Moist Friends | A Poem

– Since the last week we spoke
I leveled up in girl world because I can now do my own french plate. It’s terrible, but it’s one more step to girlhood. Anyways.
(playful music) When I was clearing out
my room I found a poem that I wrote about three years ago. The poem is called “Moist Friends”. And before I read it out
to you I feel like you need a little bit of context. There’s this YouTuber
caller Hope on a 10-speed who I used to watch loads of when I first discovered YouTube. She ran these funny competitions where she was looking for
different types of friends. And one video she announced that she was looking for a moist friend. And you had to submit a video
response or write a comment about why you should be her moist friend. And I wrote a poem. For her. But it’s also for all of you guys and this is my request, for
us all to be moist friends. Moist Friends by Hannah Witton. Oh moistness is a great thing. It’s a shame about the word. There’s lots of types of
moistness and I’m a moist nerd. Now here’s just a taste of
the moist things we could do. Moist friends forever,
if that’s okay with you. We could dance until we’re
sweaty, I’ve got a butt to shake and I’ll let you taste the sweetness of my moist chocolate cake. Fountains are fun for
splashing on hot summer’s days We could go swimming in the sea and then relax and catch some rays. But most of all, I’ll be there for you, whether you’re crying with sadness or joy. And let’s be honest, we both know we’re moist for YouTube boys. (inhales sharply) (laughs) Well there you go, it’s
not quite the same standard as some of the slum poetry that people have been
uploading to YouTube. But if you enjoyed it, none the less, then please give the video a thumbs up. I personally love the word moist. I think it is a great word. I know a lot of people really dislike it, ’cause for them it sounds
disgusting, but I love it. I think it’s great. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve accepted my
moist friendship request. And I’ll see you soon, bye! P.S. I’m going to be at Summer
in the City this weekend so if you see me, please
come up and say hi. I’m really not scary, I really hate it when I get tweets from people saying “I saw you, but I was
too scared to say hello. “You looked busy.” I’m not busy. I’m really not busy. Also, I’m going to be on
two panels, both on Sunday, but I can’t remember what times, so check the program. I’m moderating the agenda on YouTube panel and I’m a panelist on the education one, so I’d absolutely love if
you came to those panels and showed your support. I think they’re going to be
really fun and interesting. See you at Summer in the City
if you’re going to be there. If not I’ll see you on Tuesday for the final Women of YouTube club. It’s the last one! I hope you’ve been enjoying the series. Okay, bye. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Moist Friends | A Poem

  1. I hate the word moist, maybe because I like to travel on band wagons, but I think the sound just irritates me. I cannot explain it, but you go girl for liking it! My favourite word is illuminate because it has so many positive connotations, I love the sounds ume and ate (not specifically but in this case I do) and it brings me back to this book me and my twin sister had as kids of glow worms and it was so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Please, for someone who isn't from the UK or the US: what does "Moist Friends" mean? I know the words, but I don't understand it in this context. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway…you are awesome, Hannah!

  3. I am moist because it is raining and I didn't take a coat because I don't really think about these things which has its pros and cons. Right now moistness is more of a con but hey let's make the most of it

  4. Dead Like Me was brilliant for so many reasons and i could make many references to it, but your using of the word, moist, reminds me of a joke in the pilot.

    The main character's mother was one of those people who believes you can't use the word without it being rude, so to bug her, she said she tried to use the word as much as possible ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    For example, when he mother asked how was her dinner, she said it was very moist ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  5. I don't understand why so many people hate the word moist… it's one of my favorites!

  6. That is the funniest poem I've ever heard! That ending! I'm crying X'D

  7. You remind of me of a cleverer, less annoying version of piper chapman from OITNB

  8. To quote Miranda moist is the "Queen of All Words".

    Loved the poem.

  9. Moist friendship request moist definitely accepted! That was absolutely beautiful.

  10. I also enjoy the word moist. And I accept. ๐Ÿ™‚ love you Hannah

  11. That last line got me hahahahah
    I've definitely accepted your moist friendship, MOIST FRIENDS FOREVER

  12. I'd be honoured to be your moist friend:) Loving Women of Youtube – make it a regular?

  13. Love the poem๐Ÿ˜„ and would love to be moist friends๐Ÿ™ˆ you look beautiful btw

  14. I guess I accept even though I have no idea what "moist friend" means. I feel like this will end in my death.

  15. I accept! Not only do I have a friend now, I have a moist friend! By the way, I may have to steal the idea of the butterfly wall one of these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. LOL ย I was just thinking about Paige's videos the other day and rewatched her YouTube Boys song!

  17. this was an amazing word. I also dislike the word moist because the word tastes funny. Yes sometimes words have a taste for me.

  18. Thanks for the video Hannah you really made us smiled,
    and judging by your hair you look like you restyled,
    But from your daily videos you really made me happy,
    apart from the times that we feel kinda fappy,
    Although you talk about sex alot,
    you made us give it alot of thought,
    You shared your life, your laugh and stuff,ย 
    and i can assure you we can never have enough.ย 

    you brighten up my days sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Honestly, being your moist friend seems a bit too sexual, Hannah! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Not that there's anything wrong with that sort of friendship (in an open relationship here) but I feel your internet stardom would create some problematically unbalanced power dynamics in the whole thing ^_^

    Possibly thinking too hard about this . . .ย 

  20. I know in the 21st century looks shouldn't matter whatsoever but omygod your so pretty

  21. You were definitely one of the moist friendly people I met back during VidCon '13 ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  22. It was moist amazing to might you on sunday night after sitc at the pub so i will accept ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. GOD BLESS YOU FOR LIKING THE WORD MOIST! I feel like it is just trendy to dislike that word. Also I feel like things should be moist! I mean think about it!? The opposite of moist is dry. Do you want dry cake? NO! YOU WANT MOIST CAKE! FOOLS! We can be moist friends, if that is okay with you.

  24. It would be an honor, and my most divine pleasure, to accept your request.

  25. Hells yea I wanna be your moist friend! Lol we can be moist friends forever/ if that's ok with you! Ha sorry I stole a part of your poem and I really loved it!:)

  26. (If moistness also refers to all the wine drinking we did this weekend then I'd argue that we are already moist friends)

  27. Can I taste the moist chocolate cake first? Cause good cake is a great beginning to moist friendship

  28. To an extent, the wetter the better and here's why:ย  I accept your proposal of moist friendship, you dewy roisterer.ย  Hydrate!

  29. if it didnt sound so dirty lol but hey i get your meaning moist friendship ACCEPTED YAY!!!!!

  30. You have such an amazing voice, I could listen to you talk all day. You should do audio books. Ps, you have great teeth lol

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