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in his best-selling book Moneyball which was turned into a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill Michael Lewis told the story of how data-driven analysis could win baseball games using this equation in the upper left right here I'm projecting that in me doing least 99 games in order to make it to the postseason we need to score at least 814 runs in ordered Windows games and allow no more than 645 points and Michael Lewis new book he focuses on the biggest and most important data collector and analyzer in the world the United States government and what has happened to it under a president who says things like this today [Applause] join us now New York Times bestselling author Michael Lewis whose new book is the fifth risk Michael with this book you went where no one ever goes in Washington you went inside the department's energy commerce agriculture to look at what's happening there now under the Trump administration they are all massive data collectors as which is the one of the kind of a category of person we see in all of your books really what did you find in there well the first thing I know I was provoked the Trump administration the Obama administration had essentially set up the best course ever created and how the federal government worked thousand people had spent the better part of a year doing briefing books for all the departments of the government and the idea was the Trump administration was to show up the next day bring books for the new governor for whoever it was a transition very nine ideological things I mean awful lot was going on it's just technical matters yeah you know how to deal with the Zika virus if it reappears or or how to manage the nuclear arsenal I mean it just these are these are management problems and the idea was the day after the election that Trump people were supposed to hundreds and hundreds of people into the into the departments and Trump fired his transition team right after the election and nobody showed up so there were these there were these courses to be taken in what was going on these places that they never took so that's the starting point for me and what you find is he's electrified this material I mean the government has has it has it's problems already coming into the trouble administration but a society that appreciated its government would never have elected such a man because he has absolutely no interest in any of it and the if there's a pattern to like what's going on in these places is that people with narrow financial interests and wit go at what's going on and then have been put in places where they can they can exert influence and for their own game but but the other pattern is total neglect I mean half the positions in the ministration have not been filled a28 roughly 20% of the top 6,000 in civil servants have quit in the first year so it's a crisis it's a very slow-moving crisis and it's like the crisis you don't pay attention to when you're paying attention to the day-to-day stuff but it is the thing that's gonna bite us I want to go back to what we just heard the president say today which is what you know what's his reaction to the UN report on climate change that was delivered to him this week and he says to those reporters oh I'm absolutely going to read it now you're reporting seems to indicate there is very little chance the president's ever going to touch or see that document he he doesn't seem to be that interested in the in the government he he's so the answer is yeah that would seem unlikely right if he's gonna read the thing but I think it's kind of a reason for it I think that look he has shied away from actually embracing his job which is run this operation right it's not being run it's being run a very haphazard way he tells himself a very simple story that it's basically it'll run itself for he doesn't have to think about it if he were to collide with the actual information that's inside the government it would be jarring for his worldview I mean I would just be too I think we'd be overwhelmed by being how enormous the task he's neglecting is and and that what we're talking about here it's not just this thing it's the society it's a tool we have in the society to deal with the biggest problems we have and it's the only tool and he's basically letting it fall apart when you say there are all these unfilled jobs in the government there's a lot of Republicans out there who think great government doesn't do anything worthwhile anyway in these departments like energy and console her culture they don't do anything we care about let's not fill it up with bureaucrats and save those salaries let's take a concrete example all right so Rick Perry who's nominated to run the Energy Department right everybody runs the Energy Department he's one of those Republicans who said he's going to ax the Energy Department but he was on they couldn't remember the name but I but the minute he actually collides with the Energy Department and asked what does it do well it manages the nuclear arsenal you get that it's managing massive nuclear waste cleanups around the country it is basically a science project that the future of industry is going to be driven by the investments that they're making insight and basic scientific research the idea of eliminating this what happens with all these people who say we're just going to eliminate this stuff they don't know anything about it right the minute they go see what's going on in there they see two things one it's mission-critical and two it's attracted people who were really interested in mission they're not there for the money except for some of the Trump people they're there because they they care about the weather service or they care about the census or they care about maintaining the nuclear arsenal and it's really kind of inspiring I think that's what surprised me going into these places these people are the best among us I mean they're there they are the civil servants we we treat them like they're dead weight but they should be respected like the military that is exactly what I felt in my experience with them when I was working in Washington we have hurricane Michael named not after you I hope approaching tonight we know that because of a division in the Commerce Department whose job it is to tell us how to prepare for and when to move when a hurt and they've gotten better and better at it it got better and better at it I mean that weather prediction has gotten steadily better has gotten steadily better in part because of the data that's been collected inside the National Weather Service and made available a lot of geeks to hack away at it and and these people who are there in the Weather Service they take their their role protecting life and property very seriously and I think when you back away I think what people just kind of lose sight of is that the basic role the government's keep us safe and it manages a portfolio of risks that are absolutely terrifying and we just assume they're gonna do that even though all we do is kick them all the time and if we have been doing that for as long as we've been doing that and then you put a guy in charge of the thing who has no interest in managing it we're asking for something bad to happen yeah I think of your readership at when I think of Europe I don't think of politics at all I mean you've written books about Wall Street written books that are universal appeal and interest what do you anticipate in your readership from a Republican reader of your book versus a Democrat creator of your button I did the broad message that I think everybody would yet if they paid attention is that if we were to money of all of society yeah right we would invest in the we would invest in the public sector that it's we have under invested in it we've got we've got a workforce that they're five times more people over the age of sixty then there are under the age of thirty there's an equivalent thing going on with the technology and the government you can't run an organization like that and so I think that so what would be the difference between the Democrats response everything gets so polarized I mean I suspect what'll happen is Republicans get defensive and Democrats go yeah but what we need a candidates who can actually like the government gets doesn't sell itself it's forbidden from selling itself doesn't market itself ELISA exception of NASA in the military we need people who can actually go explain to the citizens what this enterprise does the Commerce Department the Agriculture Department and and making them appreciate what it does so there's political support for what it does and so when somebody says he wants to be present the first question everybody asks is what are you gonna do with this instead of just giving them a pass on that question yeah this is an invaluable book a look at the way the government really works Michael Lewis the fifth risk I don't have to hold it up we got it on the screen Michael thank you thank you it's forger next to happen really appreciate it thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

31 thoughts on “'Moneyball' Author Studies President Donald Trump, Finds Government Neglect | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Trump is not very bright, climate change is big business. I thought I read where he gave away, to China, a 7 trillion dollar environmental contract?

