now a lot of time we're just hurting from the inside because you know we know we got to go there we know we got to arise and quote be that man but how do I be that man when I haven't been led or trained or taught by a man you know so it's very challenging I my heart goes out particular when we got statistics that say 60 70 and in some communities eighty percent of the households don't have the leader the male in the household there's a reason for us to magnify manhood if I could just piggyback on something you mentioned earlier it kind of touches on something I work about in my chapter as far as you know when I was young and I actually opened up the chapter saying when I was a child I thought as a child uh-huh you know and I acted as a child you know I was I was 24 years old but I still thought as a child because there are certain principles of manhood that I didn't pick up I wasn't taught you know I was fortunate to have a father in the home mm-hmm but sometimes being physically present isn't always being emotionally oh come on present as well yeah you know so I was fortunate to have that strong hand there to straighten me when I needed to be straight but at certain times I didn't have that mental note to say okay look son you don't do it that way you do it this way you don't treat young lady this way you do it this way you know and and you know as life progressed you know I I found myself in situations where I was a grown man with grown man parts thinking like a little boy and that you grabbed me when I read that in the child oh I think that was probably one of those passages where I wanted to call it the chapter but you had trouble there's nothing but troubles gonna come you know you know that that analogy is you know in the in the sense it's kind of how it was for me and I was running around with this this man part thinking that that was what made me a man now I got to write that oh you tell I'm writing while you thought because I got to have that so use a grown man parts without how do you say that again I was running around with a grown man part but I didn't know out thinking that made me a man okay when you know anatomically it made me a man but but mentally and you know and having the discernment to be able to understand what that was for didn't I didn't have that at Wow and that last circle situations where that even touch on some other things you mentioned where children came about mm-hmm and I was not there in the house with them cure which I regret to us to or to an extent I think that having happened but in hindsight I look back on and I understand how it happened I understand why it happened mhm and I correct I had the course correct oh but I still there he goes again Jason you know these terms the real moment that's why I wanted to call them a course here Rachel I like that the first time you hear it I give you credit the third time dr. Ellison came up with that but that was a very good point that you made and it really you know it really kind of resonated with me which is why you know I I had when I was writing you know my chapter in the book mm-hmm you know it really brought up a lot of different feelings a lot of different experiences some I had forgot about that actually came back to prison be present in mine well as I was doing you are you're writing because um I didn't I didn't mention in my introduction that I have a degree in journalism let the cat out the bag picked up on it that's why I wanted another reason why I wanted to call him we gotta take up space at break for MoMA and we're gonna come right back there at what you just said okay we'll be right back rejuvenation for youthfulness and beauty is trending worldwide people are getting laser hair removal Botox dermal fillers skin brightening tightening lifting and reshaping smartflex ATL a comprehensive medical spa located in East Cobb for $7.99 Oldtown Parkway you can also visit us online at smart Plex ATL dot-com dr. Alexander and his team enjoy pampering you while you receive customized treatments and a beautiful calming zen-like atmosphere smartflex ATL we are your Hollywood destination for exciting youthful rejuvenation all right we're back and we we were just or Todd was up at the plate I think he had already knocked two homeruns and so we're gonna let him get back up at the plate to bat again so tired of you a continue right from where you were I remember I was talking about and cue me in a little bit I the station break kind of threw me I was talking about being being not really thinking as a man you know and doing things in a manly way in a manly fashion and yeah and you brought up something to there that grabbed me having the man parts but not knowing what to do with them right and that's that's where many men are because you know all the time all the time you're gonna keep growing physically yeah but am i growing emotionally am i growing in the knowledge of the responsibility that is upon me by just by nature of how I was designed and this is what many males are dealing with and even older men I worked in the prison years ago year many months ago and and I saw many I saw many fathers and I saw many grandfathers who were still children had not grown up mentally to match their physical age so that's a very critical thing and this is where I believe that training and mentoring and daddy the man being the coach is so critically important because I heard this thing will go right back to you Todd and that is you cannot do any better on the field of battle than your training if you haven't been trained to do warfare in a certain manner then you can't do warfare in a certain manner if you haven't been trained