Modern guitar perfection! Mayones

hello we we have audio muscles if we know how to do this I speak into this part right here it's been long it's been video number seven teen now 42 at NAMM 19 and I'm still excited what I am because follow Camille it is this debate this is mr. Magnus the nice guy that sent me one of the best guitars I have hydro elite six and you've seen it but now do you shout guitars don't deal with me my dad's from Poland come here look at that top wooden ring that matches the grain for fuck's sake look at that this is the shallow Hannes bridge that they put a wooden thing around it that's crazy matching wooden pick up things and obviously an insane inlay in the fretboard that's just completely ridiculous and of course someone bought it because why not this is a lot of these guitars in our trade show you toss with other stuff not completely overdone this is all held in the same color scheme and I don't think Dave or cheddar Cockrell behind the camera is this overdone no thank you Dave so beautiful but obviously not cheap well the Soviet what my information overload but that's what what what are you doing glows in the dark it's our special finish because lumen active so you can actually get a good radius gothic or whatever or the doorbell with a glow in the dark horizon inside was just absolutely amazed how would you play in the dark because most stages are dark ah ah that's a good point wait I was I was going gaga over these let me yogamaya that's my reaction yeah I get it this is amazing it's it's it's slightly pebbles it has a round back this looks like probably wingait what walnuts are there something and maybe little guitar tips or in Spanish that the katana or look it out it in French and we have locking tuners I love the your back shaping I have to put it in my face here of course and so just to make it more comfortable the back inside is a little bit curved as well so it lays better on your body and well purple pickups we all know I like twelve of pickups what pickups are those yeah those are beautiful nay Obama eh – we have no it no spit anything here there's over here I never want to pull the knob our our adopts never falls with us and there's a mother-of-pearl but it's it's a variable binding made of paranoid it's all sort of like really kind of funny that you use and also on the fret board look at it cheddar can you see that cheddar can see it oh fucking Lord so 20,000 bucks never much I would say around six maybe even less well you get what you pay for that is exactly the point and and of course in your choice of four different colors there's little novice fingerprints all over it and their screen and there's red in seven and there's another six in the blue I wouldn't even know what color to go for Matt you're way too late we've already looked at this we have already covered it what we looked at this okay was different oh my god this is almost even I don't even know which one is better this is more spring so this is clearly better yeah obviously Ellis Augie does should have seven screens right but yet the thing is this is our master builder for this year below this absolutely in my opinion amazing inlay like this really is incredible but well yeah it's a one-off so we've got one 6 + 1 7 and then probably you want to make anymore because this hannett's modification is beautiful it's insane we start with the we stabilize the maple and then we cut it out and glue it all together instead of a metal plate that you usually get with Bahamas Maria so that's that's what I want to show you but you look at it we're yeah we're alright so but we don't know how much it is to be honest I don't know as well see but these really ridiculous key toss people from companies usually don't know what you are know if know used to be Matt I'm sorry I find what you are right now is eye candy with the beard that's what you are yeah sort of yeah you are the hair addition to this video yeah okay yeah enough Wow okay so I have to leave into my friends call the colleagues call me so do you do you think do yelling okay moving on this is actually kind of like a tactile will relief kind of a thing pretty pretty stunning here we have the Duvel where the I think that John Brown which is up here it's kind of a variation of the devel this one is that this one's not fans here we have a fan – well the leech and these are actually in a price range that's affordable that's a well that's a bit drastic fan Fishman's that's similar to the top that I have Wow but let's look at the upgraded version of the Hydra that I have my Hydra six string long fret non-fan fret and it has simple incants but they upgraded it so let's see well right here you continue playing [Applause] I have the six string version and it's one of my favorite guitars I actually thought this with six strings I I don't I don't work for my own as I grab this I thought it was a six string guitar and I started playing it I didn't even realize it was seven until I notice I had more notes it's that easy to play yeah it's the kind of trust me I've had it for a few months now it's the kind of guitar you cannot lay down but you simply cannot put it down I played this guitar for like two hours yesterday and Here I am I was just thinking about it all day yeah you're hooked they got you oh man so sorry so sorry so look at this version of the Hydra high gloss with a strange kind of a grain thing in maple fretboard non-friend and here we have that's pretty much an upgraded version of what I have holy shit look at that top it's high gloss and not back mine satin but it has Fishman's and now they added fan Fred we have the purple hearts strips – Paducah but it looks harder to come by now so this is just these are masterpiece guitars this one is quite heavy though you think oh there's stuff missing it's light no there's stuff missing it's kind of heavy who knows why comes in an amazing kickback and stuff this wasn't normal you tell you wouldn't see my face and you'd be happier just saying yeah I've always heard good stuff about my owners since I've been playing that guitar that you've seen on many many videos you know I know it's absolutely amazing great people from Poland I should drive forward into a factory tour maybe we'll do this what else can I say if you need modern guitars check them out star keeper [Applause] keep up and yeah

16 thoughts on “Modern guitar perfection! Mayones

  1. I really like your headless autocorrect 🤦‍♂️Mayones. I’ve never seen another like it and it sounds great when you play it.

  2. I’ve been dying to see a factory tour of Mayones. There’s truly no good one on the internet. Please do this!

  3. Nice to hear such good words about a brand from my country. I've started my music journey with a Mayones bass in the 90'. Greetings

  4. You forgot to include my face at the end of this video. My fan* will be so disappointed.

    * – My mom.

  5. I really hope you make a Mayones factory video and a review on your Hydra.

  6. Some day when im a big grown man, work a real job and make some money… ill have a Mayones

  7. Very nice guitars. A bit expensive if you ask me. But hopefully, you get gear for the buck. THNX again Henning!

  8. Man love the enthusiasm!!! I would act the exact same way and this is exactly why I can’t look at Mayones Guitars ungodly gorgeous and cost as high as giraffe ass!!!

  9. That was funniest video I ever took part in 🤣
    great hangs ❤

  10. I bought the pale moon ebony top Mayones that you once saw at Musikmesse with John Browne in the vid. Best fucking guitar ever existed!

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