MK Annihilation – Sheeva's Cut Fight Scene In The Novel

in the movie of Mortal Kombat annihilation margin holden played the role of the intimidating show con known as shiva but even though the film included such a character she was never given a chance to fight against any of the Earthrealm warriors I can only imagine what the film would have been like if they never held back with a production or the violence if Shiva was given her own fight scene it would have been difficult to pull off but anything's better than nothing now in the novel of Mortal Kombat annihilation Shiva did receive her own fight scene this is how the fight scene goes down as explained in the novel which takes place after the earth realm warriors regroup with the now mortal Raiden after reaching their location Lu's stumbled across it entirely by chance while following Jade along the Royal Road half covered in mud beside a collapsed wall it was an intricate mosaic depicting King Jared Queen Sindel and young katana Danny as former ruling family standing amid the faded splendor of their castle topiary his face lined with sorrow and guilt he crouched over the tile brushing a gritty layer of soil off the likeness of katana Luis still staring at the mosaic and reflective silence when he noticed a batch of shadows falling over it and it looked up to see that the others had gathered around him y'okay bro asked Jax before he could answer all five of them heard an inhumane battle cry from somewhere nearby they whipped their heads around and were overtaken by a sudden wave of shock and dismay Shiva was poised like a Hindu goddess atop a temple across the road her multiple arms raised around her body fists beating the air with naked aggression as they stood there gaping at her she sprang down from the roof and landed in a cloud of dust what in God's name is that Jack said come on partner said Sonia I thought you liked big women the sound of booted feet hustling up behind ratings group brought their heads quickly around again Sindel and a team the Warriors had appeared from inside one of the decayed buildings along the highway ready to block any retreat it's a beautiful day for a massacre Sindel said cackling Raiden's eyes snapped the Jade they knew we were coming obviously she said they followed us perhaps Raiden said his tone fell just short of outright disbelief but it may be a blessing in disguise we need Sindel to close the portal forever you get the Queen Liu told him he gestured at Shiva I'll get the freaking Raiden nodded to his Accord they broke in separate directions Raiden charging Sindel out a full-tilt run Liu launching himself at Shiva with a bicycle kick that sent the multi-armed horror crashing back through the temple wall to her rear landing smoothly on the balls of his feet he took off after her without hesitation by the time he leaped through the gaping hole Shiva was on her feet again lunging at him her arms doing their agile death danced around her body hitting him with a storm of kicks and punches each blow faster and more deadly accurate than the last he blocked shifted fainted but her fists came from all sides at once making it impossible for him to protect himself as he cupped his elbows to ward off a double palm heel strike by both of her upper hands her lower hands swept up and bent his arms out of the way prying them apart opening him up to the full brunt of her attack before he could recover she hooked kicked him in the gut knocking the wind out of him dropping him to one knee dazed coughing clutching his medal he barely recovered in time to avoid Shiva's Barty stomp tumbling out of the way as she came down flat-footed on the temple floor shattering its tiles in the very spot where he'd been Neely an instant later she launched into the air again following him both feet descending with Piledriver force somehow he managed to stay one step ahead of her putting spring into superbly developed leg muscles somersaulting as if he were on a trampoline but Shiva was seemingly tireless relentless she pressed in at Luke with incredible speed as he came out of a roll landing a monstrous uppercut to his chin that lifted him off the ground he sailed through the air like a rag doll smashed through the temple ceiling throated on to an outside to race and was still trying to collect himself when she became climbing from up the hole her muscles from her upper back and shoulders accorded mass as she came scrabbling onto the trace liu sprang to his feet cocked his right leg and delivered a roundhouse kick to her middle the leg traveling parallel to the floor his hip and supporting foot rotating slightly the ball of his foot connecting with shocking impact as the kick reached the end of its arc she grunted and staggered drunkenly doubled over her arms folded around her middle Liu moved in for his follow-up moved in close by the time he realized he'd been tricked it was too late her mouth widened in the bellow over-aged shiva pulled herself up straight and lashed out with a windmill kick that knocked him onto his back with ab litter a ting force she stood over him for a moment her face was a mask of brute and unthinking rage then she vaulted high into the air and came hurling back downward directly above Liu Kang her knees together her heels coming straight at his skull before she could complete her trajectory however a kick flashed speedily from behind her thrusting up and out in a continuous and linear unit of motion knocking her clear across the balcony sorry kids Raiden said he slapped his palms together theatrically looking more like a cook who just fixed the complicated dish then someone who had performed in life-or-death rescue Raiden tells her dates over and from his days position on the floor Liu Kang watched Raiden rush in at gia and pound her with a swift volley of blows far from out of the game she countered with her own offensive clutching his head with two of her hands while smashing and repeatedly with the other pair no stunned by her onslaught he somehow managed to get his legs up to her chest using it as a springboard and back flipped out of her grasp could it be true Shiva says her eyes madly like the great Raiden on the defensive perilous on out world knowledge is power Regan said and I know I can still beat a bitch like you if you truly believe that then you know nothing she said then cartwheeled over to Ray and we'll kicked him onto a nearby pile of rubble Rayden grabbed a big chunk of masonry and held it out to protect himself but a single blow from Shiva smashed it to little pieces taking a great soup of air he flipped back to his feet and pounded her in the face with a combination of front kicks knuckle punches and palm heel strikes the two Warriors battled from one end of the balcony to another mercilessly throwing kicking and flipping one another for every punch Raiden threw Shiva countered with four barone making it impossible for him to gain the upper hand and he could feel himself beginning to tire then he noticed several rag tapestries hanging by a rope on the wall and formulated a hasty desperate plan knocking that if it failed he would only be in raging his monstrous opponent moving quickly he grabbed the rope yanked it down and stepped in on Shiva he whipped the rope around her fists like a lasso getting them felled in its long twisty length she roared and thrashed in anger but Raiden had bought the opening he needed without giving her a chance to disentangle herself he executed a superb quadruple flip that brought his heels into devastating collision with her middle and sent her plunging down off the balcony an instant later she crashed to the temple courtyard below with a sickening fleshy thud Raiden leaned over the balcony stone rail saw her riff and buckle in a spreading pool of blood then her back arched up off the ground and her eyes rolled up and she rattled out her dying breath her arms twitching in their final spastic throws gasping every part of him aching like a bad tooth Raiden turn to see how Lu Kang was doing guess something went right for a change jack said watching Raiden and Lu exit the temple they looked a little bit banged up but all things considered seemed in decent shape which was pretty much the way he felt about after his own breakfast with Sindel and the exterminators Sindel and the exterminators huh he thought good one sounds like the name of a rock group from hell dragging the unconscious outworlder over to his companions by her neck man he let her drop roughly to the ground who finished her off Raiden said nodding doughnuts and I saw you leave to help Lou and surprised her from behind Jade said Lou slung his arm around her shoulders I told you she'd come in handy he said a vindicated smile on his face Raiden said nothing to show he was convinced and that was the conclusion of Shiva's true demise in the novel as you can see Shiva's fight scene could have redeemed a portion of the movie that is if they did exactly what the novel described the actress who played Shiva margene Holden was interviewed in 2001 regarding a role in Shiva and she expressed her displeasure with the filmmakers for how they treated her character she mentioned this here was a character that was one of the most popular in the video game and they killed her without even so much as a fight something I was not happy at all that was one of the reasons I wanted to do the role was for the sheer fact that there were really great fights in the movie for this character and they all got cut out it appears she was right as you can tell the filmmakers decided to scrap that fight and give right in a fight with three ninjas instead three reptilian ninjas the only good thing about the fight was the music nothing else was executed well in fact Raiden takes on the three ninjas defeats two of them with just a single hit and the third one simply disappeared after doing some flips I mean what's that all about and in case you're wondering there are many differences between the novel and the movie next time we'll take a look at another huge difference that could have redeemed another character in the film Johnny Cage so with that said that's it for the video if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a like share and subscribe if you haven't but most importantly be sure to turn on notifications because YouTube won't bother to do its job even if you're subscribed I'm finally starting to sell my merch so be sure to get yourself a mug to go with that twisted grin or a t-shirt there's more new merch on the way but also I'd like to give a big thanks to all my patreon supporters if you'd like to see your name on every outro of every new video as well as receive an exclusive video every month then show your support by donating as dollar that's all it takes to receive many perks such as getting a look at the exclusive content but anyways I'll see you on the next video and remember to have an awesome day [Applause]

