welcome to Monica's basics in education and learning come join the club hey guys and welcome to both these basics / Doki Doki simulator so there's been a couple different people who thought it was a good idea to mod Paul these basics to look like Doki Doki literature club and I think it's a great idea I can't wait to see what this is gonna be like especially because I missed okie dokie simulator so much but that aside let's see what mod number one is like this one is by Ryan kick-ass RB Thank You Ryan kick-ass for bringing this into my life oh hi welcome to the literature club don't give you bigoted everything Monica what up girl I missed you kiya see is this is what life would have been like if you decided to just stay with Monica what's this how much do you love me one oh my god you're so mean I hate you Oh God oh no this is so sad oh he's a doctor that million 1 million she did let him finish how tragic oh my God look it's a little minute Sookie bug that's so cute oh the poems have been lots of nice answer all questions correctly to unlocking type the correct that you are doing – oh my god again I can't believe how much details move is so cute play with me ok you should buy one of Matt's keys oh thank you I came by Natsuki cakes was–a or ebook you are my sunshine my only sunshine oh there we go nine let's see what her face looks like oh oh she looks disappointed in me guys get out of here she's coming Oh Monica no Monica no this would be the perfect game to tie into baldies basics though because Monica is Baldy Oh God not okay nuts Sookie's running around I don't know what character she's supposed to be here's a notebook a URI book get me out of here where did I come from that way Oh nuts Yuki Kat cupcakes we could buy some can i buy one oh I wasted it oh don't worry girl can I have a snack crap I just wasted it wait you haven't got me a snack you're so mean no I can't no how about a go URI help me no I bought you what a night oh my god oh great I bought her wanted it accidentally welcome Savannah okay I'm back to the exact same spot I was this time we're gonna buy cupcake and not accidentally use it yes I have it I have it say Ori where are you at girl I got you a cupcake whoa what is that what was that so I'm guessing say where he is the bully who book book club activities remember to back up Monica's character file huh oh this fan art you're a weeb lol there's doki-doki fan art everywhere oh another cupcake now we got to cat cupcakes Monica get away oh I miss the cookie over there go oh I hear I hear Natsuki look okay bad girl no book up Yuri oh there she is oh I only need two more it's getting intense let's shoot her down the hallway oh god what's that noise oh no best poems I'm really enjoying the spot actually I only need one more book guys crap Baca Oh where's she oh she's far back yeah that's right Oh God what does that mean what does that mean I don't even hear Monica anymore home skirt oh god now I hear where is she oh no no oh no crap everywhere all the books are I only need why not running you little don't curse Sookie I don't know what not the song me I don't I don't know this is amazing this this dance I have no I don't know what I'm doing I'm just embarrassing myself let's just pretend it's a different day if you've noticed maybe you didn't I just put it in now but yeah it's a different day I decided to wait for Luigi sake or Luigi sakis doki-doki mod to come out because these went tweeting me about it and it seems like they put in so much work to this mod and I just had to play it also because I had three other mods lined up and only one of them worked as you saw which is totally fine because we can just focus on this mod I'm sure it's gonna give us enough to check out this song 10 out of 10 oh god welcome to my school yeah I know I I did see on Twitter that they got voice actors to come in the music yes the textures yes Monica yes I met I level with her bosoms great ok let's go this one oh it's me I see me don't look at any of the other youtubers just me yes you two birds nice got magic gamer we got it looks like a piece of cabbage a head of a head of lettuce a highlighter I'm not sure you're a spouse key the greatest youtuber who ever lived and Cub Scouts I don't know why but I'm just now realizing that both me and Jays logos have Z's in it what's that about oh I forgot to grab the notebook I got too excited that I was in a game oh this isn't a notebook oh the pod is like is it all nine Thank You Manica Thank You Monica Thank You Monica Shosh Monica thank you Oh God happy thoughts happy thoughts oh god no oh god oh god oh god no she said she mad she said her mad she's a combination sure she is no no no every day I imagine a future where lockers are pink and red oh god there's Monica oh no Oh fantastic notebook I mean poem wanted hacker I don't know who that is youtuber or a person who made this 15 whatever could you and I just randomly typed in numbers and it was like you're right nope Oh URI girl no oh sorry one URI hey okay I was like oh who's that it's Monica sorry girl save me sorry hug me not be an art kit Oh God oh okay no time to look just Monica yeah Ben whatever let's get out hurry up she's like I am best girl oh I want to go in there and read all the things eventually oh hey ah you're the bleep back she said Baca but it sounded like something else oh god no sweepers okay so Natsuki is the bully oh god you're so fast why are you so fast No okay oh okay oh she got stuck by vodka bottle girl no I'm safe look I've played this game so much that I just keep getting better and better and better and I don't know what direction she's gonna be coming from now hey Horry girl I don't even know where Monica is I want to play with someone I don't care see REE okay I hear I hear her where she get the stove wanted the cupcake but it's too far it's cute though it's so adorable so cute she comes from this way I swear – oh who are you I need to see you're not a Doki Doki whoa okay that was creepy no no there's just I missed a notebook just to see what that was hey girl oh no don't take my soda that's who keno I needed that it's got that already no sorry okay what who is that oh is that like the mystery girl from the files that you can get sat who it is Oh God oh oh no I went the wrong way I has two left I don't think this was a good idea I should have waited probably gonna die right off right away when I get out nope nope oh no at least this song is there to cheer me up when I die shut up Monica me hey URI girl kind of want to roam in the hallway just so she'll take me to the detention room so I can read all the things No okay thing I escaped I skipped your love salary okay I got that book these are like the two hardest books I feel like it's runnin cuz they my running replenishes after I get these run no no no okay that worked out no I missed her head let's get the cupcake oh no oh no oh no I might need to use it I might need to use it actually let's eat the cupcake yeah crap she's gonna get me where is she come save me yes yeah URI thank you shy mysterious girl yeah she's that um like you you can see her if you decode the files I see anyone breaking the school right I think it's the same things just they're their pictures where she is there's no no she behind me no I don't know where the other books are oh there's one over here no crap where is she um use it bad girl ah what is this why do I see PewDiePie's head in the corner it's the means I need one more and I don't know where it is no it's not this one this one I got already trying one more time before I lose my cool gave up just cuz I want to see if there's any cool voice acting or extras emotes if I at least collect seven books maybe not leave but oh I messed up whoops whoops didn't even realize made the game harder for myself for no reason it scared me not doing a thing girl be me loan I got the kitty cap cupcake and the soda need rest no cupcake cupcake tower yeah ah yes Yuri girl no no you're my love girl no ah no lovin for yogurt what just happened out there they're all dead everybody's dead which way which way which way there she is Uribe oh my god I think it's this way is it this way I give up I can't pop I can't do it I hate this hey alright I think I'm done I don't think I'm gonna be playing any more mods in this game either well actually this was the only mod a played of this game but I sounded like a real-life version of it maybe I'll play that because it's a totally different experience but no no more ballsy no mark okay I just did it because I miss Tony no feet up so much and this helped a little bit especially this song this song helps keep me from having a nervous breakdown but as always guys if you made it this far in the video then make sure to leave a like before you go subscribe if you're new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