how to as a point guard take that ball downcourt you really don't know you're gonna be hitting and missing and guessing and all that stuff so yeah that's saying where they say you're you're only as strong as the weakest link in the chain yeah you know so you're only as strong is your training come on in that in that sense which is which is very vital I think in this in today's society you know and one thing I wanted to bring up also is those things that I experienced earlier in life thinking like a child being being a physically a man but thinking like a child led me into the child support system no I think the child support system in a lot of ways gets a bad name because it's looked at as a way sometimes where women try to get back at a man by filing for child support that kind of thing and at first I thought of it that way as well just by nature of the way things happen in my life I thought of it as a way of them trying to get back at me some kind of way or something of that nature you know and that was the wrong way to think surely child support is what it is it's child support is supporting your child you know it's it it's that's what it is you know so you know but but having having not really had that mindset at first it led me to to kind of you know kind of money I ain't worried about all she just tried she's just mad this and that this and that but it it it led me to a place where I remember one time they sent out letters sometimes during new year and they say okay you got to come to the office to the child well you just got to come down here we go okay gotta come to the office you know so you go down and I remember one time I went down there man and and I swear I couldn't even get in the building there were so many brothers what lined up then once I actually got in the actual office where you talk to one of the clerks mm-hmm it was so full it took me about an hour to get to that point before I even get in the office and I didn't it just I just shook my head I'm like all these brothers that are under this this thing you know some of them deserving of it you're shoving the responsibilities I was one of them at one time I was jobless wasn't taking care of what I was supposed to do mm-hmm but when I saw that I said you know that this is there's something wrong with this there's something wrong the system is is what it is sure there's something wrong with the thinking yeah something wrong with how these young brothers are thinking and how they're acting that are leading them to be in a position where it's something that's forced upon them mm-hmm you know as men we all know you take care of your responsibilities sure you know now we know this you know I mean having had training experiences oh yeah we know this now but you know at one point you know then it comes a time when you have to just really ask yourself the question why is it happening like what is that happen and you know it's that kind of stuff we got to dig into yeah you got to show that there is a better way so to speak there is a way not having to go there we got to get deeper into that Todd what is the arm the name of your chapter in the book man magnifying manhood what it's called manhood under siege manhood under sea putting the man back in man Wow Wow well we're gonna come back to that uh yeah that's pretty deep Jason what was it like when when you were writing what were your feelings then your fault then and what are your faults now and to me um during the writing process like I've never actually been able to really write in this capacity before no so it was a situation so where I just wanted to be able to go and really be able to touch people that are growing up or have been through similar situations that I've been through right so so you have a passion then to want to touch people you know or going through that path that you came from definitely because I think that there's a issue that I see is well I won't even say it's kind of an issue for me I've had the ability to be around two people or a lot of people who many would consider to be successful over the last couple of years and with that when you actually get to sit down you get to speak to people on a one-on-one level and you see where they're coming from a lot of times they're coming from the same places right there's a lot of similarities stuff that are going on there but nobody talks about that like everybody is always look at me not look at me you know and I mean you have this big thing that's publicized which is cool but that's not what it always was and if what it was before is something that can go and help somebody else to get out of what they're going through right now mm-hmm why aren't you sharing that oh you know so for me it was just really about trying to be as transparent as possible really kind of digging into some of the things that I had gone through what kind of led me out of what I was doing and what was that name again that was called lost in greatness lost in those races yeah yeah I think that's a everybody has a great factor within them like everybody has a greatness that's there it's just are you gonna really be able to tap into it or not and I think a lot of times as we get older like that's why I love being around kids like kids they have no barriers they have no there's no fear there's no nothing right but as you get older and you have people go and start telling you about what you can't do this because of that or you can't do this because of that like all these barriers start getting put up and then at some point in time it becomes that oh I can't do that no I can't do that well why can't you like you got dreams mm-hmm go chase your