Mitsuye Yamada clip #9: Advice to writers

when you have an idea in your mind and you have to and you want to find the right word and in poetry this is very important you know when you're writing running prose it's not as important but when you're writing poetry every single word has to mean something and so it sharpens your vision I think in many ways you should continue writing and if people tell you that it's wrong it's never wrong anything that you're right is right and if you think that it's you know I think that you should not be you should not cross things out because people do not like it or that they don't approve of it or they don't think that it's the right thing to say I think you have to really be honest with the way that you feel inside and right and so then if you keep a journal and write what you are experiencing and what you were feeling and try to get that down and in particular words and and if you are very honest with yourself and write it down as honestly as you know how I think that's the best kind of advice that I could give to a writer

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