Miracle's Top Five Irish Authors & Playwrights

hello and welcome to miracle English language and literature Institute in this video we will take up miracles of five great Irish authors and playwrights the fifth on a list is a key figure of Irish literary revival JM cinch he was a playwright for it and prose writer in 1907 a performance of the Playboy of the Western world caused riots in Dublin the play was misunderstood that it promoted son murdering his own father but it was not so the play is best known for a Jews of the void evocative language Harrison celebrates the lyrical speech of the Irish the fourth panelist is Oscar white the best-known Irish author for his comic plays which are full of wet satire and a glimpse of the Victorian elite society he was crucified by the Society because during his time homosexual relationships had severe punishments for which he suffered imprisonment his only novel Picture of Dorian Gray is now considered as the classic it is a cautionary tale about a beautiful young man Dorian Gray who makes a wish that instead of him his pitcher should AIDS and he lives a young life full of sin and pleasure his four critically acclaimed comic plays are Lady Windermere's Fan a woman of known bottoms and I will husband and Importance of Being Earnest I've already made videos on the reviews of books the Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest I'm leaving the link so that you can go and watch the videos the next in a list is Samuel pecking Irish novelist playwright theatre director and poet who lived in France for most of his adult life his plays are based on the concept given by Martin esslyn Theatre of the absurd Waiting for Godot is a tragic comedy in two acts totally absurd without conventional plot of characters in 1969 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature he was much influenced by another great Irish author James Joyce this plays focus on human despair for the will to survive in a hopeless world that offers nothing literally nothing no health no understanding man thrown from one struggle to another the second on our list is James Joyce the very complex but explicit Irish modernist he perfected the technique off the stream of consciousness through his work the portrait of an artist as a young man and Ulysses I have made the reviews of these two books the links are given here you can click for the book details in my section books and reading Dubliners is a collection of short stories all on moral outlook Finnegan's Wake revolutionized the way of storytelling the language is innovatively used the two coats which are like from James Joyce most are I have put so many enigmas and puzzles that you do keep professors and critics busy for centuries arguing over what I meant and that's the only way of insuring one's immortality the artists like the God of the creation means within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork invisible refined out of existence indifferent bearing his fingernails Aleister stopped by an Irish comic dramatist literary critic propagandist and poly missus GB Shaw George Bernard Shaw who won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 his first plays are called unpleasant plays as they are used to force the spectator to face unpleasant facts like widows houses mrs. Warren's profession his Pleasant plays are light-hearted full of fun and romantic falsifications like arms and the men handed up his Pygmalion is quite hilarious a comment on middle-class morality it is also made into a movie whose screenplay is written by Shaw himself my fair lady the greatest Irish poet WB Yeats has been already covered in the 20th century Critias poet so I'm not including him here if you like my efforts please like comment share and subscribe also explore our website www.engvid.com then I make the next list keep and Dodge take care bye bye you

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  1. Really good idea having an Irishman narrate a video on Irish writers…Where's Sam Beckett?Brendan Behan? flann O'Brien..?…Laurence Sterne?

  2. do you forgot "only" Jonathan Swift (Guliver's Travels), Bram Stroker (Dracula) and CS Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)!!! This guys CAN'T be out of any list of best Irish authors

  3. Again an awesome one ma'am
    Ur discussion through works of authors, & list all r awesome
    It is very helpful in our study of Literature
    Thanks a ton ma'am 😊

  4. liked the list! would love to see Goldsmith n others in part 2! Please keep making such great videos 😀

  5. Awesome list ma'am
    And the quotes
    Of james joyce
    Discussions about irish authors
    Thank you

    One more thing 🐕 so cute

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