Mohammed el-Kurd Poetry

my name is mohammed el kora and I'm 17 I live in Jerusalem and I aspire to be a writer and these are my poems this poem is called airstrikes and cookies in a circular room they set you vote you gamble do you think that the Sun is waiting for your permission to rise just another spring for the Arabs and your Rockets are the soon to blossom seeds in a spherical room you sit you're always sitting in the world of suit and tie it's always about the seat airstrikes and competes that's what we're having for breakfast the black suited white man probably held a cup of coffee and casually dr. Bell the same old cycle gone war the graves dig a hole in the rich ground so your wealth can get filthier literally 397 hands were raised thousands of lives will be buried and then you will heartening lee send out your prayers to those whom your hands have killed i began with just questioning taboos in their world with my poetry and it and to me it it was easier and safer to me to explore these things that I question through english language rather than arabic language because Erika I'm suppose I am you know people are gonna say things about me and connect me with and fiddle ism etcetera etcetera while in English I can just get away with but then it became clear to me that in English I can have a much wider audience it's all started with this feeling of powerlessness and you know sometimes we reach a point where you feel like you have nothing to contribute with and you have no power so I started searching around for a tool so you can advocate where no injustice happening here so I felt like holding a pen just seemed as forceful as Holy go on what them so I tried it and filter the Khalsa nice continue

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