Middle School’s Thanksgiving Poem

Give me a beat! Thanksgiving is a time of reflection
For the entire American nation To look at our life’s portion
And bring forth our appreciation. We live in a generation
With just a touch of a finger’s sensation We seek instant gratification
Where pictures are posted with a caption. Where symbols represent our emotions. It’s our go-to mode of communication. This is the definition
Of living in a world of digitalization. Yet, here in BT – from PreSchool through
graduation From our teachers, coaches, and administration
They guide us, teach us, and give us direction. We know, what is a true connection. It is all about our teachers’ care and devotion
The encouragement of imagination Students working in collaboration
Learning filled with purpose and motivation. Upholding pride for our Jewish tradition
Supporting our aspirations Each child given loving attention
And the joy of being part of the BT connection. As you begin your dinner preparation,
And enjoy you upcoming vacation, We look around with amazed speculation
Of true Thanksgiving appreciation: Here at the BT convocation.

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