“Mom, I’m not a virgin!” | Women’s Day Special | Girliyapa M.O.M.S

She doesn’t wash the clothes well. Can your maid do a single job properly? I do my laundry myself. The machine isn’t working
so she did it today. Chill. Who’s is this, Kittu? It’s mine. Right. My night wear, it’s really airy, so. Oh, this airy? Tell me the truth. It’s Aakash’s. That body builder? Umm.. Actually, his maid doesn’t
wash his innerwear. So you do it? No! About that, mom.. No, tell me honestly,
what are you hiding? Yeah, I’m telling you.. remember I told you that
there was a house party here? Tell me the truth, I said Yeah.. We had a house
party..and then it rained, so.. Swear on me. Mom… actually… Aakash and I… You’ve been spending thousands on waxing, dad’s been working his ass off
to pay the loans off and his little girl is
busy washing innerwears. If this is what you wanted you
should have gotten married. Why did you want to study? Is this what freedom means to you? I think I’m having a heart attack. Mumma, please calm down. Don’t you dare touch me. I’m sorry mom. I didn’t want to break
this to you this way. Break this? You’ve broken my heart. The world is going to laugh at us. But, who is broadcasting it to the world? All those ‘bug bites’ you get
are a silent giveaway. There is no need to broadcast. This is what Hollywood has done to you. They show drugs in their films.
I’d have prefered you doing that. -What are you saying!
-What am I saying? You remember Nikki? Gupta uncle’s daughter.. So sweet, so decent. Go learn her ways! I’ve learnt from her only. What are you muttering? Mom, Nikki goes
around with 4 guys at once. Do you want me to be like her? Let Nikki’s mom handle her business.
You look at yours.Do you want me to be like her?Look.. What if you get into trouble? What if you get pregnant..
or worse, an ISD? STD Same thing. Look. If you don’t change your ways,
you’ll not get a good match in time. Mom, why do you have to be so negative? At times, I just wish you could understand
my perspective. I’ve been with Aakash for 4 years, 4 years and then this happened. It’s better than doing it with
someone whom I don’t know. I’m comfortable with him
and that’s why we had sex. Keep it low, will you? Mom.. Sex. Say it. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, the
world does it. What is so wrong with it? It is as basic as.. eating food. You mean… for breakfast, dinner and lunch you have… Oh, and at times you also have snacks, kittu! Mom, please don’t say just
anything. Listen.. What I’m saying is.. in our time, this used to
happen after marriage. Right.. But, I’m sure your first time with a
stranger must have been difficult. Mr. Sharma is your father! That’s not the point. I just did it with someone I know, I’m in love with. I don’t mind love, but marriage? Will you marry him? Yes, maybe. Maybe!? Do you think you have an option? What would you even say to someone else? “I rode a bicycle or a
horse” or “I did leg splits”. No mom. I won’t say anything
like this to anyone. I won’t even marry somebody
who’s more concerned about my virginity
status than about me. Moreover, I’m just 23, I’ve just started working. I still have to work, get a house for myself, take you for a world tour, and pay that student loan off. Mom.. (Phone rings) Listen, I’ve booked a table. I’m leaving in a while. I’ll
pick you up in half an hour By the way, it’s a vegetarian restaurant
so aunty will like it as well. See you, bye. Bye. I’ll go and change. Do you have an iron or just
random innerwear in your house? Return this. Won’t he notice
there’s one less underwear? Mom… You better return this today or
I’ll make a duster out of it. Don’t say such things in front of him. What does he do? I hope he doesn’t have a start up.

100 thoughts on ““Mom, I’m not a virgin!” | Women’s Day Special | Girliyapa M.O.M.S

  1. This is the main cause of the downfall of Hinduism ! Women can make or mar Dhar

  2. Mummy I am not virgin.ab main raand ban gayi hu. Ab mujhe koi bhi chod sakta hai. Wo bhi free main.

  3. Sex kisi aur se shadi ki aur se… Mai to goli maar doga…. 😎😎😎 Jai ho anti lover team ….

  4. Aur doosari baat society me respest unko milta hai jo virginty shadi se pahle lose nahi karte. Baaki sab ko randi bolte hai .. …Aur ye video kis base pe hai kuch samjha nahi

  5. I have disliked and reported ur video because u r trying to destroy our culture and society this is not reality, all these Western thought are only shit, aur koi nhi bhi karta hai toh usko uksa rhe ho 😠😠😠

  6. اس طرح کی امی کی بھی بکنگ جاری ہوتی ہے 😀😁😂

  7. 23or varginity…. Neh h… Tumlog se to randiyaan achha h…. Or is type jaisa harami ladkiyon ke karan… Bahat sarif ladke baad me dhoka khate h

