Monsters You Didn’t Know Were Under Your Bed

Boys and girls, come hear my greeting. I hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight for while you are dreaming. Evil awakes unearthed and creeping there’s things that thump things that bite things that go bump in the night. “What are these things?” you sit and ponder. Brace yourselves we call them? Monsters. What? He’s gonna tell us about monsters, but they’re not gonna be that scary Silence you dirty apparition, don’t you see the danger you are in for what I speak is 100 percent real. Don’t believe me? Just ask my pet eel. This guy is nuts. What? I’m not an Apparition, I’m a ghoul! The first monster we’ll see today is something that Uh.. Likes to eat hay. First they champ then they stamp then.. Okay, I can’t speak in rhymes for the whole thing. I have a question for you guys. Are you familiar with the term “furry”? What? well after doing research on these monsters, I don’t think “furry” is a new concept Humans for whatever reason have always been obsessed with personifying animals and who can blame them Look how cute these guys are. now a lot of these monsters follow a similar pattern So if you ever wanted to Frankenstein up a monster All you have to do is take two already existing animals (one of them being preferably a human) and then you just gotta put them together You all know about mermaids one part sexy(isn’t this channel family friendly?). The other half is just some lady Well, do you know about this even scarier combination? It’s called a hippo Campus half hippo half college. They say after four stressful years he accumulates $100,000 of debt and no one in his field is hiring AhAhAhAhAhAhAhA Ohhh I’m just messing with you guys. Okay, but for real a hippocampus is a half fish half Horse Oh like the Neo pet! What? Yeah, uhh Fiopian, I had one when I was like 2? … I used my Christmas paint brush on it. You guys aren’t scared of a literal sea horse? Well, how does it kill people? Like I turn them into stone? Uhh No, but the Scandinavians have a version called the kelpie that tricks humans into riding them and then it drowns the humans Probably should have started with that one…. That’s OK , I guess Alright Edward if a murderous horse doesn’t put you on edge then how about this. A Monopod! Yeah, that’s right. It looks just like a regular person But it only has one leg. Whoa! Are you calling amputees monsters?! No! this amputee has one giant leg and by the way These guys date back all the way to 400 BC, waay before the first amputee ever existed. Also despite them Only having one leg They’re supposedly very fast. So imagine this guy aggressively chasing you at midnight. Yeah, I’m sure you’d piss your pants, too. What about this a Blemmy. again, Looks like a regular person but oh wait, where is its head? I don’t see it anywhere! Oh, it’s on it’s chest like some kind of Pokemon… Come on, does this not terrify you? how would you give this guy a hug without suffocating him? My dad doesn’t have a head. Also he rides a horse. So this is all a pretty normal Tuesday for me… All right, it’s fine That you’re not scared because I’ve been saving the best monsters for last Everyone meet the Serpopard. It has the body of a lion, the head of a lion, but the neck of a snake. Oh, that’s so gross. Why would anything need that long of a neck? So it can talk to giraffes? Imagine if it could retract its neck and then you just think it’s a normal old lion and say “hey that’s pretty scary but at least it’s 20 feet away from me!” and then its head would just extend out of its body and then bite your head off! Speaking of snake based creatures. What is the second most mischievous animal? answer – the snake. snakes represents Slytherin from Harry Potter And those guys are always up to something. and snakes were responsible for the fall of man. But do you know what the number one most mischievous animal is? Answer – the Fox he’s been in a ton of fables. He’s a master hustler. So the Fox and the snake are two of the most mischievous animals. But what if they had a baby together? Well take a look at this monster from Chile called the… the… NGJJGJ… I can’t say it. Nguruvilu, There we go! 😀 It’s a half Fox half snake and it has a claw for a tail and it also creates whirlpools to drown people. Now his would be a really cool monster, if it wasn’t so terrifying. You know what? I got even more snake based monsters to show you. take a look at the amphisbaena Amphisbaena I said it right. it’s a half snake half.. snake, but the same half. It’s a snake with two heads on both ends for double biting action! I think it’d be cool if there was a creature that was the snake’s tail on both sides. That’d be so useless Oh, wait, that’s just an oversized worm. How ould either one of them poop? Great question! I honestly don’t know how a real snake poops. And the last snake based monster I’m gonna show you is called a Chelodina Longicollis. That’s its Latin name. It’s real name is the snake neck turtle It’s a lot like the Serpopard with its long neck but instead of turtle. What I doubt you’ll have to worry about these things. There’s no way these abominations can be real No, those are real. Huh? They’re indigenous to Australia. I saw one at the zoo with my Dad. Phhhh Hah. There’s no way these things can be real. No, They are defnietly real, but do you know what isn’t real? All of us None of us are real James. Why do you think we all have the same voice? You’re talking to yourself again. It’s been three weeks since the accident. You need to snap out of it! What are you guys talking about? You’re totally real! So, did I scare you, huh? You guys scared? Hey, You! Knock it off in there! -Deep Inhale- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :0 Muuuuuahahhahahahahha! Thank you all for watching. don’t forget to keep on rocking. That’s it. That’s all I got that those are all the rhymes I got, but seriously guys, thank you all for watching. I hope you all have a spooky and safe Halloween! Were there any scary monsters that I missed? tell me about it in the comment box down below. If you haven’t yet be sure to check out my Kickstarter for can’t catch Harry. It’s ending in this many days (4 days) I don’t know when this video is gonna come out so act fast Huge thanks to all the people who worked on this video I wouldn’t have been able to get it out before Halloween if it wasn’t for them. Thanks again for watching May your Halloween candy be sweet and heartfelt and no matter what you do Wear your seatbelt DAB

