Miss Bea – “My Boyfriend Hates The Story of How We Met” @WANPOETRY (TGS 2018)

– The night I met my boyfriend, I wore a killer outfit,
showed a lot of cleavage, got drunk, went to the hotel room of what was then a complete stranger and did not get sexually assaulted. The night I was sexually assaulted, I wore a long-sleeve shirt and PJs. I was sober. I invited a friend over for dinner. The next thing I knew, we were laying down in my
bed next to each other. He pressed his body onto mine. I asked him to stop, but he didn’t. My boyfriend hates this story, how I tell this story of the night we met, mostly because he says
that I make it sound like the night should’ve ended in tragedy, but what he doesn’t know about the story is that I need it to remind me that that was my happily ever after, and the night that I was
supposed to feel the safest ended up being the most dangerous, to remind me that I did not ask for it, to remind me that society is wrong. Risky outfits and drinking too much have nothing to do with a sexual assault. (audience applauding)

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