6 thoughts on “Metalhead Brothers Review Nightwish Poet and the Pendulum Live @ Wembly

  1. Lovebites/Clockwork Immortality/Mustache/Silient killer/Triosphere/Heart of the matter albums please.

  2. "Lead boy soprano: Guy Elliott, 2nd boy soprano: Tom Williams, courtesy of the Reigate St Mary's Choir School, Choirmaster: John Tobin"

  3. On my opinion Floor is their best singer, but best album is Imaginaerum with Anette, so react that one.
    For me the most influential album 2017-2019 has been Wolfheart's 3rd album Tyhjyys. Their 4th album Constellation of the Black Light is also an amazing, but Tyhjyys was like the lightning bolt to my head 😁
    So check it out 😉

  4. The vocals at the beginning was the boy soprano from the other parts of the song.
    This was inside, you are thinking of Wembley Stadium (soccer). This is Wembley Arena, 12,000 seat basketball/hockey type.
    If your album reaction is going to be straight through, you should do Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral.
    I have seen a video of Annette doing Love Slow Love live at a jazz festival that was really good.

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