MONIKA NEEDS HELP! | Fruits of the Literature Club Chapter 5 – Part 3 (Sayori Route)

hey guys what is up zero here and welcome back to fruits of the literature club chapter five say or ear out in the last episode we were in a cabin with say Ori we know we were camping we're having some s'mores no we didn't have any s'more so there was no s'mores there it was just sad backstories there was no s'mores you're out of ten no Morris needs worse wars that happened in part one though part two we were trying to escape the cabin with say Ori we ended up getting stabbed in the back by somebody yeah and then we had to teach the Ori how to stitch up the wound all right say all right the whole Mac that'll teach you that whole mac that's like oh don't think these tell you to some people sure dolls I don't think it's actual place I Muslims I must have missed that lesson oh god of course I love the youth anyway I love this education system uh so I think that's all that happened last episode was I yeah we were running would say Ori she stitched us up and we're ready to go yeah yeah okay alright so let's talk about some things I said in the last episode though before we continue for people just watch the episode you can just probably skip past this is really okay so I set up some problems that I have with the last episode and you know some people wanted to say something to help me out some people for some reason a lot of people thought that one of my main points was the bullet grazing thing when I just mentioned that at the end of the episode and I feel like I'm pretty sure I even stated I'm not entirely sure if the he actually got hit by the bullet or not but for some reason a lot of people thought that was a really big main point that I was making but it wasn't I really didn't know about the bullet guys I was just curious because I couldn't really remember so the bullet thing early I forgot it grazed him I thought it went into him I really don't really wasn't that big of a plot point I was just talking about how MCS walking with all this hmm yeah I like my while ago I was like chapter four I'm pretty sure and then he popped it back in but anyway that aside I had other issues so I later learned some people actually helped me in the comments there are some people who actually military experience and they said that the military actually doesn't teach you the star method which was really weird too because I was like why you know I don't think use the star method but whatever I'm not gonna say to your question military apparently there are reasons for why they use the moss granted the star method probably does seem like ol time waster to be honest and the Massa methods probably way faster so it makes sense while they probably use them all since none of the star method so but there's that so that promise I'd another problem I had was with say Ori I was saying this a Ori should be a little tougher apparently a lot of people took that as I won't say Ori to just be like alright I'm see I'll stitch you up and just start stitching him up right away I wasn't trying to say that my point was I feel like say Ori should be a little tougher like a little bit tougher I'm not trying to say say oh he's gonna go around guns blazing shooting people I'm saying that say Ori is probably gonna be like she's in the mindset of okay I need to help out I need to start doing now this is work it's go time like now of course she would still be timid when it would come to stitching somebody sure but I feel like she would be somewhat like okay next step like I'm ready I think I'm doing this right but like she would be doing it so I was like I just said she'd be a little tougher so far she's been acting pretty normal in human it's just a little tougher just a little bit I was on another issue oh yeah Monica the whole Monica thing I've heard showing up into the thing so something that some people were trying to say was they're like Oh Monica did signal MC to show up at the place to meet with him she didn't I what launched back to the scene there is an instant cut from Monica talking to the guy on the phone and to her walking to the forest the meaning there was no time for her to signal meaning that there was no scene or anything to tell us that she signaled MC which is still something I'm still not totally okay with like you can be okay with it that's fine me personally I feel like it's not a Monica thing to do I really feel like what Monica would do is she would try to think of a plan or she'll try to think of a way out of this I don't think she would just feel like okay time to show up and hope they give me say re back or just kill me and that works too because another thing that kind of sucked is that Monica went in there without a plan and before that said I really wish zero was here and I don't like that I'll talk about Monica's character at the NSA or Israel I'll talk about some things I'm not entirely a fan of Monica's character mostly in her route where you could totally see what my problems are but yeah I don't like that cuz it doesn't sound like Monica it just sounds like a lot of the things that Monica does or a