53 thoughts on “[Miraculous Ladybug Comics] Marinette Is Just a Friend

  1. I have a comic idea!

    U should do a comic when Adrien and Marinette body swap for a day! 😃

  2. Srsly Adrien… Friendzoned mari… And now Lb Friendzoned catnior..

  3. Adrien: marinette? She's just a friend!

    Me: I swear to god, if I hear you say that in the next, next season I'm going to come and slap you with a f-ing chancla

  4. THE LAST TWO ENDED ME! LMAOOO! I want to drop kick Adrien and also smash his lips into Mari's already and make him WAKE UP! Pfft! These were brilliant, as always, OP! <3

  5. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM !! MY OBLIVIOUS LIL BABY. i hate that i love him so much

  6. "wow that guy is dumb"
    Me: ahem says ahem the person ahem ahem who did that ahem wow I need a cough drop

  7. Poor Marinette. 😔If this keeps up I'm going to start routing for Luka🐍❤🐞😑😤

  8. Jaja
    Me encantan tus cómic
    Que bueno que los pongas en español
    Yo te digo en Patrol también 🙂

  9. i like to thing that he does know but he doesn't feel the same so he pretends to not know

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