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  1. Y
    You p
    You pr

    You probably pressed read more thinking I would finish this

  2. I'm gonna sing a song .It's called why did I say okie dokie ?Ddlc song.

    I walked to school with my best friend suprize suprize she late again.She has a club she wants me in.I'll consider it sure not a fan of literature more fan of pictures than words .it'll leave me a little bit board .They promised cupcakes so it's a chance that I'll that take .4 gorges girls await me so it's a chance that I'll stay

    I don't want to finish the rest of the song

  3. 𝘽𝙖𝙠𝙖 𝗯𝗮𝗸𝗮 𝖻𝖺𝗄𝖺 丂ㄖ尺尺ㄚ 几ㄖㄒ 丂ㄖ尺尺ㄚ

  4. y
    you p
    you pr

    you probably pressed read more thinking I would finish this

  5. Are you singing Are you sunshine???

  6. Sayori:I Wanna Play With Someone! 😀
    LaurenzSide:I Don't Care Sayori! 😑

  7. Natsuki:stop running you little shit

    Developer:hold my beer

  8. Did you know that baka = bye in Russia

    And bee's sting other bee's

  9. “Me and Kubz scouts both have a z in our names”

    RaZZbowski legit has two right next to you lol 😂

  10. That one who disapeared it's the soke puppet a.k.a arts and crafters

  11. Lauren:Nasuki don't curse.
    Me:*plays thing over and over*hahahahaha
    Nasuki:stop running you little shit.

  12. The background music to this mod is what plays in my head all the time

  13. Netsuki : stop running u lil shit
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