lot of things that happen are just made to make the MC look cool it's like these girls seem like they're all worthless and they're just doing things so that the MC can show up and be like don't worry I am here like it just seems like that and I'm like I think Monica will try to think of something any plan I'm not saying Monica is because some people are saying oh she can't attack them cuz they kill say re not saying just attack them some way try to hint the MC with that hey maybe you should you know come to the forest or something like try to give him a hint or like put it outside his doorway cuz that's the thing they're not at school anymore but yeah like put it outside his door paste it on his door something cuz there should like cuz they're not gonna know where she's walking she can draw as she can walk by his house and drop it on the floor if they really really wanted to or she can do something like I feel like Monica or at least like I said have a plan release maker Montour may at least make it known that Monica is just buying time for him to show up cuz like it just showed just made Monica just looks like just Mayer look like a damsel which is something I'll get into again at the end of say re-route but yeah I think that was all the things that I covered before I do appreciate some of the people who did agree with some of the things I said and I do still appreciate the people who didn't agree with me now like I hate you people either it's nice to form some conversation it's nice to know that not all of you will just blindly approve of her agree with anything I say it's nice thank you but also another thing I just remembered I bring up is that someone made a good someone said something which is funny they were like zero you're being really nitpicky with this mod and then I replied saying well I act like this with a lot of other mods but it's never a problem but now it's a problem with fruits and they even brought up saying yeah you're right so that proves that guys I'm just trying to treat this mod fairly I'm not trying to hate on fruits just to hate on it I'm actually trying to treat it fairly compared to other mods because I like fruits I like it I did still ate here on my tier list I think it's a good mod it's just I also want to make sure I know everything that's wrong with it or if I feel like something's wrong I'm going to say it I'm going to share my opinion I want to share my opinion so that people can know and so I can give feedback to the mod creators yeah it's like I'm not doing it so I could be like fruits sucks I'm doing it so I can be like hey this is my problem with this mod there you go you can agree with me or you can disagree I'm not gonna sit here and really be like how dare you disagree like I said I'm fine with you people disagreeing with the comments it's fine if anything it shows me if you guys don't just get swindled by whatever I say I'd rather you actually make your own opinions than just agree 100% with mine no that means that hey I don't just have some fan base that I'm controlling yeah I think that's everything that was eight minutes Jesus there's a lot of stuff I had to go over you can skip as if you want probably no no no they don't have to I'm gonna put a timestamp of when it actually starts in the other day there's a lot of big long talk there ya know the people skipping they'll be fine they can just click the timestamp for people who watch this they're the people who would well if you watch this you can't say shut up you willingly chose this you chose to listen to my rant I even really a rant I just wanted to make things clear yeah let's continue also I like say we're out so far I may point out some flaws doesn't mean I hate it are you actually enjoying her round I think it's really well done so far well besides one thing but again talk about it later don't maybe they'll maybe they'll bring it up maybe want to finish the route first yeah again talk about it later at the end of her out yeah now let's play them all well it's been ten minutes ten minute mark I mean it's fine there's me the a longer episode Oh finally done with that assignment seriously what was the vision Chiefs get struck with a brace of grunt work at times he said I rest my head on my desk for a while oh my comfy cozy little office at least I know I can get some rest here for a bit it's late and I really don't want to be driving right now yeah my pager lit up son of a bitch are you serious a message of my pagers from zero Julia situation of the forest in the northeast side of town salaries there and I'm going make sure to keep her safe when she gets home it's this idiot really going to do what I think he is I throw myself out of my seat and start the – out of the building into my car reaching my car I quickly get into the driver's seat while dialing zeros number no answer just this voicemail I seriously hope he's okay lately has been constantly looking for his girlfriend he's gone to some very unnecessary lengths which are endearing in his own life without their concern for others which are endangering his own life without the concern for others granted no question he