we can make a very lovely merry-go-round using
odds and bits. this is one element of the swing, and we need 8 such parts. and we can
mount them on a circular disc to complete the merry-go-round. this is one element and
it is made from a card sheet and little bit of wire. this is one part of the swing. and
8 such swings are mounted on a circular disc and there is a stick in the middle with which
you circulate. this stick is mounted on a CD box. if you rotate the stick, all the 8
swings, they fly around, they keep circling. if you leave the stick they will still keep
circling for a very very long time. students love this merry-go-round a lot. you spin it
once and then you leave it and the children are all glued to this very beautiful merry
go round.

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