Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 69. A Dancer Moves, by Andrew Barker

Hi, I’m Andrew Barker. This is “Modern
Shakespearean Sonnet Number 69: A Dancer Moves.” I carry with me nothing known this hard/ Two generations circled in my fist/ With only fingers used to point towards/
A future wide enough to hold the past/ And cut through these glass windows on
the world./ To dance among the differences within/ I had to learn to improvise. I learned/ To keep my center know the moment when/ The music indicates the time
to change./ You have to stay alert to recognize/ The beat we tap will rarely
stay the same,/ The syncopated rhythm of our lives./ For when you’re unfulfilled
at what you do/ The past you hold can help you let it go. Thank you. That was “Sonnet 69” from “Joyce is Not Here: 101 Modern Shakespearean Sonnets. If you enjoyed that please Comment, Like, Subscribe.
I’m Andrew Barker. Thank you.

1 thought on “Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 69. A Dancer Moves, by Andrew Barker

  1. Brilliant exercise in near-rhyme at almost every turn! Show me one proper rhyme anywhere? The poet is good enough to have completed a perfect rhyme at every end but chose instead to inculcate with meaning rather than perfect form and must have intended his misses. I have read a great poem or two where a perfect rhyme or meter was wanting but this cannot be an oversight. Brilliant! Bravo!

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