does decide of the company as long as it doesn't leak anything he's going to a length that Ashley and I were only afraid of i stomach feeling queasy I try to call zeros Commission phone one more time once again I'm directed to his voicemail when two skyrockets my fears he absolutely never ignores calls from his commissioned phone so he's either hurt or worse I pull out of the parking lot and onto a main roadway it leads into town realizing that Monica's involved I try to look at her number in my phone I remember the do repeated her number to me when I requested after she was hospitalized maybe I can call her and find out what exactly is happening down there thank you to my call logs I eventually locate Monica's number and give it a call hello Monica and this is Julia oh are you Julia on my way to say or his house I was a thousand the for is because the people who kidnapped her called me and said if I didn't come they would kill her what about zero where is he I I don't know he met up with me and then ran to the forest after say Ari I started running away after he left and he said to go to her her house and called the police her in the force did you see him run off to they can't remember I was too scared in days they're really known as specifically damn it listen say always tell us is right next to zeros instead of going to her house but you head to his and I'll meet you there I'll call the police and we'll get the officers out there to help find say Orion zero right I understand how long until you get there about 15 minutes I'm on the road into town right now and thank you he's safe Monica I hand the call start to accelerate faster down the road the growl of the engine grows louder and louder as my speed increases I'm hoping for the best that's zero and say re are safe at the last week we both learned that the group that ducted say or he's very organized and ruthless then when I hesitate to do horrible things to her especially since zero is now involved and if something happens to say Ari and images of what zero is capable of flashed in my mind and horror but even worse images flash in my mind of what I could find when we when we do find him sick thing weeks I was evolved in my stomach and I try to swallow this alive on my mouth and keep going after a long silence and I start to enter the city and immediately head to zeroes house this house isn't that far now but that doesn't mean Monica's safe she was able to go out the forest she could have a tail and if she does have a tail I need to make sure that she loses it however I'm going to need to make sure zero is found alive or not still Q miles in the road there's over to the passenger seat grab my phone present quick dial number of the doll head I placed the phone in my ear and wait for the other line to answer I walk around the bend of the sidewalk the Liesman to zero and say or E Street ominously dark night makes me even more he always Monica I think my why show her confused me I walk around the bending sidewalk that leadsmen in zero and celery Street the ominously dark night makes me even the more terrified I really hope that they're okay my fears been eating in my mind so I left the forest against my will well I understand why zero forced me to leave I still wish I could have helped in some way that's a Monica thing to do I couldn't do anything but watch as my friend was being hurt in front of me and nearly dying myself back before his hearing the other girls join the club and I had that very lonely and I don't want to lose them huh which is why I think she would try harder to do I have a plan just saying just saying that's like she try harder with a plan I think I heard something behind me looking over my shoulder I don't see anything or anyone around maybe a car that are down the street opposite of me but nothing really of importance well I guess the events of tonight are still making me super paranoid i / of hands I've around my waist and immediately start to lift me off hey and get off me Oh God I start to bang my fists against the hands and arms are restricting me there's nothing works they keep trying to lift me off hey this person beneath but this person's breath rafts against the back of my neck still trying to frankly get away from my captor I swing my elbow back we're trying to contact their head Sun paint choose my forum as my elbow strike something hard my hands are my waist release me and I fall to the ground touching on my elbow and turn on my back I see a middle-aged man in a similar clothes the guys were holding say Ori at the forest this is one of those guys gasping I try to call backward away from him his eyes make contact of mine they merely give me a you're going to pay for that look my stomach drops I tried to call away much quicker he starts to walk up towards me what do I do help me start to scream as though as loudly as I can to the night sky hoping someone would come looking and see this besides bulge out of his head and he looks around in panic why did you have to scream I'll just make this quick then walks over to me grab my foot and aggressively pulls me towards him like dnews scream as I