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welcome to your Friday edition of Collider movie talk on today's show we are covering the Fast and Furious franchise because Michelle Rodriguez might actually return on top of that we've got a brand new trailer for a new Netflix romantic comedy you're gonna want to keep an eye out for called always be my baby and I am pairing em ruff I get to host this wonderful show and today this wonderful Friday do you know who I get to talk to I get to talk to Josh mokuba and Martina like two years ago and honestly seeing that intro play on this like screen gave me anxiety to surprise I don't remember that whole thing word-for-word I won't put you on the spot right now all right we got to go into our first topic today too which is a real I think it's a really cool story boys three trailer you know I'm gonna make sure you're in the room when the time comes to really cover bad boys three I promise all right in this story though we are talking about Michelle Rodriguez and the Fast and Furious franchise in June of 2017 we were reporting that Michelle Rodriguez was considering leaving the franchise because she said the characters the female characters in the franchise didn't get a large enough role now it's looking like she actually leveraged her participation into getting a female writer on board for the franchise Bloomberg is reporting that Rodriguez secured a female writer to join the production although there's no word yet on who that writer might be here is what Rodriguez specifically said about this you should evolve with the times and not just pander to certain demographics that are stuck in the past so what do you guys think about this where you pleasantly surprised to see that after what she said in 2017 on mr. Graham no less that she actually wound up making this happen now I think it's amazing I mean I've never gotten into the Fast & Furious franchise but I think that fast 9 may be the perfect entry point because I think that people really need to commend Michelle Rodriguez for what she did she put you know this amazing opportunity on the line to make it fair for all the females involved in the franchise and I think when you've had nine films and you want to go beyond that and you want to do spin-offs then this is the right move to make a lot of movies to not have some female characters at the forefront of this franchise okay so in the last one you had Charlize Theron okay and she was a villain with dreadlocks okay then you have you had Ben's love interest that Jordana Brewster right but then it was always Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez they were they were the originals but like even then they always kind of took the Brazil to the other guys there was the Brazilian woman that was they've had like the baby right I feel like you shouldn't quiz me of all people we had gal gadot we did yes yes okay we had um from Game of Thrones yeah Natalie let me just say this okay I see where Michelle Rodriguez is coming from because really in trillion most of the characters in The Fast and Furious franchise outside of her are kind of damsel in distress is sometimes like that's that's the whole thing I think Michelle Rodriguez character has been pretty awesome she the franchise like she's been badass she hasn't really done anything much outside of the Fast & Furious I like I don't see her in movies all the time I don't see her in pilots on NBC where she plays a cop's less FBI agents less NSA agent that CIA all undercover whilst also being a family you know she she gives that kind of actress I could see in a show like that right but I think the beautiful thing in here is like listen I'm not gonna do this thing until you guys give me a that isn't just being always smoldering like that's all she's always kind of sweaty she's always sort of working on a car and she doesn't have much to it while the boys all fight and you've got the whole boys club because you got the rock and then diesel they're always fighting right jason statham now and then you have just like five goofballs you've got the Ludacris you've got Tyrese all these other guys is just kinda like oh they just do that I think Michelle Rodriguez getting some more meat in the in the movie makes a ton of sense yeah she should did you see Widow she was also great in that I think she has more than enough range to do more than what she's already been given and like what you said basically speaks to her quote is that we don't need to pander we don't need to feed into the same stuff we've been giving people even though that is made of franchise I think this is one of the greatest things and I think about this all the time now especially with the movie MA coming out soon I'm always thinking about what Octavia Spencer is doing she's making her own opportunity she's making opportunities for herself and for other people and even thinking about book-smart and olivia while stepping up to direct when you're lucky enough to have so much star power behind you use it for good because you can get friends and what's so nice it's like what you were saying like she does have more dimension than a lot of other female characters in the franchise it's nice to she's like oh I'm good I don't need to fight for anything like I'm taking care of she's literally fighting for other women for this franchise and for other franchises beyond and we've got we already have Hobbs and siya we already have our spin-off we could use an all-female spin-off or a spin-off where they're kicking more ass and driving cars from one building to one building and Dubai I mean that is a possibility because legitimately like I said you just see punches and goofballs Michelle Rodriguez could add some dimension to the movie ladies can drive cars like that too you see me whipping around the parking lot in my Mini Cooper I'd be signing this franchise I told people they did not believe me well guess what I got a parking ticket so we're even