100 thoughts on “Monsters You Didn’t Know Were Under Your Bed

  1. The only monsters I have under my bed are rats and no I don’t have Ebola

  2. You missed a snake one the naga
    Basically the same as a mermaid with a snake tail

  3. clicks on video
    I bet there is going to be some type of snake thing in here

    James talking about creepy snakes as my snake plays in my hair

    James: look how scary these are (not a actual quote)

    My snake pretending to be a hair bow and epically failing at it comes down and lays on tablet

    Me:aww look James he still loves you after talking about creepy snake based creatures

  4. (The 20% battery sign appears)
    Me: THE HORROR!!!!!!!!

  5. lol they can’t be under my bed there is no space

    they can just be INSIDE of my bed.

  6. You missed one monster…

    Brace your'e self we call her…

    "PizzaMarrita with no salami"…

    Sounds oddely fim…

    Wait… its… its me?!

  7. The Xiangliu, a giant snake demon from Chinese folklore. It has a total of 9 heads. 8 small and 1 large. (Have fun sleeping tonight)

  8. Our first monster is something that likes to eat hay, first they champ, then they stamp then they go away

  9. I like how the monster with the head on the chest gets excited when the girl shows up to hug

  10. Right now it’s summer, try not to melt, and don’t forget… wear your seatbelt!

  11. 4:00 DRACOOOOO! I freaked out my favorite book series in one of my favorite utoober’s videos!

  12. I know your biggest fear james …u not having your tablet for a week in your roommate's vid.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  13. Lol my nickname is the dark fox and my best best best best best best friend is the snake sooo.. Heeh and I'm more misdivieous btw I have bad spelling DONT BLAME ME JAMES HASBAD SPELEINFG. TOOO AAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAAHHA WAAAAAAA

  14. You missed the kapichuna half turtle half man he lure children into the water and eat thier flesh

  15. I know one you missed! I forgot what its called but its a head of a chicken, body of a chicken and a tail of a snake and if you look at it for 5-10 seconds, it will turn you into a statue made of stone. (like medusa)

  16. I honestly cant watch this anymore without having the remix playing in my head

  17. FURRY!
    here is the link to the song! :3

  18. Remeber when u made that favorite reptile video isnt that the turtle snake thing?

  19. 0:21 lol “monsters”

    I may edit this soon with the parts that made me laugh

    1:01 “furry?”
    *cough cough* James?

  20. Ok I feel like in every vid I watch I hear Harry Potter in it,

    I’m thinking I should watch Harry Potter and see if it’s that good

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