can kicking my other foot at his hand she's trying everything I can to get away says his face gets close to mine again arms wrap around his neck and he's pulled off and he's pulled up and off of me huh go it's all black so left figure pulls the man off me they both move backwards little street light reveals my savior a tall blonde woman in a black form-fitting suit as the man who was attacking me in a headlock stack is locked up words and he squirms around in her hands Julia she doesn't respond she drags the man over to a cars parking inside of a shrub perfectly been sealing it up from our view and slams his head against the hood sound I never thought I'd want to hear come from the man's head not for that his body goes limp and Julia kicks it to the side she walks over me quickly and helps me up Julia sweetheart you okay she quickly checks up and down my arms in the body for Army's injuries not in my head and immediately feel tears burn my out of my eyes she Pat's my shoulder and looks around I'm sorry I wasn't minute earlier and I'm just grateful you showed up at all and what's gonna happen to him the police are on their way they already know what's going on so he'll be taken into custody right now hurry and get into zeros house and here's this key Julia hands me a small copper colored key and turns away from me I'll pull my car up to the driveway and make sure officers find this piece of here got it close the door behind me and turn on the light I lean on the lawn sigh this is all so tiring I can only imagine how sailor and zero are feeling right now make me over to the couch on living room and sit down only now do I realize my hands are shaking front door opens and closes Julia approaches me she has the seat across to me and looks into my eyes warmly you okay yeah just a little shaken off of course you are this isn't something that normally happens to people it's only natural to be scared and then some degree of shock mm-hmm can you tell me everything about what happened earlier yeah I can I clear my throat and explain what happened regarding the call in the meeting at the forest through the entire thing Julia's eyes are coldly professional almost like zeros once finished she looks back and purses her lips like what I told her scared her maybe I should have said as much as I did thank you for all this I'll tell everything to the officers just rest up in here you're too exhausted or they keep going through this will do thank you lying horizontally on the couch and watch Julia walk towards the kitchen appear on one of the windows Mimi if I rest my head a bit I can calm down at least relax Monica leans her head back onto the couch watch her in the reflection on the silver pot a young girl involved in something like this breaks my heart but as much just knowing that someone I've already considered a son or nephew was directly in the middle of it and all he wanted was to come to this city and live a normal life Bulls never actually able to escape the cows he was born in when I heard he did want a normal life I'm Amy chocolate side such a pure and innocent thing to desire but in our field once you're in you won't get out unless you die zero knows this very well I found bribery it's startling me out of my thoughts you have a text message it's a confirmation that the police have been dispatched the forest and were briefed and one other officers coming by to take care of the guy that I've zipped tied on the roof on on the road on the roof for now I'm going to stay by Monica to make sure she's safe I was right about her having a tail a woman's intuition never steers us wrong I love myself leaned over the counter breathe freely for a moment you're not being able the wave of stress because of all this and nevertheless it's not my first rodeo when the police get to the forest they'll be on cleanup as well as searching for Susie row and say re I'd go up there and have them look since I'm more easily able to track zero but I could save her with me here I never left hits against the counter something discomfort stings at me Oh my handgun still strapped to my hip and it doesn't make of it doesn't make for pillows comfort that's for damn sure and I will just relax time for the inevitable happen all right so I liked how that one scene was handled with the Monica and the guy I mean technically yes she was called in surprise I'm not gonna sit here and think she's gonna fight she tried I'll definitely give her credit for that they at least had that happen yeah it's not just like sitting there crying she was actually she trips one see that's what I wanted though she was like thinking of a plan like one she went for an elbow because you know that's the best you can do that didn't work so she crawled away two went through the other plan were in a neighborhood scream if you draw attention he's not gonna want to do anything so it's like that's what I'm saying that's the Monica I like it's the Monica that can do things in a situation it's like she can think about I feel like Monica can make calls in a stressful situation she's a leader like she can do that so that sounds like I like that scene like