Michael Lee // “Pass On”

When searching for the lost remember 8 things.
1. We are vessels. We are rooms. We are so much less important than the things inside
of us. We are circuit boards, swallowing the electricity of life upon birth.
It wheels through us all of our days. Creates every moment,
the pulse of a story, the soft hums of labor and love.
In our last moment it will come rushing from our chests and be given back to the wind.
When we die, we go everywhere. 2.
Newton said energy is neither created nor destroyed.
In the hallways of my old middle school I can still hear
my friend Stephen singing his favorite song. In the gymnasium I can hear
the way he dribbled that basketball like it was a mallet
and the earth was a xylophone. With an ear to the Atlantic, I can still hear
the Titanic’s band playing her to sleep, Music. Wind. Music. Wind.
If you listen to the wind and you don’t hear at least a thousand years of music then
you’re not listening hard enough. 3.
The day my grandfather passed away there was the strongest wind,
I could feel his gentle hands blowing away from me.
I knew then they were off to find someone who needed them more than I did.
On average 1.8 people on earth die every second. There is always a gust of wind somewhere.
4. The day Stephen was murdered
everything that made us love him rushed from his knife wounds
as though his chest were an auditorium his life an audience leaving in single file wandering
the earth for days and nights. Every ounce of him has been
wrapping itself around this world in a windstorm I have been looking for him for 9 years. 5. Our bodies are nothing more than hosts to
a collection of brilliant things. When someone dies I do not weep over their
polaroids or belongings, I begin to look for the life that has left
them, I feel out the strongest breeze and take off
running. 6.
After 9 years I found Stephen. I passed a basketball court in Boston
the point guard dribbled like he had a stadium roaring through his palms
Wilt Wilt Wilt Chamberlain pumping through his feet,
his hands flashing like x-rays, a cross-over, a cross-over wrap-around
rewinding, turn-tables cracking open, camera men turn flash bulbs to fireworks.
Seven games and he never missed a shot, his hands were luminous.
Pulsing. Pulsing. When I asked him how long he’d been playing,
he said nine 9 years 7.
The theory of six degrees of separation was never meant to see how many people we
can find, it was a set of directions for how to find
the people we have lost. I found your voice Stephen,
found it in a young boy in Michigan who was always singing,
his lungs flapping like sails I found your smile in Australia,
a young girls teeth shining like the opera house in your neck,
I found your one true love come to life on the asphalt of Boston.
8. We are not created or destroyed,
we are constantly transferred, shifted and renewed.
Everything we are is given to us. Death does not come when a body is too exhausted
to live Death comes, because the brilliance inside
of us can only be contained for so long. We do not die. We pass on, pass on the life
burning through our throats. When you leave me, I will not cry for you
I will run through the strongest wind I can find
and welcome you home.

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  1. 'When you leave me, I will not cry for you, I will run in the strongest wind and welcome you home'

  2. 'if you listen to the wind and don't hear atleast a thousand years of music then you are not listening hard enough'
    this is definitely my favorite one.

  3. November 23rd will be the seventh year anniversary of my best friend Bryant passing, and in this poem he speaks the feelings I thought couldn't be translated into words.

  4. This is the first thing in a long time to give me hope. And that's coming from a deep place because I have been fighting severe depression for a long time. Thank you.

  5. "Five- our bodies are nothing more than host to a collection of brilliant things"

  6. "his chest was an auditorium"… Michael you are a stunning poet and your creativity and the way you link thoughts is simply beautiful

  7. It isn't just the words that make this poem great, it is the delivery! It is so relatable. It puts all of my thoughts into a beautifully worded piece of art.

  8. a year later…. my grandfathers birthday…. it always brings back… not intentional… I'm just here watching this and remember its his birthday…. thank you Michael…. Love you Grandpa.

  9. I've seen this several time on Free Speech TV and find something more to love about it each time I see it.

  10. I literally cannot find a single website that has the accurate lyrics to this poem jesus FUCK I love this poem

  11. #BraveHart Braden Hartman I understand the struggle you are facing tonight and hopefully for the next few hours. My heart is broken into a million shattered pieces, I know your ready and not scared but all my strength to you, tonight.

  12. Oh, this only messed me up to the point of tears and an existential crisis. Great.

  13. Yes, to all the dearly departed and those that have just started… YES. Beautiful piece of Spoken Word here ∆

  14. I've spent 10 minutes trying to express why this poem matters to me but my words tend to fail me, so I'm just going to say thank you.

  15. This is so sad. After nine years and still stuck in the first stage of grief: Denial. May Anger come forth.

  16. I lost a boy I loved a couple months ago. his birthday was this week. I needed this. this poem put me were I needed to be. he isn't lying when he saying he feels them within the wind. I feel the storm too.

