Michael John Black – “Love Is Not Ownership” – Australian Poetry Slam – Mudgee

Love is not Ownership. Ownership is not love. Let’s take the time to think these words above love it comes from the
heart a feeling we can’t separate there’s a world apart
it feels one soul when the ultimate goal to make two become one a beautiful whole no not close disparate poles I’m talking two interconnected complimentary
wholes. it’s universal older than the Dead Sea Scrolls that’s right extending
father the neverending rolling knolls beyond isolated atolls above the
tallest Black holes can effortlessly penetrate the smallest pinholes Love consoles, condoles and resolves it was surmount
the darkness in the world’s deepest holes when it comes to life it’s the
Super Bowl. But love has nothing to do with the word control nor patrol and
definitely not sly cajole and don’t ever think love can be bought by bankroll the
moment you do send those thoughts to the coals because these feelings alone
segregate souls not to mention torture the one which you’re involved ownership it
means it is yours you own it now forevermore of course closely related are words like
possess possession proprietorship to have a home yes you’ve got the gist
we’re talking title rights that’s the twist now ownership is a slippery mess
when it comes to love the two just repress really keeper pressures that’s
how you like to express watch Lord of the Rings it doesn’t work out for the best
you see time can lead to obsess and distress in excess and surely address he
won’t be long before you digress loves finesse leading to oppress and the press
S.O.S and I must profess the process for any suppressed relationship
success so digest my protest listen to the impress it is up to you to acquiesce
nonetheless those that disagree convalesce otherwise your relationship is due to
early recess yes hold me you with this if the above seems too much or the
accomplices the stewardship not ownership it means to take good care
yes close relations are fair and share and remember you can’t own a person
their soul their love but you can trust one with yours and that my friends is
the ideal we need to hold above that’s the pure white dove that’s the sign of

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