even even a not in like he grabs her foot she's just kicking really there's not much you can do I'm not expecting mana gonna be like I gave him a roundhouse kick obviously the most she can do is kick and yeah at that point she was helpless cuz she really couldn't do it she was caught by surprise there wasn't much she could do so yeah that was held perfectly fine I like that and another Monica thing was her saying how if she cares about her friends she's like she wishes she could do more she wants to help that's Monica's that she's helpful she likes being helpful she doesn't like being useless that's why I think it'd be really cool if she was a sidekick we'll have to wait because maybe there's a mod mmm I might do something like that mmm that might be being made by someone you guys know very well really being developed by people you know if I have to buy to its exact people you know very well Sahra the Z&M let's proceed alright let's take a rest here so his breathing is labored and she keeps placing her hands onto her back poor girl has been weightless walking for almost a straight hour and she hasn't complained once about the pain in her leg how tired she is she really is a trouper however at the same time she can't keep going like this this forest is massive I don't think we're close to the border of it yet almost like a different now is that a rest for a bit you doing okay yeah just a little tired sit down for a while whatcha doing here by rock clothes comfortable they're comfortable enough for her doesn't sit on hum okay listen to me I'm going to sit down and rest oh all right I shake her hand in mine and go to the rock and help her sit down except of me with her sparkling blue eyes and smiles thank you for caring for me he don't mention it you're in really condition to be as active as we were tonight buff nevertheless I'm proudly you're holding up really of course sarah has been holding back her tears ever since I first met up with her earlier she's scared he's in pain she's barely able to hold in any anxiety she's feeling her composure throughout all this makes me respect her even more and I would have expected a girl likes a re to be able to I guess really kill her resolve despite the circumstances what I'm saying she's a tough girl let's I pat her gently on the shoulder and look into her eyes stress her arms on her legs and leans forward you got me rubbing my hand on her back I try to offer words of encouragement just rest for a bit say re I'm sorry I'm so slow don't apologize for that you're doing great almost out of here that's ready to go I'll make it this little make it this last stretch do you really think we can get out of here I won't be sitting here with you while you were too tired to move if I didn't just sit here for a moment you want to try to see if I have a signal a call for someone okay get my hand up and off her back I grabbed my commission phone for my pock and I checked the signal none well it's just peachy without signal I can't contact Julie about what's going on to god that she got my page earlier and I give her a hard time but I do come to trust her at times like these a bit like this one of my concerns if she trusts me but that's a story for another time right now my focus is to get say oh we're out of this godforsaken forest wait a second I hear sirens I merely looked back to say re horizon me with mine with the relieved a little elevated with a relieved elation I'm close enough to the board of the forest that we can hear the sirens as they approach if we can reach the road in time we can get to help what do you think you could keep going now of course let's go Harry stands up and starts to walk quickly towards the sound I decided to stay right behind her just in case was anyone behind who wants to stop us from getting out I stay silent and keep listening to the sirens as they get closer it sounds as if they're going to the main engines of the forest there's a bunch of campsites there a majority of people congregate as long as I can get saiary to an officer you can explain everything that's happened but all of us can get our wounds 10:00 to 2:00 we can finally end this nightmare my phone goes off Starlin me out of my thought filled days my thumb hesitates to press the answer button because there are one or two reasons I'm receiving this call right now neither 0 and Sarah been found safe why they've been found dead just the latter crossing my mind is enough to make my stomach drop in anxiety I must turn up the courage to press the answer button I bring the phone to my ear ma'am 1 is it 4 2 1 9 the girl been found they have where are they they're being taken to the hospital currently they both were found with serious and render ease that required immediate attention and that's fine we're able to gather from the situation well ma'am I have a total of 12 bodies being taken to the medical examiner's office so well hasn't been detained in our enroute to the fields elfis downtown good I'll be heading the hospital shortly wrap everything up there and I'll get on the report tomorrow actually ma'am don't worry about the report I can take care of that