  8. Salon tmlog ke karan hi chhote chhote teen ages bachhe barbad ho rhe hai …
    Shalo sharm kia karo
    Humari India me bare jyda bachhe youtube dekhte hai🔥🔥

  9. Mom–kya huwa beti.
    Beti– Mom I'm not a virgen.
    Mom– tu bhi…..💭💭💭 ( before marriage main bhi )

  10. Ab bheji do seahla rasid aur kanahiya Kumar k tukare gang Mai pas ho gaie hai kun jiska verginity tut jata hai o tukare tukare gang k member ban Kate hai

  11. I will not marry who loves my ….. More than me.dear It's not about ver…..it's about purity of mind and soul. If a boy is pure he will definitely like and expect a pure soul.

  12. Ye modern hone ke nam pe to aur gart me girane ki siksha dene vali video hai….. Women empowerment ki kya yahi defination hai….. Empowerment to tab hota jaha charitra me mahanata ho, ye bat dono ke liye ye hai ladaki aur ladka dono ke liye…Aur jab samaj ke logo ke charitra me mahanata hoti hai tab ja ki samaj ka sachche arth me empowerment hota hai…..To bajay sirf nakali women empowerment ke bajay pure samaj ka sachcha empowerment ho to sachche artho me sudar hoga…

  13. Saare ghatiya topics India mai dikhay jaate Hai generation ko gumrah 👎👎👎

  14. अंधी नकल और अंधी दौड़।
    क्या यही शिक्षा का महत्व है। अगर ऐसा ही है तो कुछ समय के बाद तलाक क्यों हो रहे हैं?

  15. These kind of videos are destroying girls… they try to mimic same in real life

  16. Ye seen kafi characterless shameless logo dwara kiya gya hh ise kirpya apne gahro me na kre
    Or haa AK baat ladko ko itni freedom doge to wo 90 % Case me baby deke chor denge like a western culture so don't spread this type of culture

  17. Ye ghatiya video banane wala logo ka jb apne bahan betiyo ki baari aati h to sahi se smjhte h, or isi type ki lrki ke chakar m kitne larke or lrki mar rhe h .

  18. Mere taraf se tere muh pe 1 million dislike hai…..mahabakwas video ….padhe likhe gawar log tumlog ko jo krna h kro ye sb chij ko to social media ya YouTube pr to mt dalo…Hindustan me bhut log Sarif khandan wale log hai…unsb pr to bad impact mt dalo…

  19. haha..sharma ji ki ladkaa ko badnam karo bas jhe kam ha..app ka akela name ve use kar sakh te ho……

  20. Kya dikha rahe he log apne bacho ko. Band karo ye sabhi aur kuch GK do apni new generation ko. Ye to wo apne AAP bhi sikh lenge

  21. What does it mean everyone does sex what massage you wanted to give everyone should do sex befor marriage and what if anybody concern about your virginity you won't marriage. Tum shadi se pahle sex karte raho aur ladka se phir poocho kya karta hai family background an all. Wah. Zara si bhi sharm baki hai to aise video banakar aur sabko na batao jiake sath sona hai sote raho.did you get it..

  22. Beti bachao beti padao?
    Desh me beti bachao beti padao muhim chal raha hai aur tum log aisa ghatiya video bana kar samaj ko ganda kar rahe ho toh log kaise uss muhim pe amal karege? America jaisa desh banana chahte hai jaha beti bete maa baap ke samne sex kare, kyu india ke sanskaaro ki paramparao ki maa behen kar rahe ho. Delete karo yeh gatiya video you tube se bc… sabhi log iss video ka report karo sexual content.

  23. Saari Duniya Choot Ke Piche Pagal Hai …. Ye Hole Na Jaane Kya Kya Karwayega …..

  24. Means ladki sochti hai gali gali mai gand marao or fir kaho ki chehre se pyar hai.naak mai dalwana fir loda.sali ghatiya thinking..lgaam nhi hai koi.or kehti hai shadi bhi karlega shayad.wo bi pakka nhi.

  25. this is not right…this is not what we learned from our Indian tradition..please dont encourage or make such videos..for such independence already the boys are out of hand..if girls also follow same…then whats the use and importance of virginity?..its a special sense, feel which we share with just one person throughout our life, staying honest and committed to one person till you die is really special or else there is no difference between us and animals..animals go on having sex with multiple partners right !..

