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  1. She showed herself to him. She wanted him to find her dead body. And wanted him to be the first one, she was basically a lost spirit all along, she couldn’t do anything but let someone find her. Because she was missing, she probably wanted someone to find her before she went away.

    But is it strange that police officer looked like that girl? The one who’s dead..? Possible it could be her mother or is it not? She’s been dead for years that she lost every emotion, she wasn’t happy. After they found her body, she disappeared because she can finally go? How on earth did she die? How come he didn’t die?

    “I found you, you found me”.
    Those words? Meaning that he found her dead lifeless body. That just hits me hard..

  2. Thank you so so so much for sharing your story with us. This is the best animation I have ever watched. I don't know how to thank you.

  3. I understand now.The girls sprit was trying to find someone,then her spirit found the boy.So the spirit now was trying to get the boy to trust her,so he would go to the woods.Then she could lead him to the woods so she could be found…..


    I feel even more sad cause the boy was so Cute!! This was 78 percent cute 12 percent sad 10 percent scary

  4. So is the girl just a spirit wandering around the town where she lived?
    Is the boy one of her friends from when she was alive?
    How long has she been dead besides the 1-2 years that are seen in the film

  5. this was very good I mean we all know Halloween is a time for spirits and it goes to show that not all spirits are bad but damn it got sad.

  6. it would be good if they did a second part where they knew exactly what happened to the lost girl

  7. Cara, quando eu vi essa animação pela primeira vez, eu chorei com ela. Depois eu observei cada detalhe na historia e… Chorei de novo KKKKKKK. Sla, tem algo nessa animação que me faz chorar KKKK, so nao sei o que e

  8. What sad

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  11. Its so sad
    Thr girl lead the boy to his body
    Were nobody found yet 😔

    7:26 Was da mother saying Anak mac or mad

  12. This will always be one of my favorites animations 😞❤️ so beautiful yet so sad

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  14. So were not going to talk about the Halloween basket and the candy bag the mom threw 🙁

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  16. 0:44 SHE IN THE PICTURE 📷😱😱😱😭. 3:15 the candy part gets me so sad 😢 the kid don't understand why they not even saying no one there 😫😭. Why do I do this to my self it so sad to watch without crying a bit

  17. But she in the picture in the beginning 5:05 getting old sucks friends/family all gone you/I don't know how good you got until it to late being a kid is the best time. I wish I went out on 31 October more times or spend more time with family and friends but too late now don't be like me kids don't let your shyness or introverted over come you like it did to me. You be kicking yourself in the butt later

  18. You guys noticed that cut on HER left leg? I’m pretty sure she must’ve got cut in the bear trap forest? Idk but that’s all I’m thinking

    Feel bad she’s actually dead…

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    Si esta fue real pero no documentado.
    Significa que todoa los amigos imaginarios son personas muerte y desaparecidad?😱😱😱😱😱😱

  23. Instead of raiding Area 51 tomorrow we should raid his house to force him into making a part two.

  24. Its 2019 but….I still remember it when i watched this video..I know its just a cartoon but..I cant stop thinking about this animation..

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