for you you have other more pressing matters to attend to tonight and thank you Meucci no you lunch for this you're very welcome ma'am I am the colon turn to Monica he was looking at me anxiously awaiting any piece of information being able to move yeah why we're going to the hospital I'll go over to the couch help Monica up to her feet at first she struggles to say bounced but then manages to keep herself upright I nearly scoff at her but then realize that she was beaten pretty hard earlier so there's a big chance she has a concussion or her equilibrium has been throw it off by the way bring him with me to the hospital will benefit her as well she too needs to be checked on sometimes the damage is not physically seen on the body and I'm slightly concerned about she has any internal damage miss Monica and I leave I locked the door behind us Monica and I walk into the hospital reception and get her checked in afterward and ask about the status was zero and say Ari give him the nurse my credentials and explaining I'm zeros legal guardian she explains him in the zeroes currently undergoing treatment it cannot be seen it was completed and say Ari still being examined like around the waiting room and sit down next to Monica how are you feeling I have a really bad headache but I'll be fine good Stella we need to get you two still we need to get you seen to make sure you don't have any serious damage I mean I am a little dizzy but not really to the point where I think a doctor in that is necessary you never know Monica simply punching someone in the jaw ones can lead to a multitude of medical complications no offense but you got beaten pretty hard earlier none taken I understand plus we can't really do anything until zero and say or you're done so only might as well knock this out really quickly right after about ten minutes was waiting nurse comes out and calls her Monica how's my per tries to stand up I look in the eyes and place my hand on her shoulder you're gonna be okay going in there alone yeah of course it may not look like it and I'm okay with being alone Oh Nautica not saying another word Marga goes with the nurse and disappears no she ain't no little girl I'm bill it seems like an eternity my reception calls out to me their snap Sheamus calls out to me and I pushed a desk while holding her desk phone in one hand she points down the hall with the other zeros down the hall turning left Ramona five thank you passing by the elevators that lead to the floors above and I turn left down a hallway that eventually leads me to new number two hospital rooms once I get the one that says 105 I open the door door to my room opens and Julia walks in what she and I make eye contact runs over and hugs me yeah woman get off of me arms wrap around me rub against my arm shoulder and back all of the places that were injured tonight grab her arms try to pull her off of me but her grip on me is unexpectedly tight thank god you're okay what Julia doesn't say anything else afterward remain silent and gently rocks back and forth during her hug of course I'm okay what'd you think it was going to die or something you don't want that answer Joe is behaving rather oddly and to be honest I'm starting me off last time she hugged me like this was when Ashley died all of a sudden it hits me she was worried about losing me I guess I just assumed that Julia we're not worried about me regardless all was happening she was one of the people who trained me that she's also that she also is the one who was caring for me understanding distress she must have been under my arms around her as well knowing that sharp stinging in my shoulder okay Julia I promise you she releases me and looks me in the eyes I'm glad to hear what happened to you take off my shirt enjoy the various places I was hurt she knows is my back she silently Huff's the fishing line to say or you used to stitch me up as me removed or a place with something more professional in medical grade which did help ease the pain a bit that's for my shoulder that was dislocated that just needs time to rest well the bullet that grazed my arm didn't cause too much damage nothing was really needed for that after inspecting me Julia says Donna one of the nearby chairs and crosses her legs how insane Laurie she's fine I was able to get her out safely her and her thigh was sprained and she had some deep cuts on both her arms and stomach nothing too serious she got really lucky yeah she dead you did something seriously stupid tonight but you got her back you're risking my life her was not stupid it was something I knew their risk too and still took it say or he doesn't deserve any of this if I had any way of stopping her pain he was going to do it nice eh well like yeah I got your message by hand he would probably still be in a forest of dead I'm very much aware of that Julia had to rely on you which is a rare thing Hey but I knew I could rely on you uh he wasn't the same things like that Julia's face flushes and she looks away okay my shirt back on and gently stretch so heard Monica's here at the hospital huh how did you know assistant told me you were taking