Minecraft Dinosaurs! || 555 || BABY CAMELS!

hello people at spa welcome back to the dinosaur world wanted to say before we get started hit that like button subscribe if you haven't already trying out saying that the beginning of the video because to find that you know if you wait to the end nobody remembers and a helpful reminder doesn't doesn't hurt so if you haven't done that already go ahead and do that alright getting started let's figure out what we're gonna do with all this stuff that we got oh by the way I just got back from e3 I was in Los Angeles for a week Los Angeles is a interesting city it was very hot it's all that I really have to say about it what is it oh yeah diamond camel armor whoo put that in here with the rest of this a tomb stuff for now but I think that ultimately I'm gonna what are these I think ultimately I'm going to move this diamond camel armor I'm gonna try to tame a camel one of the one of these days so we'll see how that goes um that's really it can't think of anything else that I really need to put in here but we do have a bunch of junk that we need to clear up let's go over to LA over to here and go back to my my treasure room chest room go over there my jumpin noise sounded like I just hurled I got some frozen meat bone some bio fossils should analyze those actually before we do anything else sure memes gotta go actually over to the the lab area step on that little plate there who doesn't start supposed to move in that fast how's it always done that remember little dot zipping by fast all right bio fossil analysis analysis go in there but then there Bomi Sam more bone meal do that that's analyzing and we got a de janice what do you know bone meal I have a bunch of bone meal and sand let's Bomi wait a minute save the bone meal wait a minute wait wait wait wait I'm trying to remember somebody said something wants to me here analyze bone meal no you can't analyze bone meal but maybe you can analyze something with bone meal hold on hold on hold on I'm trying I'm reaching way back in my brain and the memory centers of my brain you analyze bone blocks maybe I know you can do sand what's in here irons going good I need lots iron and you just really try bone block what are you kidding me are you kidding me and sand and then you can analyze sand hey no can't analyze sand but but you can put it in a sifter I don't think I have any sifters made kind of look at my recipe book sifter no I don't have the don't have the ingredients for a sifter but this will be the sifter room ultimately I'll throw the sand in here you can analyze sand or this stuff dropper excuse me guys out of my way got places to be I'll have time for you I need to cook up that gold as well oh did I get anything out of that bio fossil I didn't look she's more bone meal and sand put the bone meal so somebody told me that because I was just chucking the bone meal on the ground just chucking it throwing it away own me on Santa's useless is what I used to say and someone was like dude just turn the bone meal into bones or something I I don't I didn't remember what they said but that's that must have been what they said turn it into bone blocks and then analyze it and you've got essentially like an infinite supply you can just keep analyzing keep analyzing keep analyzing gravel well gravel I can put in the sifters to remember so it's not all lost chuck it on the ground though don't need you chuck that on the ground get rid of it I don't care that's right I live on the edge okay so that that's interesting that also means look at I'm trying to think there is a skeleton farm that's not a farm yet there is a skeleton there's a skeleton spawner that I know of and it's way out it's way way way out in the ice age area I'm not gonna walk all the way there just to look at it I no it's out there I'm trying to think if there's a closer one at all but I don't think so the closest thing that I've got of course is my it's my zombie farm got a zombie farm not gonna go look at that but it's in there and there aren't any other spawners that I'm aware of that I know of anywhere near me and then there's that skeleton one out in the Ice Age there's gotta be one closer but I just haven't done a ton of caving I guess in this area despite being in this area for so many years I've never really dug downwards I've never really dug down and been like oh my god here's this she was a spawner there could be a spawner right under my feet right now there could be a mineshaft down there for all I know and actually there is because I know that my zombie spawner takes me to a mineshaft in this area but there's spider spawner hey why was that on the ground durability zero that's why it's on the ground it should be in the garbage trash goes Bombo meals that I got that I can make I could make that into something okay uh you know cook the gold if there's any coal in here yes cook that gold let's see can I plant this on grass no do I need a hoe for I probably do um mind is going a thousand miles a minute I apologize there so I know what this is all about um I don't seem to have a hoe can make it iron one easily enough don't try planting this these fingers here however there am and puts finger spores let's go plant some spores let's go plant them see how we can plant them if we can plant them think of to myself now actually I might need sand to do that so I'm gonna grab some sand here let's see let's see if that works oh I don't have any sand there um here's some right here let's try nope clicking does not work so let's make it daytime I'm assuming that I can just plant these you know tilled field or something I mean I'll try I'll try we'll try I don't know what else they could maybe they're not even implemented yet maybe they don't do anything it's what I'm saying maybe they do nothing but I gotta try let's see here that okay yes perfect so break that break that yes okay so I can plant them I don't know what they do when I plant them esmeralda you having a good day today see yes Oh have a great day wait is it a great day or just a good day is it is it a great day no all right I'll take it I'll take it good day not a great day that's that's alright I'm having a great day so let's go this way hey buddies guys having fun I guess that's a yes that's a yes in fish talk I know they're not fish don't at me there's a stegosaur but there you go up this way up up up up up I need to make a better stairway up I need way better stairway up okay so I'm gonna actually put these little input fingers let's put them over here just right along this side here one hey wait what I can't plant them hold on they have to be like right up against the water what hold on wait what it's not letting me plant it I can't plant it I can't plant it did I break something when I know what hold on well I'm going back to where I was a second ago I was right over here ah there's the spot in fact so if I till that what hey does it have to do with the elevation cuz we're at 64 C can I plant them at 65 I can I can plant that one right break it break it break it break it can't what the heck man hmm Oh maybe it's the biome cuz that over there over there where the aviary is you can see it there all that area is actually and same with I think on top of the mountain over here to maybe see this but I could see that mountain I see the mountain sixy I could