27 thoughts on “Moby: Advice for Young Artists

  1. Nothing against moby but I don't think he's the best person to give musical advice.

  2. Come on now everyone, he said dont take "too many" drugs.
    Not none.

  3. i saw his cd in a charity shop for 1.50 next to a bee gees record.

  4. Don't take too many drugs? but music and drugs go hand in hand! Drugs make music better, both when creating it and listening to it.

  5. Don't compromise your music unless your music sounds like Moby's music. Then, you should compromise so that we're not left with more shitty music.

  6. Make up your mind. Is it sampling, or is it "stealing"? Do YOU know the exact point to place the "this is stealing, this is sampling" borderline?

  7. This doesn't explain sampling almost full tracks. Make music that you love? Steal music that you love, you mean.

  8. Define too many drugs? LOL, sorry I had to do it.

    Great points, keep true to yourself.

  9. @mattdickinsonfuckyou richard dawkins was a christian (before he de-converted to atheism)

  10. @c0kar7 And ALWAYS avoid the really really hard stuff unless your friend is a responsible, caring, devoted and very insightful/talented doctor who can make sure you're balancing out and keeping healthy, happy that you also will listen to when they smack you into saying "that's enough!"

  11. Isn't there a risk of regressing the longer you do something you love but don't find success?

  12. dude seriously?? i hate this ass bag. dont take too many drugs, really? shut up. what works for your talent-less ass may not work for others. i may want to get into music and take no drugs whatsoever, or i may be in to music and take a shit ton everyday. one thing is for sure, whatever the music may be, it sure as fuck will be better than what the fuck you ever did, nerd. one of the worst songs ever in my opinion was that fucking rancid piece of shit you did with gwen steffani a couple years ago

  13. I only liked the last few seconds of this video: you have to take history into account if you want to make a more lasting artistic statement, which is spot on I think though I'm young myself

  14. I would go further and say that success is measured by the degree at which you're enjoying yourself. I think Moby is talking about financial success here. So if you spend your life doing something that you love, money or not, you've been successful.

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