Metalhead Reacts To Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum (Live At Wembley Arena 2016)

44 thoughts on “Metalhead Reacts To Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum (Live At Wembley Arena 2016)

  1. Okay, you asked… a lot. Here you go Wolf Pack, 'The Poet And The Pendulum' live at Wembley. Is there any point asking what you think of the video? lol

  2. thank you to hear nightwish again.i thought your reactions are real.

  3. This performance is pretty much straight from the original album with Anette, except, Floor sings several portions where the choir boy did the original – from "Sparkle my scenery…" to "…swaying blade my lullaby" and the final vocalizations. Floor and Marco sound so great together. They both have the vocal range and power to do it oh, so well. Floor is classically trained herself, and is a vocal coach, but doesn't limit herself to one style. She can sing most anything she wants and any way she wants, often within the same phrase, and that's hard to do.

  4. Sorry, Sir, there is allwase one pratt that won't accept you enjoy what you like and allowed to have your own opinions. I am a huge Nightwish Fan and glad you enjoy some of Floors songs, I hope you enjoy her one whole album with Nightwish, and I hope you again come back to Nightwish. I believe they are currently in production of the new album that is out next year. Thanks for your video's, I have enjoyed all your video's and have subscribed, let's hope for many more!

  5. This came from depressed and heartbroken mind of a genius. He created the best song of NW till today, no matter who is the singer Anette, Floor or Marco.

  6. Could you react to She's my sin (live at Wacken 2013) and the cover of that song that After Forever made?

    Both are Floor, but they are very different. Cause Tuomas was done with the opera sound they decided to change vocals for that song. Also because in the Annette era, she couldn't sing it in the original style.

    But the After Forever version shows that Floor can sing it in both styles.

  7. If you'd like to see more from Floor, here are a few suggestions:

    Floor Jansen (Revamp) : O Mio Babbino Caro, live @ MFVF 8 is another great example of her vocal abilities
    ReVamp – Here's My Hell (Live) and this is one of my favorites. The song is about her depression. Good lyrics, solid music, great performance.

    And of course like all the others are saying, anything from Nightwish's live DVDs are golden. Especially Wacken 2013 (Showtime, Storytime DVD). That whole concert is amazing.

  8. Great reaction🤘

    I know what person were on about. like you said, better to have a proper adult discussion than such an asshat.

  9. I saw that statement, that was stupid 😎👍👌 I just like the fact Simone and Floor are BFF, not to much of a fan of Epica, but I can appreciate quality 👀 The first part is some english choir boy singing from "Angel Recording Studios"in London 😁 And Tuomas alsoo used "Abbey Road Studios"in the past for his orchesteral baking tracks 👌

  10. Don't let them get under your skin. You don't owe to anyone, you don't have to deal with any shit. You're doing this probably just for having fun so keep that in mind 🙂

  11. Next Nightwish song has to be "The Greatest Show On Earth" (Live at Tampere)…Cheers!

  12. Floor has a huge history in music and is a vocal trainer. She also had her own band before helping Nightwish out. You really should check out her history, it is fascinating. I know this song was written for Annette to sing but I never saw a video of her singing it or listened to her singing this song. You got me curious and I will have to the song sung by her now.

  13. Oh the Xena comparison does come up quite a bit. (with Simone Simons from epica as gabrielle )

  14. Wolf, you need to react to Master Passion Greed on here before you listen to it on the dark passion play album. Heaviest song Nightwish ever did, you wont believe the song if you havent heard it before

  15. You should react to The Greatest Show on Earth live in Tampere… it's probably their biggest masterpiece.

  16. The Greatest Show on Earth is the longest Nightwish song and it is off their album with Floor. Many say it's the best song Tuomas composed. Definitely you should try it. You will not be disappointed. The live version at Tampere is the one to do!

  17. Please react to After Forever Monolith of Doubt. Live is definitely better!

  18. Thank you for another good reaction! Please do not listen to the cd with Anette "singing", it does not make the songs justice. Please do listen to the live versions with Floor from Wacken 2013, Wembley 2016(?) or Tampere. Keep up the good work and next I would like to see you react to "Your is an empty hope" from the Nightwish Cruise.

  19. Nice one. Maybe The nicest one of Nightwish. So many emotions…Roller coaster and trip to Genius mind of Tuomas Holopainen…

  20. New sub here o/ just one msg to you. Don't give that time to trolls and evil people. Just ignore it. Do your stuff and enjoy the ride.

  21. Glad you enjoyed it, the album is good even though i don't really rate Annette, the music is still great. Floor is classically trained and very versatile, from Opera to growling and everything inbetween 🤘

  22. Brother. Screw the negative and abusive posts. I really enjoy your tempered reactions. And I am so pleased you have found Nightwish with Floor. Such a phenomenal band and the Goddess that they have singing has made them perfect. There are too many songs to recommend but I will watch all your reviews. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  23. Your speech at the beginning made a subscriber of me. Thank you for fostering a place for healthy respectful discussion. Good on you!

