Mindfull Poet | Introduction | (2019)

what's going on people welcome to the YouTube channel were mindful quiet my name is course or microphone as you might have gathered when this video just a little introduction about me my turning poetry and how it's like so I started writing poetry around a year and a half ago it was the summer of 2018 I think September I went to Cyprus to visit my grandparents and my granddad to start buying poetry at the time and at that time I was going through a lot of hardships as well and it really helped me with Abu is literally like a form of therapy so I dealt with my vowels with depression in the past I've lived a life with anxiety and I'm glad still learning to live with it and what portrait we've done for me is to help release my emotions on stage and a lot of my poems are about things I'm going through at the minute but a lot of them are about things are happening for emotions are felt situations I've been in so it's amazing how easy it is for me to go back into the past the things I've felt I'm right about them it's almost like I haven't healed in the past I'm writing about it now helps me Hill this YouTube channel is a place where I'm can we put my poetry on as much as it helps me to deal with certain things that I'm going through a hope a lot of the messages can resonate with you guys as well and help you guys through any hardships you're going through so yeah I hope you enjoyed this tunnel and make sure you subscribe follow a mindful poet on YouTube subscribe see my videos add to michael poet on instagram and also my personal page mindful coach and my up-and-coming mental health brand mental health awareness band Mike mindful fitness so look for to seeing you guys in the future you

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