her your with you not yes she's here she's also getting checked out look as if her equilibrium is off during that slightly pisses me off I've grabbed my hand to a fist I remember what that guy did to Monica held back on killing him I really shouldn't have but nothing looks too serious it's just better safe than sorry I guess I stand up for my seat on the hospital bed and stretch once more well I don't see a reason to stay in the room anymore let's leave him away for say re outside needing to read zero you may not think so but you look extremely exhausted shut up I'm fine no sit down Julia I'm fine as my voice enough to get her to submit I know I look tired it's because I am tired the night isn't over yet it won't be for a while like in Julia's eyes and try to reassure but it doesn't look like it's successful huh you're so difficult you have the opportunity to actually rest for a bit so your friends are released and here you are rejecting that opportunity Julia I've never been the one to rest actually taught me that and I still get pissed off at her over it even she pushed herself too hard at times that doesn't mean you have to you're safe everything's over and you can rest now that's all say or he's completely safe and all the bastards involved in this fry I understand Thank You Julia since Arnaud has been very eventful however it was not the first like this there's a time before where I spent every loan last ounce of energy had to protect someone close to me during the times you are absolutely certain there is no turning back except the consequences are inevitably going to face the consequences to come I'm going to accept they're about five minutes of solid tense silence I decided get the elephant out of the room I turn to Julian leaned against the wall next door so what's the plan my assistants running up a report about tonight's events it's gonna be a damn long one – her voice flares slightly with irritation when she turns her head to look at me not only are the bodies are covered needing to be examined and documented so are the live people we detained how amazing the local PD arrests not as many as I would have liked nevertheless to be process right now and hopefully we can come up with something let me know if anything does come up I'll be the first to know thanks Jules pretty sure the girls are finished up by now I want to go outside and wait for them right I'll get all of you discharged Joe stands up gently passing on my good shoulder please their own I follow her and go to the waiting room walking to the waiting room I spot Monica's sitting down in one of the chairs its widened when she sees me zero you're all right ostriches are arms to give me a hug but I'd stop before she can make contact sorry it's just my back and shoulder don't really feel all that up to being hugged I understand look at the doctor say about your head I have a mild concussion so nothing too serious he'll be fine glad here Huck is okay thank God it's a menace that was actually pretty worried about her after I sent her away from the forest prickle attacked her is pretty brutal glad I showed up when I did fellas a minute later I don't think she would have been as a good and she would have been in as good shape but I should be working out this her face muscles are really strong she can take some hits man punched her like 10 times so definitely like Monica must have some strong face muscles that's either to say something about that guy's punching or Monica's ability to take a punch maybe a little bit of both now his punch does have to be strong he's a criminal Monica to take a punch maybe not he seemed like he was the one who was in charge so he had to be at least of some high level could've been a weakling but still maybe Monica can really just take a punch she's she's athletic I'm not going went to an extreme length or say Ari I think that not many would be willing to go respect Monica for that contrary to my own belief I couldn't have saved Sara tonight if it wasn't for her I'll sing another word and I'll start off enough energy to ignore the pain in my back of my arm is that right my arms are on Monica uh-huh Thank You Monica thank you doesn't reply sir I was robbed me and gently squeezes my silence let go of each other and I feel someone standing behind me turning around does he say are you walking towards me with a relieved expression on her face lock eyes for a moment before she runs and hugs me arms up around me for some reason for some reason they feel oddly warm from it I turn her hug by wrapping my left arm round her back a my right hand on the back of her head securing her to me again we have a moment of silence feeling like they are in my arms is something that feels so surreal just hours ago I nearly lost her forever here she is thank God the weight of the entire night is not beginning to take its toll on me my muscles are sword screaming me to stop moving and their breathing is labored and I'm covered in sweat dirt blood and mentally exhausted even formulating even formulating thoughts right now is taking a lot more energy than it should so he pulls away from the hug and looks up