  2. Society stopped appreciating our democracy, you are so right. I agree and have thought this myself.

  3. IQ45 is ruining our country. Dumbo thinks his gut knows more than intelligence.

  4. Someone please explain to me HOW and WHY Trump is still in the white house..

  5. Trump has a very small IQ. And his followers don't fare much better.

  6. I lived through army, jail, traveled the world, got divorced two times and way more. Nothing scares me more than Trump.

  7. Michael Lewis, Bob Woodward, Michael Wolfe, Tony Schwartz and even Omarosa are all saying exactly the same thing – Chump is incompetent. Zillions of Americans know this. Unfortunately millions of Americans have been suckered into Chump's BS partly because Americans are fascinated by celebrity, partly because millions are racists and partly because millions have no ability to judge immoral character. The solution is at the ballot box and all right thinking Americans need to get off their butts and vote at both the mid-terms and the general election against Chump and the GOP. Failure to do so will result in America in the toilet.

  8. There is no way that Trump will read that U.N. report on climate change.

  9. Sorry about the following "generalization", but it is a comment from the heart from someone not from the United States, why can't Americans get off their collective "fat arses" and learn about the "how" and "why" of their own government and the separate departments within said government and what those said departments are responsible for ?????? It is not as if there is not enough access to means to learn about this in this day and age, are people too "stupid" or "arrogant" or just plain lazy to put in the effort to learn, maybe the population have been conditioned by too much TV, or the snake oil salesman approach they get through this medium, or maybe they Will Not move out of their own way until there is a set of steak knives that go with the knowledge ????? Please tell me why they show No interest in how THEIR government is supposed to work until they personally have a problem, and then it is the fault of everybody else but them ??????? If You do not stay engaged with the government then You will get what You deserve, case in point, Your current potus and his Enablers in the republican party, You now have to work Your arses off to get rid of the "swamp" they have generated, which I might add was in control of the House and Senate before !!!!!!!

  10. Trump lies. Facts matter. Compare the Executive branch crime total over the last 53 years. Republicans have had the Presidency for 28 years, with a total of 120 criminal indictments, 89 criminal convictions, and 34 prison sentences. Democrats have had the Presidency for 25 years, with a total of 3 criminal indictments, 1 criminal conviction, and 1 prison sentence. Republican politicians are corrupt. Trump is under criminal investigation. The USA has the Green party, Independent party, and Democrat party. We don't need Republican criminals running the country.

  11. Well the lady who worked for trump org for years said the same thing.He would tell them to do something that they was not right-the emp did it correctly and trump never asked again about it.

  12. Great interview about things we rarely hear about too! THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS PRESIDENT SO DANGEROUS & for him to say the Democrats want to destroy everything, he only needs to take a good look at himself. He explains how the role of government is to keep us safe; what weather, commerce, energy, agricultural do is MISSION CRITICAL. Obama had directives all set up for him yet, not understanding it, he ignores it, fired people and hired those who know nothing about what they oversee like the Scott Pruitt & Rick Perry who wanted to gut the energy Dept! "These are the only tools we have to deal with the biggest things in society" such as the nuclear arsenal, waste clean up around the country, the public sector needs which is where future jobs are too. He talks about how Geeks "who are the best among us manage a portfolio of risks that are absolutely terrifying but they take their role very seriously because they are responsible for protecting life & property."

  13. I don‘t get it why it is so hard to understand: Mercer produces the playfield to unlimited funding of politics by private corporations, puts his errand Bannon in place to get the useful fool Trump in the position of POTUS (supported by manipulating social networks to get more votes where needed via Cambridge Analytica). The other fool (the GOP) plays along as they see their conservative wet dreams come true, at least interim. Mercers/Bannons real deeds are in completely deconstruct the state and put an ultra-capital non-state system in place. Bannon even committs to that with his own words.
    In the mean time Russia as a sidekick fuels the whole operation via additional voting manipulations because they invested a lot to get their money laundering in operation (via real estate investments and another useful fool named Deutsche Bank).


  15. The Trump creature, is any sane and rational human beings nightmare scenario from the chamber of horrors/criminal/narcissist stupidity!…

  16. 4 years ruling class Neanderthals of America, 4 years of Donald Duck trump, and you WILL get 4 years, 4 years of trump and the USA will no longer be a superpower and you ELECTED THIS GREAT, WHITE, HOPELESS 😩 AND YOUR FATE!!!!!!!!

  17. Vote for me in 2020. Or someone who knows what they are doing.

  18. Wonder why they'd fail to fill positions or put fools in charge ? Think only one word , outsourcing.

  19. It’s a scientific fact stupid people are so stupid they don’t realize their stupidity

  20. Did Trump say , “Im not sure who DREW it”
    Does he get all his information in cartoon mode.

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