Middle-earth Weather Forecast

here we are we’re going to bring for the first time in the history of the world the weather forecast in elvish tamati Helen vine n nor see a began a dragon and allure of a lanai Audrey the or Bella fairy I am any Louie yes tyre a theater it ran CR by an India a hast via an Tirith ogirri throne nanny Nui NASA Oprah’s a harlot ha ha hey Ned no I’ll wait Eli early Oh extraordinary talent comity how did you find it Oh what did you think did you like it there’s like a rodent unbelievable unbelievable in just two hours you’ve transformed from a mere weatherman to an Elvish seer see the right work yeah I think it is very very impressive very impressive you

100 thoughts on “Middle-earth Weather Forecast

  1. uragorn12- he is a maori not an asian… Taamiti is a maori name idiot, do some research before shooting your mouth off.

  2. Half of those words don't have an elven counterpart, makes me wonder how accurate it could possibly be.

  3. mmmh….joli! mais il est pas assez doux..pour parler elfique!….mais respect hein!!!! O.O

  4. (begin stereotype redneck accent) That sounds an awful lot like that a-rab language that them terrersts are always talkin in. Better keep an eye on that feller. (end redneck accent)

  5. Quenya is the Elvish language with Finnish aspects such as agglutination; Sindarin as spoken here takes its phonological inspiration (particularly mutations) from Welsh.

  6. Hah. I live on the east coast of the U.S. so it took a couple seconds to remember that "warm weather and sunny skies from December to February" is actually accurate in New Zealand. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I've heard of glamourous blond weather reporters, but this is something else again!

  8. Wooohooo he in a handsome elf. The language sounds a bit like an ancient American Indian language.

  9. Um, He's not Australian, He's Tamati every ones favourite former What Now presenter and N.Z's current favourite gay weather person.

  10. I am the short one in the green toque (or hat as non-Canadians call it) and sunglasses! Awesome! haha. I can't believe I was still awake after being up all night.

  11. gay weather person?gay as in happy. good. gay as in gay gay – I'LL KILL YA!! DONT INSULT MY COUNTRY!

  12. Is Hobbition a real Location in New Zealand ๐Ÿ˜€ If it is then I'm going ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Elven sounds WAY TOO GOOD to remain a fictional language.

    Everyone needs to start speaking it.

  14. It's a real location just out of Matamata. You can even drink a pint of southfarthing ale at the green dragon.

  15. i don't care if i haft to read my weather forecast form now on. THAT WAS AWESOME!! i want all my weather like that from now on.

  16. Aren't we Australians known for being laid back? That's what I always thought.

  17. that is a strange map of middle-earth… i can't remember it looking like this

  18. There are three types of elvish language dark elvish wood elvish and high elvish if two different breeds of elvish meet such as a dark and wood elf they would use darakian

  19. Kanroth: These is actually nothing like darakian elvishย http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Elvish_languages

  20. OMG i want to speak Elbisch, too
    Itยดs so a beatiful language <3

  21. rolled paulhenry with truth ย disbled called us dogs in new print isnt very nice is it ,,

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