  26. Tbi shaadi k Baad wife bolti h jyda maza nii araa tumse hota nii h nakli ladki

  27. ye hi log humare culture ki chirharan karwa rahe hain….ab sex ki itni azadi chahiye to apni maa aur behano ko kothe pe baitha do

  28. Ek samay aisa ayega ki aurato ki haalat Gali k kutiyo se bhi Ganda ho Jayega apna man samman kho degi phir khud par royegi kyuki aadami bahut chalak hota h is mamale m

  29. I would have been beaten by chappals if confessed it to my parents..😂😂😂

  30. Aao islam me dekho
    K ek ladke ko ek ladki k or dekhna bhi gunah h isi trah ek ladki kvliye bhi
    Behayai yehin se to janm leti h means aankhon se aur baad me sab kuch hota h
    Insan aur janwar me farq khatm hota ja rha h
    But islam k manne wale kbhi bhi zena nhi kar sakte

  31. Kya bana diya? 😃😃😃😃
    Pagal hain kya??? Sex hone k bad 95% ladka shadi nhi karta Hain.

  32. Har koi comment me likh rehe hai
    Heart attack, mom killing me etc.
    But its reality of our society

  33. And aaj ke zamane me ye koi badi bat ban kar nahi reh gaya
    Har koi karta hai
    Lakin pith piche
    Bahar toh bhigi billi ban kar rehte hai

  34. पूरी दुनिया करती है। लेकिन समय पर।

  35. i am quite surprised that some people are very concerned about the indian culture and young generation are copying the western culture. Please read history and be a little bit open minded.What we have in india at the moment is islamic cuture  and traditions which India was ruled by for more that 800 years. In this duration we hindus have forgotten the real meaning of their existence. We awere very open society before islamic invasion, please see all the gods and goddesses in our temple walls, pls see their dressing sense. Becaise of islamic invasion, hindus were subdued so much that we think their way as the real hindu culture.In Mahabharat, Satyawati has son before marriage and he's the most famous Ved Vyasa and no one questions thst without divorce, how did Satyavati marry King shantanu. Draupadi has 5 husbands, still she is pure and no one questions her moral values. Shiva married so many times. Dashratha has 3 wives. Similarly there are so many instances that we hindus (this was the name given to our religion by British, actul religion is SANATAN) have forgotten.Basically we have been brain washed by islamic ideology and we think that's real hinduism.Please be modern and liberal instead of pointing fingers at others. Moreover what they do, you shoudn't be questioning as its their lives.

  36. Western culture ko mat promote karo bey. Pagal channel. Girliyapa is bullshit. America is facing a serious problem because of this issue and you are trying to spread this in India. What a shame girliyapa! Girls ko empower karo lekin whore mat banna sikhao. Youtube bacche bhi dekhte hain aur aise videos se accha impression nahi padta.

  37. Sex before marriage is prohibited why ? in Islam ? .
    शादी से पहले सेक्स करना क्यों वर्जित है? इस्लाम में? ।

  38. Ye hay Bharti Satti Sawetri Key Kaarname..Is sab key bawajood sharam sy dhoob marne key bajaye bhartiyon ka sar uncha hai..Itna harami pan hone key bawajood bhi hindustan mahaan hai..Shame india..

  39. Should stop these nonsense people…In the name of freedom , they boiles society …

    One should shoot these all..

    We are not in europeAmerica..

    This is India

  40. Doing sex before marriage is not normal thing, after marriage they will know
    Their should be rule for marriage
    Every virgin girl get virgin husband
    And non virgin get unvergin husband
    That would be perfect
    Sex before marriage destroying our Indian culture 🤐😯😪🤐😯😪🤐😯

  41. Phle chudwati h baad me chaska lagg jaata hai fir kya…
    Peso me chudwati h 😂😂😂

  42. This types Youtubers harm for our nation. They want to destroy our Sanatan Dharma and famous traditional culture. They only believe in such types silly Western ideology which have no golden age in History.
    I request my all friends please don't copy this types western ideology it's a worse culture for every mankind.

  43. Koi or message nhi bcha tha tumhare pass
    May God give u such type of daughter in ur real life.
    Kuchh v dikhate ho…
    Which type of message do u want to give others

  44. In India, you have to hide and have sex and not own up afterward. That is the rule. As long as no one finds out it is fine. In India you don't talk about sex you have sex!!!

  45. ये तो रण्डी ही कर सकती है हिन्दुस्तान में ऐसा नहीं हो सकता

  46. Hahahaha 😁 continue India walon 😜… kya sekha rahy hain apni larkio ko 🙃

  47. This type Indian videos are a big threat to our Oriental and Muslim society….It's why in Pakistan people have stopped watching the indian movies as they only spread the message of sex, obscenity, vulgarity, puerility, social distortion, family crisis, and ultimate sickness of society….Now we Pakistani like Turkish films and dramas which are million times better then Indian ones in term of story, filmatography, and modesty…… Indians are terrorists both on religious front as hindutva preachers and on social fronts as pornographic promotors..Rip sick Indian culture

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