MLA Formatting: How to Cite a Webpage without an Author

for this tutorial we're going to learn how to craft the reference for our works cited list and the in-text or signal phrase for a webpage without an author alright just cite an unauthorized look at the following information the article title the title of the website the publishers name the date of creation the medium of publication and the URL only if required by the professor remember MLA does not require the URL so you'll want to ask this question to your professor before you add the URL to your works cited page alright now let's take a look at the following page this is a page from DJJ our sociology and the title of the page is Goffman Irving 1955 on face work 338 – 343 that's the actual title of the page the title of the website is DJJ our sociology now here's what's interesting about the publisher sometimes you have to hunt around for that for this particular page there isn't one at the bottom of the page but notice here we do have contact information so let's check that out and here we find that our publisher is Dan Ryan it's not clear to us if professor Ryan wrote this page so we can't use him as the author of the website but we can use him as the publisher of the website the date of creation you're going to look to the bottom of the page and here we find that the last page revision was done on the 8th of December 2010 of course the medium of publication is web and again don't use the URL unless required by your professor notice how the title has the words on face work in quotations but now remember when you're crafting a website that doesn't have an author the actual title of the article name or the page will go in tation marks so in this case we have to do a little bit of work here instead of the words on face work being in double quotes we're going to change that to single quotes and we're going to put quotation marks around the entire title of this article so here's what that looks like notice how I've changed the collation marks around on face work and I've put the entire article name in quotation marks we then have the title of our website the publishers name the date of publication the medium of publication and our date of access now let's look at what that's going to look like on our works cited page alright here we have a sample work cited page we've inserted that particular citation in alphabetical order and now we have to add our hanging indent once again highlight all of your references open the paragraph tab select hanging it automatically defaults to half an inch click OK and there you have it now the last thing we have to do is match our in-text citation to the works cited page we always link up the in-text citation to the works cited page there is never a time where you'll have an entry on the work cited page that is not linked to the in-text citation and vice-versa you'll never put a citation in the text that doesn't always appear on your work cited list so the key here for a website with no author is to craft the in-text citation with the first few words of the entry on your works cited list so let's see what that's going to look like we have a couple of examples here example one Goffman concluded that begin quote human nature involves static self-regulating participants that are socialized through rituals our in-text citation is the words Goffman comma irving with an ellipsis behind it and we put that in quotation marks so that if I want to find that reference on your work cited list I know exactly what it's going to look like it's going to look just like that and I won't confuse it with the reference above it because I've put it in quotation marks I know that I'm talking about a title and not an author another example here as an example of Goffman's work on the webpage Goffman irving ellipsis in quotation marks it is asserted that we live in a society which is begin quote a system of organized ritual activity example one here is by far the more common way to cite a website with no author but either of these ways is correct alright I hope this helps and as usual let me know if you have any questions take care

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