Migrant experiences expressed through poetry

My name is Sanam Sharma. I come from
Punjab and I came to Australia in 1999. We were a typical middle-class Indian
family in a village which was majority sick. We were actually quite lucky that
we got the best of education even in the village that we grew up in. I was going
to university in India, but I wanted to explore and do something different, and
that got me applying to different countries and luckily I got accepted in
Australia. There were not too many Indian migrants and community within Australia.
It was that feeling of being on your own not having enough support mechanisms.
Once I got my residency in Australia started looking for jobs and I was
rejected for about 271 jobs. I’m now in an estate where I’m a national HR
manager, but it’s all trying to prove myself at every step that I can do it,
and not say no to any opportunity that’s come away. My writing journey started in
college back in India. I would just write little pieces, that affect me at a
community level, at a personal level, and at a global level. I write about my son
and how he’s luckily in a country where he can have the best of life. For me, writing my own book having my own
little family here, and my own home falling the Great Australian Dream is
an achievement

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