plant it right here I bet I bet you I can I can't biome are we in we're in where does it say that forest and over here is it River is this River biome technically biome River oh my god I bet that's it so like okay so let's test this here okay here's the perfect test right here cuz this is for us and this is River you see how it changes right in the middle right like right here Forest River Forest River so I can plant it on the river confirming I'm right clicking I can't place it there I can't place it there it has to grow by the river oh we figured it out okay well is this soil wet it looks like it is compared to that I wouldn't think that this water would breach that but I guess it does okay well in that case let's just yeah let's just plant these I can't plant it there why can't I plant it here biome is forest oh my goodness biome River here but the biome is River here and I can't plant wait it's River right on this block but I can't can't plant it there huh I am so very confused yeah he's I'm so confused forest forest now these are forest I'm very confused ouch those hurt me when I oh no I'm dying because of starvation alright let's get rid of those plants around it give it some breathing room there so we have some we have some stuff growing and it is growing not what it does I don't want to look like when it's done there's spores so like maybe a weird flowery mushroom type thing I don't know maybe like the only thing that has spores really is like mold and thing I know I don't know all right thankless or I'm just gonna use you as the air now I know that this is like the DNA chest right there okay those are various hey the spruce desk looks like a desk again huh get it don't I'll just put that like that that'll tell me that that's the the UM what's that mark called biblio craft yes I'm gonna take this I'm gonna put a piece of hey wait okay so this is paper here so let's put paper and then later we're gonna put normal paper across whatever two rows one row two rows whatever and we're gonna put two rows of this so the plaster it'll be both paper and plaster and then maybe like the gypsum and sugar cane or something I don't know well we'll see we'll see we'll see alright umm these two swords can I combine them hmm I don't want it because I think I could do I could I could kill a sword more than it is yeah that's yeah whatever alright we only have a few minutes left in this episode but is wool I didn't get to try something when I was in the world of a tomb I didn't try sleeping in a bed to see if that does anything and I would like to do that in case it turns night time in there let's use me make a bed there we go a white bed remember back in the day when all beds were red miss those days miss those days I would imagine I'm missing an update now so fossils in archaeology these guys burning to that fossils and archaeology actually had an update very recently and it was called the trying to get it right but I probably won't it was called V I don't I don't remember what the name exactly was called but essentially like they were really busy with real life stuff and you know doing doing what they do as they do take it take it take it nice looted that guy took three bites out of me with one bite youch okay why am i in the world of a tomb again oh that's what they look like yeah little flowery thing sort of what does it get you I don't know what they get you what do they do what can you make from it maybe I could have right clicked on it because those were the flowery ones all those guys archers don't like this don't like it don't like God all right it's it's almost how am I ever gonna sleep though like with all these mobs around and arrows flying a little brown bunny okay I'm sleeping it's working sort of it nothing happened it just set my spawn here well if I set my spawn here and I just murder everything around me look at them all alright murder everything around I would a baby camel oh my God look how cute this one is well they all are but like oh my god baby camel can I came so I want to tell you I want to try taming one was it take can see this guy's heart says this one's better no this guy I want the brown one I want a brown horse horse camel or a brown camel horse so they kick you off same as a horse I assume okay I assume that it's the same yes humping the road best friends forever what does this what does it mean came a camel tame an animal I got both nice okay so this is my camel now I can't ride them without a saddle which I don't have with me oh it's kind of baby with it so I'm gonna try to sort of remember where it's at don't go anywhere don't disappear no I got to do better than that take my little limestone shovel here we're gonna build a makeshift Kamel Hut all right let's trap them in hopefully this is enough I'm gonna widen it a little bit cuz I don't want I don't want that camel to grow and then like have it like suffocate or something so let's do that and let's widen that there got a little camel thing I'll put lights around it all right this can I still touch that I don't have self time oh but I can just pick it up a dry shrub nice question might be cool to grab some of those for like one of the museum things maybe I don't I don't know all right why am I in here we got we get we don't have ha we don't have much time but I want it to see and a spawner if I could find quickly and it's not gonna be quick now but will there be a are you oh that's one of the blaze guys whatever they're called dry bones blaze I wanted to see if I can find a pyramid very quick and just dig through it but again I'm sort of foiled here I don't yeah yeah I don't see one diamond camo armor cool there's one of the trees I cut down I think I'm still gravel mmm I am being chased down need a sprinting potion or something while I'm in here alright well we've overstayed our welcome but now I can at least get a get a saddle tame a camel mister mocking camel will be a thing um I think we're good yikes yeah all these guys they don't despawn what is this skeleton one skeleton spawner alright still no pyramid I think the pyramids are all in the opposite direction to this way so camels in one direction pyramids gonna be in another direction probably that way anyway guys thanks again for watching we'll see you guys in the next one it's been it's been a slice okay say a tomb is always an interesting place to visit never would want to call up my home maybe if I put down torches things would just stop spawning forever I don't know if I just need to come here with like a thousand torches or something see if we can see a it's not rendering far enough to see like a pyramid or something but I'm sure there's one in this direction oh there's one right here the one right there you just dig down don't really up high look slow just just peek let's just peek at it get this on my bar I'm gonna have to fight this guy oh boy he just destroyed something all right can we dig in no the actual pyramid itself is unbreakable okay alright now we know where's the entrance Oh I bet it's right here look at that oh let's not make a death pit oh that is a horrible place I'm gonna close those doors I'm not ready for that I don't think anyway that's oh boy we'll see you guys next time in the dinosaur world a tomb world wherever world next time buh-bye you

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