Mind the Gap | London Poem [CC]

[Sound of train approaching.] Mind the Gap says the lady over the tannoy in received pronunciation. Mind the Gap between the train and the platform edge. Mind the Gap between the old and the new, between the ball and the goalposts, between the stand and the sky, between the spectrum and the spectrum, the colour, and the colour, and the colour, between the flower stalls and the early risers, the hydrangeas and the roses, the 150-year-old market and the £1.5million house, the first rail and the third rail, the golden light and crisp shadow. Mind the Gap between friends traversed more frequently than you would’ve thought, but broadening in ways you were never taught. A distance of losses and gains, of growing up, of great love, of missing out, the necessary remove of being proud of someone and something separate from you, proud of the pillars you find yourself around who stand together to hold up something bigger. The gap between London and Indianapolis matters least of all in the face of all that, but still, I mind the gap. [Sound of train departing.]

52 thoughts on “Mind the Gap | London Poem [CC]

  1. I'm nearly three years in and I still mind the gap. The gap between me and my old self. That friend. The people I love so much. My new self though is getting better. She's not as sad about the gap. It's a hollow space I am not always aware of and I can choose when it aches, mostly. Thank you for sharing and even for making me a bit sad:) Sometimes focusing on the space between here and there is what's needed to appreciate both shores.

  2. Really cool! So wonderful how such a small amount of time/footage can result in a beautiful homage to both a city and friends by adding your poem 🙂 really inspiring

  3. Interesting video and poem, I loved the "mind the gap between friends". I've been thinking a lot lately about the gap between me and my friends since hitting the post-college world a few years ago, and how to best shrink that gap (or if I should in some cases).

  4. Your London videos always make me miss the city so much and yet are a comforting reminder of what i love. Thank you for this glimpse into one of my favorite places in the world!

  5. thank you for this, from another londoner elsewhere in the world. i relate to your journey through life and it brings me comfort <3

  6. I'm not usually too fussed about poetry videos, but I really enjoyed this. 🙂

  7. I can just tell i'm going to be thinking about minding the gap between friends for days if not weeks to come.

    Thanks Rosianna, this was beautiful!

  8. Mind the gap lest it swallow ye whole.

    My nephew went on the London underground for the first time this summer and it was all he could talk about for weeks 🙂

  9. Oh, man, I loved it so much. And I'm not a huge fan of poetry.

  10. I've been feeling incredibly homesick today and this was quite soothing.

  11. Oh… wow. Your voice is soothing, and the way you filmed this felt so cozy and full of feeling. You seem like a very caring friend. Beautiful ♥

  12. Well… this was lovely and beautiful, and it made me cry. 🙂

    I have similar "gaps" in my life: I've lived in three states across the US, my best friend in the world is from and lives in the UK, and yet my will always be home is wherever my family is. You've successfully put into words this feeling I think might have unconsciously been trying to pinpoint, which is that I seem to live and exist in that gap between those worlds, like a balancing act.

    I don't often lose myself in poetry but I think I should do it much more often, considering how much just this short video got to me! Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. As a Londoner myself who moved away from the city, grew up and made all my friends, and then moved back again from them all: I absolutely love this <3

  14. Ahhh I love this so much. I recently moved away from London after studying abroad there for 6 months and this speaks to absolutely everything

  15. god damnnnnn it this kicked me in the feels. I'm living in London for a year, but grew up in Texas. I mind this gap, man

  16. What I love about this is how you show we love to focus on events and transitional moments, when so much magic happens in-between the spaces we label as ends. So much wonder and work happens in those spaces. Inside the gap. And minding the gap is like being aware that it is so much more wonderful than we label it.

  17. coming back to this two years on because it turned up in my suggested feed and i love it even more the second time xxx

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