I got a parking ticket and a jaywalking ticket I'm a real bad car like big dents I've seen dents in Wendy's car race in the cars also my baby I am taking care of it until the day it doesn't run anymore yeah which could be soon it's a Mini Cooper for ten years and it is in perfect condition yeah good job I don't like that you're doubting me right now watching the show and I'm screwed you're trying to help the state of California I mean your future as a driver I'm gonna turn penny wise and black Phillip around so they are staring into your soul the rest of the day that's how I get back that same vanity plate in California move on to that trailer I was telling you guys about you need to know about more programming coming your way right here on Collider video check it out all right listen no it's enough of this you're gonna watch the thing with just can we watch the thing together both shut your mouths because here's a great thing that's gonna happen we talk about this because we we're not here anyway it is great they've been great to us we are moving we are moving to our own channel ladies and gentlemen it is the Collider live channel subscribe you won't get the two-hour live show you won't get the clips you won't get the dips you won't get the hips y'all can come make sure that you get there go on over to the channel Collider live subscribe to the Collider live Channel and catch up all the wackiness we have our own mothership and we're gonna crash it into an iceberg on top of Collider live you know what you have coming your way this weekend it is mailbag with John Roca and he's got two great guests on this weekend shows Jeff Schneider Niki Novak so keep an eye out for those as well now it's time to hit Story number two and this one is for a brand new trailer for a Netflix movie called always be my maybe stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as childhood friends Sasha and Marcus they have a falling out and don't speak to each other for 15 years but then Sasha returns to her hometown to open a new restaurant and she runs into Marcus I will tell you i sat there I lie I stand there at my standing desk with like a big dumb grin on my face watching this trailer I thought it was delightful do you agree I love that was funny Ali Wong stand up her to Santa specials on Netflix the Cobra mom and then the other one has got a really good pun to it as well she is hysterical and she's a very good actress as well the stuff that she's been in she was on blackish I think for a long time there was a I forget one of those shows but she's a very fantastic actress and Randall Park fresh off the boat I know it's been under a little bit of controversy with the Constance Wu thing cuz she was like oh shucks but Randall Park is great in that and these two are they are a perfect rom-com couple and I love Natasha I don't know if you know this about me I mean I think you know before I saw the show notes I watched the trailer and I was like oh my god like my emotional reaction to rom-coms is like the equivalent of your fearful reaction and like just the tears start flowing and then the Mareike song came on I was like baby like it was just perfect and I couldn't agree more Ali Wong is one of my favorite comedians out right now and I first saw her in baby Cobra her Netflix special and I was like this woman is hilarious like everyone both of those specials she's so good I such a fan and I'm so happy that she's like expanding more into bigger movies and she's gonna be in birds of prey I don't know what character but I just cannot get enough of Ali Wong and then again what's the actor's name for the book yeah so Randall like again I saw him come out and I was like oh it was like all the fields he's stuff like that that lovable face he's got like today it's so sweet I this morning on Collider live Gin Blossoms hey jealousy was playing right and I love that song that's a great names are great and then I was like is this is the one at the end of How to Lose a Guy in 10 days when Matthew McConaughey chases like I don't know I started going off into my love of ROM comes because you just we don't see enough of any McConaughey went and became a serious actor thanks to true detective we got the whole Makana since and I'm like he was pumping out beautiful rom-coms it does feel like the rom-com isn't what it used to be especially on the big screen we don't really see many of them pop at the box office so often and then when I think about what Netflix has done especially in the last year when you think about movies like to all the boys I've loved before and set it up doors were like massive hits where everybody on the internet was talking about them constantly is this gonna be the next one of those I truly think so I think given everything that's going on behind the scenes with the director and of course who's starring it's like a foolproof plan you know like come on if you got me crying within the film chances are I'm gonna love it but I just I truly believe in all the stars behind this I think it's gonna be so good is there like so we set it up was that nervous when you set up the one with Adam Devine and yes the one thing I love about this whole thing is that okay so a movie like I feel pretty last year with Amy Schumer totally under the radar because everybody was like well it's no trainwreck I personally liked it way more than trainwreck but these movies and listen take some of the girl ones I still as fast and furious on my brain I just love the fact that Netflix is giving these movies some air to breathe because and you can yell at me all you want superhero movies are fine but they totally bury anything because if you don't make 300 million dollars at the box office like and listen what did you rather cry hysterically in the comfort of your own home as opposed to being in the movie of course have you guys been following all of you know the like the TV pickups and stuff and all the news with Disney Plus and Netflix