36 thoughts on “MK Annihilation – Sheeva's Cut Fight Scene In The Novel

  1. This was pretty good, i always thought marjean was very sexy, and her fight in the movie was weak…too bad

  2. Lui should have done what Johnny did and punched her in the…shit nevermind.

  3. What about Rain ? He was killed after one scene. He could've fought Sub-Zero since he DISAPPEARED after one scene…

  4. Sheeva sucks! In Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Should've been kintaro arriving with Shao Khan & the squads!

  5. Great idea… reading a part of the novel over scenes from the game and the movie.

    I read the first two MK novels and I couldn't finish this one… because I didn't like it enough. But now I feel like I've read a couple more pages. So thanks!

  6. Sheeva is a mess in 11 I actually liked Marjean Holden or someone like Jazz or Chyna from WWF to play her

  7. Wasn't Johnny Cage suppose to fight Sheeva if they both lived ?

  8. I don't like the amount of times that this author uses the word "gape"

  9. I've read The book adaptation of the nineties movie "disturbing behavior" but I've never actually seen the movie lol

  10. They made a novel based off of the dumbest screenplay ever written?!

  11. How come I think the novel is better than the movie they sound different to me

  12. Damn this sounds better then the movie but most times the books are better they have those lil extra things

  13. The movie itself is not so good, but these descriptions from the novel help me envision what the original writers probably expected. Like imagining what they could've maybe done with a bigger budget & more care for the mythos.

  14. A fight narrated like this, it belongs in a movie. I do hope something similar will be done in the 2021 MK film.

  15. HOLY WOW! after all these years & i never knew that there was a NOVEL for this sequel & now that i know I also do agree that Sheva should have had a more DETAILED FIGHT with Lu KANG/RAIDEN THANK YOU SO MUCH Score PN for you have GREAT Content Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  16. I feel for the actress. All that sfx make up and all they have her do is look menacing and get crushed. Hell I doubt game sheeva would die in such a way that was anticlimactic.

  17. "Knowledge is Power",
    "And I know I could still beat a Bitch like You".
    This line could've upgraded MK Annihilation from Awfully Bad to just Bad.

  18. I wish sheeva had a fight scene,but only get squashed by a steel cage

  19. Inserting my dude!
    You should be a writer!😊😁

    Edit: also, nice narration it suits the book (for my opinion😎)

  20. Great video bro! Can you talk about some secret, cancelled, or myth characters of Mortal Kombat like Aqua or Belok?

  21. Amazing job telling the story. The movies would have been better if you were the narrator

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