Military Groom Cries For His Bride – Best Wedding Video Reaction

it’s wedding day
today is wedding day I’m feeling nervous I know Casey’s probably in the other room
I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through her mind right now I hate that he’s like an arm’s length away and I haven’t seen him all day the thing that I’m looking forward to
most today is seeing her in the dress ah man that gets me going I get like the
goosebumps thinking about what she’s going with like you see me smiling I’m very very excited to finally walk out those doors and see him at the end
of the aisle. I’ve been thinking about this forever I’m probably gonna cry to be honest I
don’t know, we’ll see all right so the night that I met Casey
she comes walking in it was like slow motion the fan hit her hair and it was
just like she walked in an ahhhhh the moment I shook his hand and met him
I was like yeah you’re gonna leave me you’re gonna be mine and I just knew I knew Casey was the one when we started talking about how it’s not the easiest
of things to be a military spouse and I’ll never forget it she looks at me
and she was like I’m not going anywhere you know it’s just like you’re gonna be
my wife one day so the thing that I love most about
Casey is her ambition and her drive to succeed I mean obviously I think she’s
the most beautiful woman in the world but like what makes her so sexy to me
is the just grit that she has it inspires me I tell her every single day
that I am so proud of her I can’t even begin to imagine what’s
gonna be going through my mind when she walks out it is going to look like the
gates of heaven opening up in just this angel coming down the aisle the hearts racing I’m just really excited to see where
life takes us I would say the sky’s the limit for that woman but her limit is
way beyond that I’m excited to see how far that as a team me and her are gonna
go in life like I wish I could look 20 years into the future and just see where
we are you

100 thoughts on “Military Groom Cries For His Bride – Best Wedding Video Reaction

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  2. Stop cutting them onions, argh!!
    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I wish you both the the happiest of marriages.

  3. Called it, just seeing someone in a uniform that looks like Davis, made me think it's Davis

  4. His best man looks awkward😂 or is it just me? Anyway ugh I’m so happy for them 😭

  5. pretty into the background music,any help to pinpoint the songs?😂

  6. One of the most beautiful weddings I yet to see! You guys knocked this out of the park!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!🍾

  7. Damn the ones who shot the entire thing. Your angles, your timing and just about everything blends in so well….you made it seem like a movie…Amazing.

  8. Love love love Casey Holmes ❤️❤️❤️❤️ congratulations Casey and Davis on the new baby boy, Mason!

  9. Fuck this military, hi look very happy after hi kill thousends of people en mother countries



  12. Casey and Davis!!! She is a beauty blogger and they have a new baby

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  14. Can we just talk abt how good her hair and makeup looked! And she did it by herself! um QUEEN

  15. God no one can be more luckier than these two, they are made for each other, this is true love it is so pure and beautiful. God please bless everyone with such love.

  16. I clicked and the next thing I knew….I'm never having a wedding like this

  17. Most beautiful wedding video I ever watched in my life
    I am in tearssss 😭😭😭😍

  18. If that’s not my husbands reaction, I will turn around and do it again.

  19. this is genuinely the most beautiful wedding i have ever seen! wish u the best of love ♡

  20. A man crying because of overflowing love as you walk down the aisle is simply the most beautiful man in the world.

  21. Reminds me of my sister's reception party last year… probably one of the biggest weddings in Kolkata,India in 4-5 years. Nobody cares about the money but there were 6000 people 😲

  22. Soooooo….have you thought about having mini versions of you guys running around the house? 😀

  23. Happiness can be faked or manipulated..but tears of joy cant. But this lovely couple have true happiness & tears 😊

  24. I love his reaction to when she walks down the aisle that’s true love!

  25. At the end he comments that he wished that he could see 20 years into their future. It would blow your mind to see that far off. Although we all have goals and aspirations, life has a funny way of changing them along the way. There are those that swear they'd never have children, yet 20 years later have 4, and couldn't have ever imagined why they never wanted them in the first place. Then there are those that saw a law degree in their future, but had since become a professional, thriving artist working with and along side celebrities. Life jas a funny way of surprising you. Be open to one another, communicate all the time, and never lose sight of the core of who you are!

  26. Love them so much! You guys did an amazing job on this video!

  27. 3 years, Living in many bases…….living apart……….this one is a statistic.

  28. Yooo he's infantry go youuu lol sorry so is my boyfriend. Flash forward to my wedding hopefully

  29. beautiful..I agree..the sky is limitless..thank you for your service & sacrifices..grateful in KY ❤🐎💍🙏💞

  30. I want my boyfriend to be like this when he sees me walk down the aisle 😭😭😭💖

  31. Not trying to ruin the moment but the guy next to the groom was just watching him cry

  32. Okay so my mom is gonna have a wedding soon with her fiancé we’re moving to nyc or canada and I’m going to have a step dad!
    wish me luck! 💕😭

  33. Hello, do you guys travel to California?
    I would love for you guys to film my wedding!

  34. Beautiful couple 💕💕💕😭😭
    My heart is racing while watching you both 😆
    The bride 👰 she’s so gorgeous
    May God bless you both 💜💜

  35. oh my God. ….how many woman in this world who dream a wedding like this😍😍and I dream to… God perfect time🙏so amazing

  36. This is how I found Casey on YouTube and now I follow her life on all social media. I absolutely adore her and Davis is right about her having so much drive. It encourages me to be like that. I loved this and them. And now baby Mason is here! Love you guys

  37. I remember I cried when I saw my bride. It's the most beautiful thing that I ever experienced.

  38. I don’t want the marriage like this but I need a man like him♥️♥️♥️

  39. This is probably one of the best videography for a wedding that I’ve seen.Ive watched this more than once😍😍

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