Michael Rosen’s Book of Play!

Hi! I’m Michael Rosen and I want to tell you about my book. It’s called Michael Rosen’s Book of Play! Do you get enough play
in your life? I bet you don’t. And what is ‘play’ anyway? It’s everything from dressing up, nonsense words, taking a line for a walk … … embracing surrealism, turning things into
musical instruments, building a fort … … defacing works of art, doodling and so
much more! It’s the stuff we did loads of as kids and less of as we get older. But even kids are doing less of it, as exams and screens fight for their
attention, and they spend less time being creative and messy. So! My book is about
the importance of play, how it can be a great tool for creativity of all kinds
and why we need more of it in our lives. It’s for kids of all ages. It has loads
of ideas for ways of playing. Because if I’m still playing, you can too.

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