dreams you can still go and accomplish these things don't let other people's fears go and put these boundaries come on come on and I think that's a that's a lot of the things that go on now to where you have people who are afraid to be them you have people who are afraid they're really going trace after the things that they want – isn't it amazing how the older you get you find out that seems like society culture was almost like smothering your greatness indefinitely you got a break out of that now I'm a Whitney Houston fan to slow that jump a bit by buying already a wanted them when she sang this song what about the children when you were talking about that I know you're a youth minister but that song popped up and I think some of the words were remember when we were children you know and so and then the other one since you've been talking Jason is the one that she did on my own and and it really talks about where I'm not I'm not gonna do it the way you want me to do it I'm not gonna be you I'm going to be me you know I tried to do it your way and it didn't work out so I'm tearing the script oh come on I think you have to yeah you have to really have to I think like of course it's good to be able to be there and have the guidance or whatever everybody needs that mentor everybody needs the guidance to be able to get them to where you need to be at but at the same time we are all individuals yes we all have our unique talents that we we have so nobody else's talent is the same time that I have no talent that I have is gonna be the same as yours but you know when we go and we're able to go and take these talents and put them together and that's when you start having and having some beautiful things that start happening you know and that's the uniqueness of this book that we did together brothers we did it yeah you know we came together different experiences in life different paths and we merged together got on the same playing field to make a statement that we're going to magnifying as you said earlier Todd we're gonna do it it's the responsibility of the lion family or the lion that they like to be called the pride you know is their responsibility the responsibility of the older lion and a lioness to magnify what being a lion is in that Cubs life nowadays we're taking the curve to the chickens who's raising our cups raising themselves you know and yeah you know I've read several stories about lions cubs that were captured and raised like the rest of the farm animals you don't do that to a kid you know and we brothers we got to bring up the king that's in other brothers and brothers that are listening to me and sister rings as well to help the brothers bring out their roar this is why we're encouraging you to go and get a copy of men magnifying manhood and we're gonna go ahead and take that break right now to tell people how they can get a copy of me in magnifying manhood for their husbands their boyfriends there dear Lord if you got a boyfriend you think about getting married you need to get them a copy of this book you know boyfriends husbands uncles nephews cousins enemies get a copy for every male that you know about everybody every man needs a copy of men magnifying man hooded Jason tell them how they can get that book through you your contact and I want to go ahead and tell you all the brothers through down in writing and they're just as awesome in talking you can tell about the way they're talking already you know but tell people how they can contact you we got about two two-and-a-half minutes how they can contact Jason to get a copy of men magnifying manhood and to invite you into their church business or what have you to further give your story well arm you can contact me through email that's a McFarlane Jason so Emma's and Mary C F are LA and as in Nancy is an elephant and Jason at you can come find me on social media or both on or as an Instagram as well as Facebook and at insurance mastermind calm so I give a phone number I'll leave the phone number alone [Laughter] something up for you and see what we can do now he had to talk to his chief of staff tell everybody how you could be reached and now these are guys that you can reach to get a copy of men magnifying manhood stories that give hope and empowerment my email is Todd s Rose Tod SROs at my to websites copy content articles calm budget search pro dot-com you can also reach me through there if you happen to need any copywriting services or internet marketing services and I'm going to I'm gonna dare to be different I'm gonna put my phone number ah you can reach me [Laughter] six seven eight six three four 14:48 again that's six seven eight six three four 14:48 and my website my personal website where you can actually buy a copy of the book is Tod s w w Tod s as in Sam Rose ROSC dot-com all right now everybody you've heard from Jason McFarland and Todd rose as how as to how you can contact them and get a copy of men magnifying manhood and as Todd Minton is our responsibility it's up to us to magnify what manhood is all about your life is too great to be lived at such a low volume and this is why we like to end this show by telling you to turn it up turn it up turn it up we'll see you back next week we hope you're leaving feeling empowered thank you for listening to vibrant living with dr. Ellison if you would like to learn more about our host or purchase books please visit his website as dr. Calvin Ellison com that's dr. do C cor Calvin elephants calm be sure to come back next Monday at 6 p.m. for vibrant living on Atlanta's inspirational talk radio Bob 860 bye for now

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