    I don't know if anyone else answered, but Floor is classically trained in Leder (unsure of the spelling) style, which is a form of opera with accompaniment of usually only a piano.

    I knew her from before in her band After Forever, but didn't know her name when she was in that band so I never made the connection when she joined Nightwish. I was very much in your boat, I loved the stuff with Tarja, and while I think Annette is a very competent singer, I didn't feel that she fit in Nightwish, so like you I stopped listening. I didn't find them again until I saw a reaction video of Ghost Love Score on Alex Hefner's channel. Floor, I think, is a perfect marriage with the group and I have never been a bigger fan. She has frequently been called the female Freddy Mercury, which is high praise, and I thoroughly agree.

    Hope that I didn't prattle on too much. Thanks for the video and the healthy attitude.

  24. Mate, you almost cried. Admit it: You didn't like it – YOU LOVED IT!

  25. Mr Wolf I hadn't heard of Nightwish until a couple of weeks ago and have devoured as much of their stuff as I can. I have to wonder if Tuomas listened to Dr Who at the proms. The orchestration is very similar

  26. Nightwish has actually done a cover of a Pink Floyd's song High Hopes you should really check that out aswell really good cover if u ask me. Great reaction and a new subscriber to your channel.

  27. Hi Wolf, Great Review Man Loved it, Yes Floor has had lots of training, She went to the Dutch Rock Academy, when she Fronted the Dutch Metal Band, After Forever at the age of 16. She has been trained in Opera, Rock, Metal, Pop, Stage school, ETC, She also plays Guitar, and two other instruments, and she wrights songs as well, She is also a vocal coach, and teaches, All the above things, when not Touring or recording, She is just an Amazingly Talented Lady, and of course stunningly Beautiful, inside and outside. Your next Nightwish Review, could be, The Greatest show on earth live at Tampere in Finland 2015, You Know your own mind Man, Anyway I loved it, please keep going and don't let, the Dic!! Hea!! get to you Man.

  28. Not only was Floor classically trained (she studied musical and opera. There are Videos on Youtube of her singing actual opera pieces) but she actually trains other people as a vocal coach.

  29. Also, you come close when saying she’s an Amazon. But she’s Dutch… which would make her a Valkyrie 🤘🤘

  30. Yes, Floor is a classically trained opera singer. She obviously is much more than that though haha. She is also a vocal coach in her own right.
    It’s such a powerful song, given what is being conveyed. When Tarja was shown the door, the entire Nightwish fan base drove a truck up Tuomas’ arse for it. He was blamed by them 100% for her departure, and a figurative lynch mob soon formed… calling for his head. I have no doubt he also received countless real threats.
    He became deeply depressed and borderline suicidal. He had no one he felt he could turn to. Certainly not the fans. He figured fine, if the fans want me dead…. I’ll kill myself in song.
    The morning dawned upon his alter, remains of the dark passion play. Performed by his friends without shame, spitting on his grave as they came

  31. Okay so 2 songs you should react to…
    Deadhead (Live) – Devin Townsend
    Blackbird live in Amsterdam – Alter bridge

  32. yes ,Floor has had classical training,if your interested in the events leading up to her joining the band ,search for "learn the setlist in 48 hrs",im sure its on youtube somewhere,lol,,previous to joining Nightwish ,Floor was in After Forever and Revamp which you can check out if so inclined

  33. I love the way she says a sofly spoken thank you at the end. Entirely unaware they have just produced their greatest performance of the most epic song ever! I'd suggest reading up on what the song is about and then watching it again with the lyrics up 🤘

  34. What a great show and great atmosphere. It took nightwish to get me to go to London, I'd been avoiding it for 50 years.

  35. We are so happy to have re introduced Nightwish into your life. Floor is a gift to us all!

  36. The decent live performances of this with Anette have been removed from YouTube. If you'd like to see a good one, as a contrast, we have one in the Nightwish Discord Server.

  37. I didn't know the band during that era, so it doesn't hit me as hard as it does some people, but I imagine I would tear up a little if I were to have seen it live. More people need to hear this piece cause Floor gave it a whole new level of epic. Wish the labels would quit their copyright crap so more reactors could do it without issue.

  38. Thank you for your reaction, sir! Please keep upload more reactions. You're doing a great work!

  39. Love the reactions. Glad to see you appreciate Nightwish again. Floor is definitely one of a kind and is a perfect match for Marco's vocals. You should check out Romanticide and 7 days to the wolves also.

  40. Good 👍Reaktion Video Wolf.
    Nightwish is a very interesting😍 Band. The Song is Epic.
    Floor🚶‍♀️ and Nightwish🇫🇮 is a
    unbelievable good combination.
    Thank you for this react. 🙏

  41. Shudder Before the Beautiful, Yours is an Empty Hope and Elan, all live at Wembley are great choices to start with floors stuff

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