Modern and Post Modern Period in English Literature

modern and postmodern period in English literature modern period start it from the beginning of the 20 century and it followed the Victorian age stretching from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20 century modernism emerged around the time of the Second Industrial Revolution 1870 until 1920 the most important characteristic of modern literature is dead it is opposed to the general attitude to life and its problems adopted by the Victorian writers and the public which might be termed Victorian history pick one of modern period in English literature firstly people felt the progress of the country in all aspects of life but still to certified the second the impact of ww people became skeptical and doubtful and also disbelieved towards social standards and ethics thirdly the end of 1920 the economic depression caused serious problems and the 40 Naziism and fascism became the traits modernism was based on using regiona logical ways to care knowledge while post-modernism denied the application of logical thinking modernism attempts to construct a coherent worldview where res passe modernism attempts to remove the difference between high and low modernism art and literary works were considered as unique creation of the artists authors were serious about the purpose of producing art and literary works the example of modern authors and their works TS Eliot loves son of G alpha products 1916 the Westland 1922 four quarters 1935 until 1942 James Joyce portrait of the artist as a young man 1916 Louise's 1922 Thomas terms Eliot 1888 until 1965 murder in the cutter doll David Herbert Lawrence 1885 until 1930 Sons and Lovers gemstones e 1882 until 1941 Louise's postmodern Bosma Darrin came into existence to the modern period combined with industrialization new social classes democracy it has appeared in a complex political circumstance after the end of World War two especially in the context of the Cold War and spread nuclear weapons Bosma darren has appeared firstly in the filth of venting architecture civil engineering Fauvism Metis supremacy of color over from interest in the primitive and the magical cubism Picasso Braque we fragmentation of objects into abstract geometric firms abstract painting candy sky attention to line color shape as subtext of paintings postmodern writer offers if their stories open ended without any satisfying conclusion postmodern stories and knows really heavily on irony Beverley pasties and satire postmodern challenge the basic assumptions of modernism concerning the role of reason rationality in quilting our understanding of the human condition it ireri work in postmodern era number one you echo bodily no number two the Morison tears

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