  17. To keep it short and simple, my friend just passed away and I can't thank you enough. This poem has done so much for me.

  18. The day Steven was murdered, everything that made us love him rushed from his knife wounds…

  19. Chills from start to finish, every time.
    This poem reminds me of a woman I knew, Cora. Her laugh sounded like a goose, and now that she's passed away, I hear her in every flock of geese that flies overhead, and it always makes me smile.

  20. found a link about his friend who got killed http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/37-years-for-mom-who-killed-son-Minnesota-2824790.php
    thank me later

  21. I'm so late and ik this vid is like 3 years old but I just have to commend him and say that this was beautiful and tru in every sense of the word

  22. I always come back to this when I find myself missing you. Five years this month and it still doesn't feel real. I don't think it ever will.

  23. Very beautiful piece. One of my FB friends sent me this video after seeing me post about my best friend who passed away 3 years ago. He visited me in a dream 3 years after his death… he died April 14th, 2014. I had this dream the morning of April 15th, 2017. I wasn't even aware that he passed away at this time… he was nowhere on my mind… my friend found me. Very much a Life Changing experience.

  24. i heard this first when i was 14 and i was in love then and i am in love now

  25. I've lost so many people in my life
    I'm 16 less than a year ago my best friend died
    He was murdered
    He was 15 at the time.
    I listen to this poem (usually at night) when I miss him.

  26. I don't know why, but his way of talking reminds me of Phil Kaye. Anyone else?

  27. good poem and remains me when my grandpa died yesterday

  28. I can never watch this without crying. 3 years ago, one of my close friends from school passed away. I never got to say good-bye to him. I miss him every day, but I can feel him in little ways. We used to each lunch together everyday, and everyday I wish I was eating lunch with him again. He used to pick me up and carry me around and tease me about being short. I have flashbacks of him all the time, and I still do a double-take when I see guys who look like him. This poem makes me think of him every time. Thank you so much Mr. Lee for writing this, and giving those who have lost loved ones a greater voice.

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  30. Listened to this the day my grandmother died, now a year later, I come here again. This poem has helped me accept her death and move on

  31. follow him on Patreon. he shares so much, and he deserves so much more. just look him up by name.

  32. When you can't stop missing someone and you don't know where to find their pieces

  33. This is beautifully made but the quote "energy is not created or destroyed" is from Einstein not Newton. If you ignore that mistake its perfectly made though.

  34. "We are not created or destroyed. We are constantly transferred, shifted, and renewed."

    Such a brilliant piece, both in writing and performance. You can tell this poem takes a toll on him and leaves him spiritually exhausted, but that same amount of energy is transferred to us, and it hits us like gravity. Wonderfully apt.

  35. first stumbled upon this years ago, chills ran through

    came back after all this time, still as captivating as if it were the first time watching

  36. i remember sharing this with my high school class 3 years ago when this came out. my teacher loved it so much he showed this to all the other classes he taught that day. i was reminiscing and decided to come back and watch this. i realized that a year after i shared this poem, my best friend died. who knew that i was sharing what i would soon empathize with more than i could understand. i think i came back to this right when i needed to.

  37. I can't stop watching this. I've walked through an incredible season of grief in the last year, losing a considerable amount of people I held dear, including losing my best friend last week, and I continue to find traces of them in my journey through everyday life. While painful, it is a reminder that we are so much more than just our time spent here.

  38. This has helped with my mothers passing last night… Two weeks before I'm 16

  39. PLEASE FOLLOW HIM ON INSTA GUYS, IT'S @michaelleewrites
    He only has 2k followers I'm surprised. He also has a youtube channel he stopped a year ago because no one watched.

  40. "The day my grandfather passed away there was a strong gust of wind." – exactly what happened to me.

  41. "The day my grandfather passed away there was a strong gust of wind." – exactly what happened to me.

  42. I have lost many loved ones over the years and, while all loss is sad, the most difficult losses are those who pass on too soon due to tragic and/ or unexpected circumstances. Through all of these losses, my belief in something greater than ourselves has only gotten stronger… The signs are everywhere! This poem speaks to me like no other. "We do not die…we pass on. When you leave, I will not cry for you… I will run into the strongest wind I can find, and welcome you home."

  43. if you’ve been touched by this poem, or even enjoyed it, please support the artist he has a book coming out on 8/13/2019. Buy It. you won’t be sorry. his other works are beyond words. Michael Lee: The Only Worlds We Know.

  44. I could feel every emotion you let out through this…. thank you. This, this is special.

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