into my eyes zero you okay all right now about you my leg is sprained and I have some bandages on my cuts so I'm okay you could definitely be worse yeah you're right I could I press are close one more time for releasing her Monica walks over and give Sarah a hug while Julia joins us enhancing my discharge papers y'all ready to leave mm-hmm yep of course let's get the hell out of here already Monica we're going to take you home first then I'm going to job Cyril and say re off next Sarah is gonna be staying with me at my house huh normally I'll be extremely against that but honestly you're probably on the right track about that zero the people who caused this to happen tonight are still active the one your house isn't a safe thing to do be better if your state of mean tonight so if anything happens least dad will do something about it quickly yeah I guess sorry I spaced flushes that she took she looks off to the left Monica nods and starts to follow us out sir he stays on my side until he grasps my hand in hers carid Monica's house was quiet and serene you know because both Monica and Sarah both sleeping the entire way yeah we call myself dozing off a few times throughout the ride exhaustion is overcoming me is almost too much to really bear at this moment stress in the early losing se or he's much more hard on my body than the actual physical pain and work was speaking of which stress actually is a way of fatiguing people more than an extreme workout and boy do I know that every so often I feel serious grasp my hand tightened slightly as she fade to the levels of consciousness it's actually kind of heartwarming to say this poor girl has been through so much tonight she didn't deserve any of it don't you stop at Monica's place Monica wakes up and gives everyone a quiet goodbye me watching that she goes in their house and you until minute after just to make sure she's okay afterward we pull away from the driveway Julia looks back and I'd say oh he grabs my head tightly was sound asleep she smiles and turns her head back toward the road I never really tell you this Julia thank you for everything earlier don't mention it kid kid doesn't call me nine years no she did she was usually in an emotional mood of State I was actually joking around with she's on her period it's pretty evident this is not the Kate it's not the case here he's probably just as emotionally strained tonight as I was eventually a blow-up to savor his driveway I gently wake celery up throwing Juliet's the car and into her house to gather some clean clothes after they return Julia drops both of us off in my house sorry he seems too tired even walk so I my best to help her up the stairs into my bed after placing a blanket over I turn and start to walk out of the room thud Sarah calls on my name stopping me in my tracks zero yeah what is it sorry is it so much to ask if you sleep with me tonight I kind of don't want to be alone sure give me just a second turn out the light downstairs okay after going downstairs turning out the lights sure every window and doors locked and doing final checks I return to the room Sarah I swallow up in the blanket waiting for me I generally slide next to her in bed and immediately she puts her arms around me starts to cuddle uh-huh you're so warm he weirdo I'm a good arm around her and let her Nosal into my chest you almost a minute you're gentle coos coming from her Wow she must be really tired to fall asleep that fast or really comfortable be honest she's actually something I enjoy right there she always warm she smells good despite all that happened earlier and well she's important to me really been able to experience which was something like this take advantage the opportunity finally relax what happened now I need rest so does she I can finally do that what's that noise and we're gonna stop it here oh but what's that noise don't you love cliffhangers so yeah so far very very nice route nice route so far I liked it all um I don't really know what I don't know what my other I don't think I have any opinion so far like I said it's pretty nice nice uh they got out everything seems alright everyone was acting in character now I can have any character problems here well I mean yeah any character problems here as of right now Monica is acting like Monica say or he's acting like say Ari thus for on and for for for on so on and so forth now I would have had a problem with Monica was like yes Julia I need you to come to the with me to the notes of the doctor that I have a problem yeah I do uh have any problems with this so far yeah that is it for those who want to place yourself the link is actually available now it is in the description down below and you can play it so if you are just really waiting for me but you're able to play D DLC mods you can go and play the rest of it yourself if you really want to then you can come back and see my reactions to things but yeah that is it I hope you guys enjoyed this has been zero peace

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  1. Dr.crow here and today we're learning about ligma…
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