MIT Matters: A Love Poem to Pi

This is a poem. An I love you poem to Pi. Pi, I utter your name and my heart gives off sighs, and I say it once more because my love it
now flies for your threes and your one fours and your
one fives and nines. I can get bored with anatomy,
but then I can think mathematically. With all this love in my heart,
I know surely this passion will be driving me mad, but…but you’re not rational. You go on forever, for trillions at least,
existing long after I will have deceased. I know that you’re still in the hearts of
whole nations, but there must be some reason
behind your configurations. See a pattern? There’s no repetition. Wait let me see, I’m out on a mission. Wait as I see it I see that there’s fate. This yearning for you and may need no reason,
the flowers of love can bloom without season. In Euler’s identity, i am next to π and
we’re both next to 1. e is the moon but pi is the sun. Shakespeare! Pi oh my pi, between us let’s not build
a fence, screw rationality and screw making sense. When faced with a circle,
I want you by my side. Let’s take on the radians, we shall not
hide. I know some should adore you, but
some don’t know how. A few are confused and a few turn to Tau. But baby, don’t you listen to all those silly
Pi haters, at least your name doesn’t rhyme with any
Chinese dictators.

6 thoughts on “MIT Matters: A Love Poem to Pi

  1. 3.141612? Don't need to go 7 or more? Or do you?…Peace! Pi…

  2. Would be better if I could understand her, without subtitles.

    Whatever happened to diction, enunciation and clarity

  3. Stupendous. Fantastic. Art & mathematics at it's best, just as the ancient Greek philisophs. Thank you Amelia for the chuckles . . .

  4. Amelia, I loved this video. Without financial aid I would never had made it through MIT decades ago. Best of luck in your future. Charles Karaian MD

  5. This is absolutely adorable…….. Sending all my love to MIT and its people!

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