Mom Dad, why dont you speak to me???

Hello Sharad, did you hear the news on TV? Samsung has launched new phone model in the market Oh my, is that true or what? Oh yes its true, that model has all the features Like Facebook, internet, whatsapp… MMS, Google and much more The phone has so many features?…Oh yes But only if it is used appropriately because there could be misuse of facebook and internet But we could make productive use of these features for education, current issues and also use it to read and watch the latest news But Manoj, internet is useful for a lot of things but one must remember that one wrong step and it could lead us towards the wrong path What you are saying is not entirely correct It depends on how we make use of it Children have no sense how to make the correct use of mobile Oho, why do you so? Most of the times, children use mobile to play games Thats good Sharad, atleast they have something to do in their idle time But that is wrong, children should play games on the ground That way, they could achieve great things like PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, they can win medals at Olympics What you are saying is right, but see one can make use of the mobile phone in an instant Let us some falls sick, one can use mobile to instantly call for help and that way save life of the patient You know Manoj, just yesterday I saw this news on TV That a person talking on mobile phone met with an accident In an instant, he lost his life And you say mobile is for instant use Sharad my friend, I said earlier as well that it all depends on how we use it Some people create vulgar MMS using the phone and then upload it on facebook But facebook has a lot of advantages like you can speak to anyone in the world, communicate with them The way people are hooked to their phones at all times Even when they are eating, sitting or standing If thats not enough, they take their mobile phones to the washroom too, thats right or what? “Mom Dad, why dont you speak to me?” “Avoid using the phone too much” “Mom Dad, am I not your son?” “Mom Dad, read me the poem” “Reduce usage of Watspp” “Mom Dad, why dont you speak to me?”

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