and everything so what this makes me think is because the theater doesn't seem to be a prime place for romantic comedies anymore why does that Netflix just kind of corner that area of the industry because they're having a whole bunch of hits right now and that seems like what they have to do in order to stay afloat with all this competition is find something they're good at and I guess kind of like own it jack up my subscription fee if they're gonna corner the marketing rom-coms else they have to expand forever but all of a sudden if okay Disney Plus and they have all these these Marvel characters and all stuff they've got all this if now we get into the next great war is the rom-com war between amazon netflix and disney plus and maybe even a hulu we're all nobody great rom-com wars of 2018 2019 2020 wars we reading about in our history you know started with will you be my maybe very quickly always be my name I mean that was like pop culture explosion and the sequel comes lightful I don't know when it's coming out but they're working on it has to be coming here soon did you guys see someone great with Gina Rodriguez just came Brittany snow yes yeah it was so good very entertaining download it from my trip I'm fine with that I don't sleep on red eyes anyway and everybody else does so no one will see you yeah it's great alright guys the only thing I can do it that has to be the end of story number two because there's been something that Josh mccoon has been teeing up for I think since I moved here and it's actually going to happen right now I'm not gonna spoil any of the surprise I will let you share the details listen if the fans like this game I would like to play this on Friday movie talk because I think Perry's name is perfect for a you know vs. type game so this game is called never off never on sponsored hopefully soon by Nemiroff odd is an actual vodka works I'm gonna give you a situation and you have to say Nemiroff never on okay okay if you just memorize your done you don't want it if it's never on you're totally into it okay so we're speaking about titles of movies that confuse you know whatever so the Sun is also a star as opening in theaters this weekend so I'm gonna give you some other terrible names of possible coming-of-age movies that describe nothing to the audience of what the movie is actually about you have to tell me simply by the title name are you Nemiroff or you nemr okay first one an ocean away from being too close inside boundaries starring Gina Rodriguez and miles teller one woman found inside a bubble can only think of her destiny as a disease ravages her body and the man that takes care of her miles teller can only think of the destiny he makes with inside her boundaries shouldn't it be easier to think so I'm coming back to seller here we go was instead because I thought of The Hills Have Eyes just around the corner from tomorrow I'm gonna say Nemiroff to that one because we've gotten things like like tomorrow land the day after tomorrow I've had enough of tomorrow moon Perry you were just so number wrong we've got a couple on the verge of perfect no number on member off thinking about what is it called the it's either called the perfect storm the perfection no with Allison Williams and it's coming in at flicks soon and it looks super creeping out like a Moo goo goo movie and it looks really good in dreams we find forever this is real arson and miles teller brie Larson and Glen Powell star in a in a romance that spans generations as their dreams cross over in this sub-sect of the subconscious we're only forever can live did you memorize that and dreams we find forever Wow here we go three more okay the spectacular can be the fantastic seeing the sky in the sand this movie stars Julia Roberts Oh dad Daniel day-lewis as aliens dropped here generations ago who draw in the sand to bring their former planet back to life and when their former planten and finally your final Nemiroff never on a mere by any other window [Laughter] number off I'm sorry I'm gonna go never on cuz I'm taking it literally like there's a window conclusion wouldn't we learn from that you learned that you could legitimately name a movie anything and you could buy into it or you could be totally out okay movies and we pitch them and they might get made not a single one of those titles is real ever made we know where the idea you guys enjoyed that segment tell us about it in the comments below do you want more Nemiroff nemr on if you do we will make it happen Josh Natasha thank you so much for Cody thank you for supporting us good you know what you guys should do while you wait for more movie talk on Monday you should like and share this episode until everybody you know about Collider movie talk on the podcast network – hope you guys have a great weekend we will see you live 3 p.m. Pt for a brand new episode you

20 thoughts on “Michelle Rodriguez Demands Fast and Furious 9 Add a Female Writer and Wins! – Movie Talk

  1. I dont mind an actor saying they want a bigger role or they wont return. I do mind people insisting a certain gender be hired for X job though. I do understand why its happening in Hollywood, but i hate the idea.

  2. NATASHA!!!!! So hay to see you back, if only for an episode.

  3. Michelle Rodriguez fought Ronda Rousey in Furious 7 and basically won if Iโ€™m correct.

  4. Josh's game is a crappy version of buy or sell. Collider has not improved at all since campea left be SMH but still a life long fan.

  5. I'm just gonna state the obvious and take the heat: Natasha is a total babe.

  6. I see Natasha Martinez..I instantly return to watching an episode of Movie Talk. Also, Nemir-ON/OFF is cool.

  7. And I just need to say: Perri is awesome as the host. Love her. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Next time mix real (obscure) movies in for Nemiroff-Nemiron and let everyone guess if theyโ€™re real or not!

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